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How To Turn Your Picture into Anime Drawing & Cartoon

Tech guide on how to turn your picture into anime drawing or cartoon for free online or with your phone. This article will explain how to turn a picture into an anime drawing. Creating exciting moments with apps that capture selfies and transform them in split seconds to cartoons is increasing daily.

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Sharing an interesting and funny picture of yourself at each moment of the day is a way to release tension and enjoy your life. With advanced smartphones that come with spectacular features in their cameras, you can capture moments of your day, and create something to entertain other friends in social media. These cool and creative changes you add to your pictures could make you popular on social media websites.

We have seen AI make us look old, young, and even like vintage portraits. Now, AI is capable of doing something that anime fans always wanted. Making an anime character out of yourself. Yes, you will soon be able to generate anime characters from your selfies.

Besides, you can make your own cartoon easily. All you need is a clear image of your face and a bit of creativity to transform the photo. Also, you can remove any spots, person, objects, texts, and blemishes on the face, with a photo editor.

Now, that we have this information, let us share a list of the best 6 pictures to cartoon apps for Android that help turn picture into anime drawing.

Apps that turn your pictures into anime drawing

Snapchat Anime Filter

The latest social media filter is an anime filter on Snapchat that turns you into a real-life anime character.

The face filter, which is called Anime Style, first appeared on the app earlier last year and matches your facial expressions in real time.

  • You’ll first need to download the most up-to-date version of Snapchat if you haven’t already. 
  • Open up the app and turn the lens toward you like you’re taking a selfie.
  • Click on the smiley face filter button to the right of the main button. 
  • Click on the explore button at the bottom right of filter options. 
  • Search for Anime Style using the search bar. Make sure the filter’s creator is Snapchat since there are many other anime face filters in the results. 
  • You can now take a selfie to see how you’d look like an anime character. 
  • You can also click the Camera Roll option to apply the filter to any photo on your phone. 

ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself

ToonApp cartoon maker is the best app to cartoon yourself in one tap. Cartoon maker offers astounding AI filters for pictures to turn photo to cartoon. You can even cartoonify photos to turn into an anime character. To finalize photo editing add an impressive layout or toon background! Convert your pics into an artistic paintings and pencil sketch drawings easily.

Create an amazing art gallery using ToonApp picture editor with various cartoon app effects and beautiful photo filters. If you like anime characters this cartoon picture editor will be your new bestfriend with various digital art filters.

Combine drip effect with a cartoon filter to make your vector art stunning. Cartoonize photo and share on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Flickr, Tumblr, Snapchat, TikTok, VK and Pinterest to get lots of likes.

Cartoon Photo Editor

This popular free Android cartoon editor is simple and easy to use. And it is in the list of apps that turn pictures into anime drawing. It has many preloaded filters and effects that make it easy for you to turn a picture into anime drawing.

Furthermore, with the aid of this app, you can apply cool and artistic effects to new photos or existing images. The cartoon photo editor, allows you to transform photos to cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings and so on.

And this app has an automatic focus feature to let you capture the right shot.

Furthermore, you can take photos and apply live filters to see how it looks or convert pre-clicked photos into cartoons or turn photos into cartoons in real-time. And, you can share the transformed images with your friends immediately using this app.

ToonMe – Cartoon yourself photo editor

Get your portrait re-drawn in cartoon or vector style automatically using the magic of Artificial Intelligence in ToonMe. What used to take several days to be made and could only be ordered from professional artists is now available with just one tap, making you your own digital artist.

What you will find inside the toon me app:

  • full-body cartoon maker;
  • vector portrait templates;
  • lots of simple layouts and sophisticated designs.

Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself app is our list of apps that turn pictures into anime drawing. Because you can use it to convert your photos into vibrant cartoon or black and white sketches. You can also use this app to turn your friend’s photo into a cartoon to make fun or tease them.

One of the cool features of this app is that it allows you to share the images you have edited directly with your friends. The production from this app is amazing and that is why it is popular and people are downloading it.

Cartoon Image Creator

Cartoon Image Creator is one of the most valuable and popular apps in this list of apps, that can turn picture into anime drawing. It comes with tools and features that let you add effects that quickly and easily transform images into a cartoon.

Besides, it has many preloaded cartoon avatars, hundreds of fashionable clothes and backgrounds that give you stunning results. You can also alter the hairstyle of the cartoon and use cool accessories like hats to transform the image.

Photo Comics app that Turns picture into anime drawing

This is another app that can turn picture into anime drawing and it is called Photo comics. You can use this app to apply startling effects on the image of your friends or to create a funny caricature that will make anyone that views the images to laugh.

Photo comics let you add text or stickers on the images. In its toolset, you have an eraser that you can use to undo any unwanted changes. It also has other features like photo restore and multiple gestures that make it an easy app to use.

Ainize it — Turn your selfies into an anime character

Many people who love cartoons and animations use anime profile pictures for their social media and online community, so when they use U_GAT_IT, they can get a classic Japanese-style anime face made from their selfies or pictures.

You can also upload a selfie to the Ainize website to create your own anime character very simply. This requires a clear photo of your face with a simple background such as an ID card for better results. It takes just a few seconds to change your pictures into anime style and it would be quite a fun experience to see the results!

Cartoon Photo Filters – CoolArt

If you want to turn picture into anime drawing with artistic strokes, then Cartoon Photo Filters app will do just right. When editing with this app, you will have some fun, and be able to show your creativity using the Photo Filters.

The filters include the Photo Editor Pro, Glamour Selfie Camera app and the Cartoon Camera to repaint your pictures into a real artistic picture.

n addition, the image cartoon app helps you to add awesome cartoon animation filters.

And you can add blending filters with cartoon and sketch Art effects, include some incredible filters to any ordinary picture, or turn it into a cartoon with the app. Finally, you can share your work with others on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr instantly.

Cartoon Art Picture Photo Editor

This is another cartoon yourself an app that is part of apps that turn pictures into anime drawing. The app comes preloaded with multiple art filters to edit pictures and change them into artistic cartoon paintings. With the filters, you can turn photos to oil and water painting, pencil sketch, cartoon paintings and so on.

In addition, the app’s features let you customize the cartoon effect, create some awesome artwork, and turn your photo into art, smoothly.

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