Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022. We take a look at the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. How does it compare to the S21 Ultra, and does it replace the Galaxy Note series? Here’s why you should buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra right now.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is perhaps the most anticipated flagship Android phone of 2022. The device starts at the same price as its predecessor the S21 Ultra but comes with some notable improvements.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks to be one of the best phones yet, at least based on our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G review, which is still in progress. But if you were thinking about upgrading to the new phone, there might be something holding you back from making the final decision to buy or skip the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A $1,199 starting price can do that to people.

While the new design is the most apparent change, there are many other upgrades that are not as obvious. Let’s take a look at the top features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra on why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022.

The S Pen is now included with the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Speaking of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it was the first phone outside of the Galaxy Note series to offer support for Samsung’s S Pen. That was a welcome if incomplete step. Because the S Pen was an optional accessory to the S21 Ultra, it never felt like an integrated part of the phone.

The S22 Ultra is the first device in the S series that comes with a built-in S Pen, imitating the Galaxy Note series. Given the increasing similarities between the S series and the Note series, Samsung finally decided to merge the two.

The S Pen enables a smooth writing and sketching experience with a latency of just 2.8 milliseconds which feels basically indistinguishable from writing on paper. It also comes with all sorts of little but nifty features to increase your productivity. Along with the phone itself, the pen is also IP68 certified for water and dust resistance.

Brightest Display Ever With LTPO 2 on the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has the brightest display on any smartphone ever with a peak brightness of 1750 nits. All those nits mean that you’re never going to struggle to make out what’s on your Galaxy S22 Ultra screen in bright sunlight. The S22 Ultra also registered more of both the sRGB color gamut and DCI-P3 color space in our lab test. And with Samsung’s Vision Booster feature adjusting the display and balancing colors based on the ambient lighting, you shouldn’t have to dive into your phone’s settings to get a clear view of the screen.

To solve that, Vision Booster will map your entire display and enhance color and light in just the right way to minimize that effect. Also, the display comes with LTPO 2.0 tech which can dial down the refresh rate from 120Hz all the way to just 1Hz when you’re looking at something static to save battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra gets Four Years of Android Updates

One thing that Android phones have always lacked when compared to iPhones is long software support. While the former provides at best three years of major OS updates, the latter pushes out five to six years.

But with the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung is offering a total of four years of Android updates. That means that your Galaxy S22 device will be able to upgrade to Android 16, making it easier for you to hold on to your device for longer than you otherwise might have.

Faster charging on the Galaxy S22 Ultra With 45W Fast Charging

After offering 45W charging in 2020’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung reverted to 25W charging in the following year’s model. The Galaxy S22 Ultra reverses that decision, and 45W charging speeds are once again restored to Samsung’s premium phone.

At that speed, you should be able to a drained Galaxy S22 Ultra to a 50% charge after just 20 minutes. That’s 10 minutes faster than what it took the S21 Ultra to reach that mark, and it’s also twice the top charging speed of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You’ll still have to supply your own charger — Samsung doesn’t include one of those with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. But the higher ceiling on wired charging speeds is still welcome.

An improved refresh rate for the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Dynamic refresh rates are an increasingly common feature on top smartphones — well, maybe not so much on the Apple iPhone 13 — with the devices ramping up the refresh rate when the on-screen activity gets frenetic and scaling back down when things are more static. It’s a way of giving you the best of both worlds — an immersive experience when you’re gaming or scrolling through websites and less battery consumption when you don’t need the refresh rate boost.

Last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra was able to range between 10Hz and 120Hz, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra takes that adjustment even further. The new phone can still hit 120Hz when needed, but when at other times, the refresh rate can drop as low as 1Hz. 

We’re hoping that translates to improved battery life for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The S21 Ultra turned in a better-than-average time on our battery test, though the phone lasted more than an hour-long when we turned off its adaptive refresh rate. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with its improved refresh rate, could wind up managing power consumption a little more deftly.

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