How to remove image background using AI with Colorcinch (2023)

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Colorcinch (formerly known as Cartoonize) presents itself as an approachable photo editor, complete with a range of enticing features. Within its toolkit, you’ll find capabilities like text editing, image resizing, unhindered drawing, the convenience of multiple layers, and more. However, its standout feature lies in its ability to transform ordinary images into captivating cartoons and leverage advanced AI to elegantly eliminate backgrounds.

This article will serve as your guide, walking you through the process of harnessing this remarkable tool to bid farewell to those unwanted backgrounds that often detract from your images. Moreover, you’ll delve into the mechanics behind this tool’s exceptional performance and learn how to utilize it to elevate the allure of your visuals. For a similar image editing guide, read our comprehensive guide on How to Turn a Picture into an Anime Cartoon Drawing.

The magic unfolds with the Remove Background tool, powered by the prowess of deep neural networks. This intelligent system effortlessly extracts subjects from their backgrounds, showcasing a precision that is nothing short of unmatched. Remarkably, your photo’s background need not possess a uniform colour for this process to excel.

Simply follow these easy steps to use the AI background removal in Colorcinch:

  1. Upload your image to Colorcinch.
  2. Navigate to Edit – Remove Background. You’ll be taken to the Remove Background menu.
  3. Click on the Remove Background button. Once the background is removed, click on Apply.
  4. Save and download your image.

How to Change Image Background Online using AI with Colorcinch

Do you want to add a white background to product photos or even place someone in a place where they’ve never been? This section in our article has got you covered.

Step 1: Remove the Existing Background of Your Image

Before adding a fresh background to your photo, it’s important to remove the existing background. This preliminary step paves the way for a smoother process ahead.

Remove the Existing Background of Your Image
Credit: Colorcinch

Enter Colorcinch’s AI-powered background remover feature, your ultimate ally. With this innovation at your disposal, bidding adieu to the image’s current background is as simple as a single click. Allow me to guide you through the effortless steps:

  • Step 1: Begin by uploading your image to Colorcinch.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Edit” section and find the “Remove Background” option. Once clicked, you’ll be ushered into the realm of the Remove Background menu.
  • Step 3: With determination, press the “Remove Background” button. Behold the magic of our AI-powered algorithm as it meticulously dissects the image, effortlessly eliminating the background and leaving only the subject untouched. Once the background has been successfully bid adieu, seal the deal by clicking “Apply.”

Step 2: Add a Solid Colour Background to Your Image

If your aim involves infusing your image with a solid colour background, fear not – this can seamlessly be achieved using the very same Remove Background tool. If you are adding a different image skip to Step 3.

Once the background has been eliminated, go ahead and select the colour picker tool located next to the “Background Color” setting. From there, you’re free to opt for the colour that appeals to you the most, which will then serve as the fresh backdrop for your image. If you wish, you can tweak the transparency of the new background colour using the “Opacity Slider,” although this is completely up to you. To finalize your modifications, simply click on the “Apply” button.

Step 3: Add the desired Image as a Background for Your picture

Add the desired Image as a Background for Your picture

 follow these simple steps to add a new background to the photo:

  1. Upload your background image to Colorcinch.
  2. Next, add your saved image with a transparent background. Go to Image Manager, click Upload Image.
  3. When your image is uploaded, it shows up in Your Images. Drag it to the workspace or click to Add to Project.
  4. Resize your image using the control points when selected. Move your subject by dragging.
  5. To create realism, blur the background slightly for depth. Edit > Details > Increase Blur value.
  6. Crop the image for the final touch. Edit > Crop > Freeform or preset aspect ratio from dropdown.

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