How To Get Verified On Truth Social in 2023

Verified On Truth Social

Many individuals are being compelled to switch to Truth Social, an alternative microblogging app, due to Twitter’s new policy that limits the number of tweets users can read in a day. Truth Social was established by former U.S. President Donald Trump following his permanent ban from Twitter for allegedly inciting the rioters involved in the attack on the U.S. Capitol building in January 2021.

Currently, the Truth Social app is available on the Apple App Store, Google play store, and Galaxy Store. The intention behind developing this social media platform was to foster healthier conversations and provide users with the freedom to express their opinions.

This article from will guide you on how to verify your account on Truth Social. The presence of a red check mark on Truth Social signifies that the platform has verified the authenticity and credibility of an individual, business, or brand. If you’re curious about the process of getting verified on Truth Social, this article is designed to assist you.

To Get Verified on Truth Social, follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to log in to your Truth Social Account on a web browser.
  2. Click on the icon of the profile picture, and you will get to see an option named ‘settings’ on the interface.
  3. Now, click on the settings option, and you will see the ‘Account’ option.
  4. Click on the ‘account’ option.
  5. Now a new screen will pop up with the option “Start Now” for the verification process.
  6. The screen will pop up with various options such as Actor, politician, blogger, and much more. The users will have to choose any one of the options.
  7. Now users need to submit some documents as proof. The document can either be a government-issued ID card or any similar proof that proves the identity.
  8. Click on the “Submit” button, and the Truth Social team will verify and contact the users when needed.

Prerequisite for Truth Social verification

Government Officials

In the realm of government, we find individuals such as ministers, officeholders, and ambassadors. Spokespeople representing esteemed institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also fall into this category. While any candidate for public office can seek verification, it’s important to note that Truth Social restricts access to specific countries, like the USA, where the necessary resources allow for a fair and equitable verification process.

Organizations, Companies, and Brands

Non-profit organizations, influential leaders, and prominent executives find their place in this category. Whether you’re running a small business or a community organization, you can be considered for verification. Additionally, well-known news agencies such as radio stations, newspapers, podcasts, blogs, and local TV channels, among others, are part of this category.


This category is one that all users are well-acquainted with. It encompasses popular production companies, TV networks, and film studios, as well as the talented entertainers who bring us joy, including artists, actors, musicians, and actresses.

Game And Sports

In this category, we find athletes, sports leagues, teams, and even their mascots. It also includes professional players, teams, and coaches in the realm of esports leagues. However, it’s important to note that unprofessional players must demonstrate their significance to be eligible for verification. Similar rules apply on Twitter as well.

Activists, Organizers, And Other Influential Individuals

This classification is designed to encompass individuals who effectively utilize Truth Social to raise awareness, share information, and mobilize community members to promote socio-economic, political, or cultural change, or to foster community engagement. Verifying individuals within this category can be more challenging due to the unique conditions they must meet.

Loss of Verified Status on Truth Social

In accordance with the Truth Social Terms of Service, it is important to note that the Verified status of a Truth Social account is subject to potential removal without prior notice.

There are several instances where the owner of a Truth Social account may experience a loss of Verified status due to changes made to their account. These changes can include:

  1. Change of username: If you decide to modify your username, it may result in the loss of your Verified status.
  2. Incomplete or inactive account: If your Truth Social account becomes incomplete or inactive, it can lead to the removal of your Verified status.
  3. No longer meeting verification criteria: If, at the time of verification, you were in a specific position or role, and you no longer hold that position or fail to meet the current verification criteria of Truth Social, your Verified status may be revoked.
  4. False or significant changes to account identity: Making false changes or modifications to your account that significantly impact your Truth Social identity can result in the loss of your Verified status.
  5. Failure to meet qualifying criteria: If modifications made to your Truth Social account cause you to no longer meet the qualifying criteria for Verification, your Verified status may be affected.
  6. Categorization as a “Non-qualified Account”: Modifications to your Truth Social account that place you within the categories of “Non-qualified Accounts” can lead to the removal of your Verified status.

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