How to Send a Tip in a YouTube Super Chat

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How to Send a Tip in a YouTube Super Chat: Simply head over to the chat section while the stream is live and click on the dollar sign icon. If you’re interested in using Super Stickers, simply choose a sticker pack. Keep in mind, that users have a daily spending limit of $500 or a weekly limit of $2,000.

Have you ever wanted to show support to a YouTube streamer using Super Chat, but weren’t sure how to go about it? YouTube has been delving into live-streaming since 2008. The concept really took off a bit later, thanks to Twitch. This platform, dedicated solely to streaming, leveraged the success of YouTube’s live gaming content, allowing viewers to engage in real-time with players during their gameplay.

In response to the rise of Twitch, YouTube stepped up its game and embraced the evolving streaming culture. The platform revamped its live-streaming capabilities and went the extra mile to encourage channels to make the most of this feature.

How does YouTube Super Chat work?

Super Chat and Super Stickers are accessible to YouTube content creators, provided they meet the required eligibility criteria, such as being part of the monetized YouTube Partner Program.

To make use of these features, creators must activate the Super Chat and Super Sticker capabilities. This enables viewers to express their gratitude for the content by utilizing Super Chat while a creator is live.

Additionally, YouTube creators possess the choice to oversee and handle Super Chat and Super Stickers functionalities. This includes the ability to prevent specific words or phrases from being used, thus allowing for a more controlled and tailored interaction with their audience.

How to Send Money In a YouTube Super Chat

To start off, the initial step is to locate a live stream in progress. You can accomplish this by following your preferred channels and patiently waiting for them to commence a live session. If you wish to explore all currently live channels, you can directly visit

You have the option to send a Super Chat using any web browser on a laptop, PC, or Mac. Additionally, you can utilize the YouTube app on either an Android device or an iPhone.

Once you’re tuned into a live stream, proceed to the chat section. You’ll notice an icon resembling a dollar sign enclosed in a box situated to the left of the text input field. This icon presents you with the choice of sending a Super Sticker or a Super Chat. To acquire a Super Thanks, simply opt for ‘Super Thanks’ located beneath the video.

When you select Super Chat, a text box will become available, allowing you to write a personalized message. Your message can be up to 50 characters long, inclusive of emojis. According to YouTube’s guidelines, purchases below $5 won’t be displayed in the chat ticker.

Hence, to ensure visibility, a minimum payment of $5 is required for the Super Chat to appear. In the case of purchasing a Super Sticker, the process involves choosing a sticker from a designated pack.

Users have a set limit of $500 for daily purchases, or $2,000 per week. This spending limit encompasses purchases of Super Chats, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, or any combination of the three.

After selecting the desired amount and crafting the message, simply tap ‘Buy and Send’ to make it visible to the public. Depending on your settings, you might be prompted to verify your banking details with Google.

Once the Super Chat or Super Sticker is successfully purchased, a countdown timer will be displayed on the screen. This timer indicates the duration during which the item will remain pinned at the top of the chat.

It’s worth noting that a content creator retains the option to conclude the live stream prior to the expiration of the Super Chat or Super Sticker. Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer refunds for such instances. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that these purchases cannot be transferred between different videos.

Is it possible to get a refund for a Super Chat or Super Sticker purchase on YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube Live chat messages, the creator of the content or YouTube itself can remove them at any time, including Super Chat or Super Stickers. However, users do have control over the visibility of the Super Chats and Super Stickers they have sent. You can opt to remove these items yourself by tapping the three dots located next to them and selecting the ‘Remove’ option.

It’s important to keep in mind that if a user decides to remove a Super Chat or Super Sticker, doing so won’t result in a refund; it will solely remove the visibility of the item from the chat. If you’re seeking a refund for either of these purchases, the best course of action is to get in touch with YouTube support. They will be able to provide you with information about whether you are eligible for a refund and guide you through the process if applicable.

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