How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi Phone Stuck on fastboot mode

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In recent times, Xiaomi smartphones have been facing various challenges, encompassing issues such as unresponsive motherboards and troublesome boot loops. Numerous users have encountered situations where their Xiaomi smartphones remain stuck on the Redmi, Mi, Fastboot, or MIUI logos. Despite patiently waiting for extended periods, the device fails to boot into the operating system.

When attempting to resolve these problems through Fastboot mode, the initial steps may seem straightforward. However, as you progress, your Xiaomi or Redmi device can become trapped in Fastboot mode. Despite spending hours attempting to fix the issue through reboots, achieving successful results remains elusive. For individuals who aren’t well-versed in Android technology, seeking technical assistance becomes essential in such scenarios.

Fastboot mode is a feature integrated into MIUI, designed to facilitate phone restoration in case of failed updates, hidden setting alterations, device flashing, OEM unlocking, factory resets, Bootloader recovery, and various other issues.

Therefore, this article aims to provide a helpful tutorial for resolving boot loop problems on Redmi or Mi smartphones. Without further ado, let’s delve into the cause and solutions.

Cause: Why Is Your Xiaomi/Redmi Phone Stuck on Fastboot Mode?

When your Xiaomi or any Android device starts up, it goes through a particular boot process. This boot process involves a special component known as the Bootloader. Now, imagine the Bootloader as something similar to the BIOS you have on your PCs. Its job is to find and activate the boot partition (boot.img) hidden within your device. This ensures that your device restarts smoothly and gets ready for action! It’s like the behind-the-scenes master making sure everything is in order.

Usually, this whole boot dance takes about 30 seconds, even if you give your device a good old force reboot.

But what’s really cool is that the Bootloader was signed with the device manufacturer’s key when your Xiaomi was being made. That means it has its very own secret stamp of approval! So, after the boot partition (boot.img) is successfully executed, the Bootloader confidently moves on to load the system.img. And guess what? This system.img is like a treasure chest that holds all the essential MIUI system files. Aha! So now you know where all the magic happens.

But like in any adventure, sometimes there are hurdles. If there’s any glitch or mismatch in the keys provided by the ROM manufacturer, or if some important system partitions decide to have a bad day with corrupted files, then the poor Bootloader gets into a bit of a pickle. And when that happens, you might find your beloved Xiaomi stuck in Fastboot mode, wondering what went wrong!

Solutions: How to Fix Xiaomi Phone Stuck on Redmi, Mi, Fastboot, MIUI Logo

Step 1: Force Reboot Your Xiaomi Phone

Perform a Forced Reboot on Your Xiaomi Device First and foremost, initiate the process by pressing and holding the power button for a duration of 10 seconds or more. Once the initial Mi or Redmi logo appears, release the power button, prompting the device to restart. For the majority of users, this approach is highly likely to resolve the issue, facilitating a successful boot-up of the smartphone. However, if you find yourself still encountering the Redmi, Mi, Fastboot, or MIUI logo without progress, proceed to the subsequent method.

Step 2: Boot to the Xiaomi Recovery Menu

If you are still encountering the boot loop issue on your Xiaomi device, follow these steps for a potential resolution:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for a duration of 10 seconds or more.
  2. Continue holding the buttons until you observe the appearance of the Mi or Redmi logo.
  3. Once the logo appears, release the Power and Volume Up buttons.
  4. The recovery menu will become visible, and please note that touch input will not be functional at this stage.
  5. To navigate within the recovery menu, utilize the Volume Up and Down buttons for moving up and down.
  6. To select a menu option, press the Power button.
  7. From the recovery menu, choose the “Reboot” option by pressing the Power button.
  8. Then, opt for “Reboot to System” and press the Power button to initiate the process.
  9. This will compel your Xiaomi smartphone to boot into the main system.

If your device continues to be stuck on the Redmi, Mi, Fastboot, or MIUI logo, it is recommended to repeat this process 3-4 times. Some users have reported success with this approach.

Step 3: Wipe Data on Your Xiaomi Phone

Note: This method will most likely fix the boot loop issue for you, but it will also delete all your data from your smartphone.

In a similar manner, as mentioned earlier, you can access the Recovery mode by pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. Once you are in Recovery mode, navigate to the “Wipe Data” menu using the volume buttons. Subsequently, press the power button to open the menu.

Proceed to choose “Wipe All Data” from the options provided, and then confirm the action when prompted. Confirm the selection by using the volume button and pressing the power button to initiate the data-wiping process. The process will commence, and in just a few moments, it will be completed.

Now, you can return to the main menu by pressing the power button. From the main menu, select “Reboot” followed by “Reboot to System” using the power button. Your Xiaomi phone will now boot up to the main system, free from any boot loop or other issues. You can proceed with setting up your smartphone as desired.

Step 4: Use Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Note: You need to master Fastboot and ADB to root your Xiaomi device and perform other similar advanced mods.

You often use ADB while your Android is running. ADB enables you to tweak hidden settings and access system folders, uninstall Bloatware, and do other sideload tasks crucial to install system updates.

Use Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Besides, Fastboot is an analytical tool, commonly used to unbrick your phone or to install a custom recovery. Both are third-party tools associated with the Android Software Development kit’s Platform Tools Collection.

But here is a catch, if you follow the steps wisely to exit the Xiaomi Fastboot that I mentioned below, you will find it quite easy to hang off.

  • All you need to do is download ADB and Fastboot tool on your PC.
  • Look for the installation directory and enter the ADB folder.
  • Now, long-press the Shift button and then right-click the mouse in the empty space of the ADB folder. Now, select Open the command window here.
  • Now connect your fastboot-stuck Xiaomi device with the PC.
  • Type the command fastboot devices in the prompt window and then click Enter.
  • Now, just locate your Xiaomi device and type fastboot reboot, and finally click Enter.

Step 5: Visit Xiaomi Service Centre

Xiaomi Service Centre

If you’ve diligently followed all the steps mentioned earlier, which encompass data wiping and more, and yet your smartphone remains persistently stuck on the Redmi, Mi, Fastboot, or the MIUI logo, it is advisable to pay a visit to the Xiaomi service centre. This issue could potentially be rooted in hardware or firmware complications, necessitating the expertise of a professional technician for thorough examination and resolution. To locate the nearest Xiaomi service centre in your vicinity, you can refer to the following comprehensive list – Nigeria and India.

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