Why Should You Learn Kotlin as a developer today

Why Should You Learn Kotlin as a developer today? It might be the very first question resonating in your mind when thinking about learning Kotlin. Well, there is more than one reason that reinforces the idea of learning and moving forward in your career with Kotlin. (Similar post – How to learn Kotlin from scratch with no coding experience)

The demand for Kotlin among developers is increasing day by day. Also, Kotlin is well-known for making it possible to develop cross-platform apps quickly. Several advantages like these make Kotlin one of the best modern programming languages to learn today. (Similar post – Where To Learn Free Tech Skills Online Today)

Before discussing the best reasons to learn Kotlin, it is important to understand that, like every other programming language out there, Kotlin also has some shortcomings, such as inconsistent compilation speed and limited learning resources compared to other programming languages. However, to be honest, the pros of Kotlin easily outweigh its cons.

What Is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language that is widely used to develop Android applications, as an alternative to Java. It’s open-source and managed by Google and JetBrains. Despite being one of the newer languages, Kotlin has quickly built momentum. This makes it a great choice to learn if you’re interested in Android app development.

What Do I Need to Learn Kotlin?

Believe it or not, all you need to learn Kotlin programming is a computer and an internet connection. It also helps to have basic math skills and a decent level of computer literacy.

If you’re looking to get into Android app development, then it’s also beneficial to have access to an Android device to test your app on. If you don’t have access to an Android phone or tablet, you can use a simulator to run your app instead. (Similar post: How To Become A Blockchain Developer From Scratch)

Reasons to learn Kotlin as a developer in 2022

Now, let’s take a look at the most common reasons why many individuals prefer working with Kotlin:

Kotlin is a Modern and Powerful Programming Language

If you consider the most popular programming languages, you will notice that most are quite old. While they have evolved by adding advanced features and capabilities, they can still not be fully compared with a modern programming language like Kotlin.

Kotlin is an innovative programming language, that brings together all the finest traits of object-oriented, statically-typed, functional, imperative, and declarative programming paradigms to deliver next-level application and web development experience.

It is a feature-rich and secure general-purpose programming language that allows you to write clean code concisely. Thus,  making Kotlin one of the most powerful programming languages out there.

Kotlin is Easy to Learn

As a beginner, you may wonder if you’ll be able to learn Kotlin without facing any significant challenges. Despite being a powerful programming language with many advanced features, it is easy to learn, thanks to its straightforward syntax. Even if you want to enter into the world of coding with Kotlin as your first programming language, you can do that with fair ease.

Also, you will be able to learn Kotlin more quickly if you have experience working with Java or Python. Those inspire several concepts in Kotlin Java and Python. So understanding these two leading programming languages will boost the process to develop a solid understanding of the Kotlin fundamentals.

Interoperable with Java

It is yet another outstanding feature of Kotlin that makes it a great choice for Java developers. Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java, which means you can use it literally in almost all Java-based applications. Moreover, it is also relatively easy to integrate Java applications into Kotlin, and you can use both programming languages simultaneously in a single application.

You can consider Kotlin as an enhanced version of Java, and thus shifting to Kotlin would be a great move for Java developers. Moreover, by using Kotlin, it is possible to improve the functionality and performance of Java-based apps.

Supported by Google for Android Development

As we have told you earlier, Kotlin has been Google’s preferred programming language for developing Android apps since 2019. However, you’ll be even glad to know that Google had offered its first-class support to Kotlin way back in 2017. Being supported by a tech giant like Google is a clear indication of the potential that Kotlin has.

So, if you are particularly interested in Android development, you need no further than Kotlin. Also, all the latest releases of Android Studio come with Kotlin support. You can create projects that use Kotlin, debug Kotlin code, and even convert Java code into Kotlin code with relative ease. Moreover, developing Android apps with Kotlin requires less time than Java, which is also a huge plus.

Kotlin is in High Demand

The following reason for you to learn and master Kotlin resonates with the fact that Kotlin developers are in high demand in the market. If you scrutinize the IT industry, you will find that several tech companies are leveraging Kotlin to develop high-end applications that can meet their demands effectively.

As Kotlin can be used for developing cross-platform apps and works extremely well in back-end development, companies are actively looking for individuals who are comfortable working with Kotlin. It eventually drives the opportunities in the market, and also, the pay scale offered to Kotlin developers is quite impressive.

So, if you master Kotlin, you are likely to build a prosperous career as you will be able to work in some of the most reputable companies in the world.

Multiplatform and Extremely Flexible

Talking about the multiplatform nature of Kotlin, you can run Kotlin code on almost all the popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Kotlin has become a weapon of choice for many developers who want to create cross-platform mobile applications.

You can create and use business logic across different platforms without any issues. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, Kotlin gives you the flexibility to use it for developing high-performance web apps.

One thing that you need to note is that the multiplatform capability of Kotlin is still in its initial stages. However, it is quite easy to anticipate that Kotlin will become more powerful with upcoming releases.

Extensive Community Support

The widespread adoption of a programming language is considerably dependent on its community. When we talk about Kotlin, it also has a large community that works to better the programming language. It helps developers with their everyday issues regarding the usage of Kotlin. Developers can put forward ideas to improve its functionality since it is an open-source programming language. 

According to JetBrains, there are approximately 200 Kotlin user groups and numerous online forums where Kotlin enthusiasts can discuss ideas and help each other. Also, more than 450 developers are contributing directly to improving the overall ecosystem of Kotlin. Having such an extensive community that is highly active makes Kotlin stand out firmly among the most valuable programming languages of the 21st century.

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