Yify Proxy List and YTS Proxy Mirror sites for 2022

In a world where subscription-based services have emerged and gathered around us, downloading files using Torrent sites still remains a popular option amongst many. So we have put together a working Yify proxy sites list and YTS mirror sites list that you can access easily.

If YIFY is down for you, then take a deep breath and sit back. Many countries including UAE, Australia, the UK, the US, and India have blocked it because it infringes on dozens of piracy laws.

A3 Techworld and the author do not endorse the usage of YIFY, its related domains, or any other torrent website/portal for downloading any kind of illegal material.

The P2P file-sharing option is always seen in a bad light by law agencies and authorities as it allows users to download copyrighted content. Therefore, several best torrent sites have been shut down over time; their mirror sites and proxy sites have emerged.

Whereas, some popular torrent sites like Yts.ag, Yts.gs, and Yts.am have been blocked by several ISPs in different countries. If you’re facing any issues in accessing YTS, you can use Yify proxy sites in 2022 to download torrent files. We have handpicked all the Yify and YTS proxy sites in the lists mentioned below that were working at the time of writing.

Yify Proxy, YTS Proxy Sites List 2022:

List of Working YIFY Torrents Proxy Sites in 2022

Proxy SiteStatusSpeed
https://yts.amGoodVery Fast
https://yts.pm/GoodVery Fast
https://yts.gsGoodVery Fast

YIFY Proxy Sites Not Working?

There is a modicum chance of all from the YIFY Proxy list sites not working for you. Copyright and piracy laws in some regions are strict. 

The good news is, that this will not stop you from using YIFY Proxy sites since there is a way around it.

  • ProxySite– Enter the URL of any of the YIFY Proxy List sites and start browsing. Additionally, we can also select the server location from a dozen of choices. 
  • Ultrasurf– A program, which is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. A Chrome browser extension has been released now. Download the portable application and turn it on. You will be routed through a proxy, and then there is no stopping you from accessing YTS

How Does YIFY Proxy Work?

There are three parties involved when you use a YIFY Proxy to visit the torrent site. First is you, the proxy server, and the destination site, which is YIFY Torrents in this case.

The proxy server is located elsewhere, thus bypassing the geo-regional restrictions of your region. When you route your traffic through the server, the local restrictions do not apply there. Hence, you can access YIFY torrents without any hindrance.

FAQs on Yify Torrent Solution (YTS) and Proxy Sites List

What is Yify?

Yify torrents or YTS (Yify Torrent Solution) is considered one of the best torrent sites for downloading movies, music, and subtitles in a hassle-free manner. The website has made a name for itself in the torrenting niche with its clutter-free website and ease to search through a large number of torrent files.

What happened to Yify?

The original Yify torrent website was shut down in 2015 following legal accusations but there are plenty of Yify proxy sites and mirrors that offer users the same user interface on a different domain name.

How Do Yify Proxy Sites Work?

Proxy sites usually work as a man-in-the-middle to provide you with an anonymous bridge between your internet connection and the website you’re trying to reach. In the case of Yify proxy sites, your browser initiates a connection, connection approaches the proxy site which in turn redirects to the destination website. This way, the website you’re trying to reach cannot decipher the original IP addresses trying to initiate the connection. Thus Yify proxy sites help in disappearing your digital footprints to evade geo-blocking by ISPs.

Is Torrenting Legal?

The literal meaning of torrenting defines it as sharing files over the Internet involving peers and seeders. Initially, it started a university network for sharing files between dorms.

Torrenting has transformed into a mega-file sharing network involving millions of daily users. You can find movies, TV shows, music and books there, amongst other things. All are pirated and hence infringing the copyright of the creators.

How To Download Torrent Files?

For downloading torrents, you will need to open their torrent file. They come in the .torrent format, which contains all the relevant information regarding the torrent to be downloaded.

And it can be opened using special Torrent Clients alone. Few newer download managers have started supporting torrent downloads as well.

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