Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria

It’s no secret that gift cards come in various forms and are readily available for purchase abroad. However, concerns still linger regarding the accessibility of gift cards in Nigeria. Fear not, as this article is here to enlighten you on the diverse avenues through which you can acquire gift cards within Nigerian borders. Moreover, we will unveil the absolute best destination for purchasing gift cards in Nigeria.

Gift cards serve as a convenient means for companies to enhance the purchasing experience of their valued customers. These digital wonders are designed in a preloaded format, containing a specific monetary value.

Are you curious about where to find gift cards in Nigeria at affordable rates? Are you eager to explore the possibilities of becoming a gift card trader or simply a savvy gift card buyer? Well, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination, as we delve into the prime locations where you can effortlessly obtain gift cards within Nigeria.

Imagine a scenario where you can purchase your desired items on Amazon without the need for a credit card. Surprisingly, this is made possible through the use of Amazon gift cards. Fascinating, isn’t it? Now, let’s delve into the various methods available for purchasing these coveted gift cards within Nigeria.

How To Buy Gift Cards In Nigeria

Purchase Gift Cards from Official Websites

One of the primary avenues for acquiring gift cards is through the official websites of the respective gift card companies. However, that’s not your only option. You can also explore the websites of companies and merchants that specialize in selling gift cards.

Renowned online merchants like Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, eBay, Nike, and many others offer a wide array of online gift cards. These platforms allow you to upload images to add a personal touch and customize your gift card. What’s more, they provide gift cards in Nigeria at discounted prices, making it even more enticing to grab the perfect gift card for any occasion.

Card Resellers for Good Discounts

If you’re seeking the most substantial discounts on gift cards, card resellers are the go-to solution. True to their name, these websites specialize in reselling gift cards, presenting an excellent opportunity to score incredible savings. How does it work? Well, these platforms allow users to sell their unused gift cards, which are then resold to customers at discounted prices. Depending on the website you choose and the type of gift card, discounts can range from a generous 5% all the way up to a whopping 30%. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the top websites in this domain.

Among the notable card resellers, we highly recommend visiting Giftcards.com, Cardpool, Raise, and CardCash. These platforms offer a vast selection of discounted gift cards from hundreds of merchants, with Raise boasting the widest range. Additionally, it’s worth exploring Gift Card Granny, which not only provides enticing card reductions but also features a rewards program offering cash-back benefits for purchasing full-priced cards.

The most noteworthy aspect of these websites is the level of security they provide. Since these platforms have already established relationships with sellers, you can rest assured when purchasing a card from them, as there’s no need to worry about dealing with unknown individuals online. Furthermore, all the aforementioned websites have robust security measures in place to address any concerns regarding unauthorized cards, ensuring a safe and reliable shopping experience.

Gift Cards at Convenience Stores

Convenience stores, true to their name, offer a convenient and diverse selection of gift cards from a multitude of retailers. These stores serve as a one-stop destination where you can find a wide range of gift cards, catering to various brands and merchants.

Reward Points for Gift Card Bonanza

Did you know that you can harness the power of your reward points to score exciting gift cards? One of the fundamental methods to obtain a gift card is by converting your hard-earned reward points. If you hold an American Express card (AMEX), you’re in luck as they offer a seamless process for exchanging your reward points for enticing gift cards.

Once your points reach a specific threshold, you can easily transform them into a plethora of gift card options. AMEX provides a diverse range of gift card alternatives, spanning restaurants, theatres, fashion retailers, and more. Not only AMEX but even American Airlines offers a similar rewards system, allowing you to redeem your points for delightful gift cards. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your accumulated points and treat yourself or your loved ones to a world of fantastic experiences.

Verified Fintech Apps

In Nigeria, verified financial technology applications have emerged to revolutionize your gifting experience. These user-friendly apps are designed to simplify your life, providing a seamless platform to browse through a wide array of gift cards. With just a few taps, you can effortlessly add your desired gift cards to your cart and make a purchase at your convenience. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to acquire as many gift cards as you desire. Rest assured, Nigeria is teeming with several remarkable apps that cater to your gifting needs, bringing convenience and efficiency right to your fingertips. For a similar post, read our comprehensive article on the Top Fintech companies in Nigeria.

Best 5 Sites You Can Buy Gift Cards Online In Nigeria


SureGifts is a fantastic online platform that offers you the opportunity to buy gift cards from a wide range of popular Nigerian retailers. With SureGifts, you can easily find gift cards from renowned stores such as Samsung, Filmhouse Cinemas, SPAR, ShopRite, Justrite, Hubmart Stores, and many others.

Once you make a purchase on SureGifts and grab a gift card, you’ll receive a unique voucher code. This voucher code holds the key to unlocking the value of your gift card at partner stores. If you’re shopping online, simply select the item you desire, enter your coupon code during checkout, and watch your cart update with the discounted price. If you prefer to shop at physical stores, all you need to do is present your voucher code at the time of purchase, and voila! You’ll enjoy the benefits of your gift card right away.


You can buy gift cards on JumiaPay; there is a list of worldwide retailers from whom you may purchase gift cards. These gift cards include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Tinder, eBay, Livu, etc.

The value of gift cards on JumiaPay varies per brand. For instance, Netflix offers certificates worth $30 and $60, while eBay offers vouchers with slightly lower values. You can purchase these gift cards with a debit card, credit card, or bank account.


Prestmit offers an incredible range of gift cards from renowned international retailers. Whether you’re looking for iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Sephora, or even AMEX gift cards, you’ll find them all on this exceptional platform. But that’s not all – there’s a whole lot more waiting for you!

When it comes to gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, Prestmit truly stands out as one of the best. Why settle for less when you can enjoy the finest prices and deals on this remarkable OTC digital trading platform? Rest assured, you’ll get the most value for your money when purchasing gift cards through Prestmit.

Once you’ve made your purchase on Prestmit, a unique code will be promptly delivered to your email. This code holds the key to unlocking the value of your gift card. Simply redeem the code, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the incredible benefits and goodies that come with your chosen gift card.


GiftCardsToNaira is an exceptional online trading platform that empowers users to effortlessly trade and sell gift cards for Naira or Cedis, receiving instant payment in return.

With GiftCardsToNaira, you can confidently engage in gift card transactions, as it is a trusted platform where both gift card traders and individuals can conveniently exchange their unused gift cards for cash at a highly competitive rate.

Addressing the challenges commonly encountered by individuals in Nigeria and Ghana, GiftCardsToNaira has emerged as a reliable and efficient solution for gift card trading. By prioritizing user satisfaction and upholding trust and transparency, GiftCardsToNaira seeks to redefine the landscape of the gift card trading industry.


At Konga Marketplace, you have the opportunity to purchase a variety of gift cards. Renowned companies such as PlayStation, Google Play, Steam, Apple, and more, offer their gift cards for customers to buy on Konga.

Similar to other products available on the site, independent vendors make these gift cards available on the Konga marketplace. This means you have a wide selection of gift cards to choose from, making it convenient to find the perfect one for yourself or as a thoughtful present for someone else.

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