What to expect from the new PS5 slim model 2023

ps5 slim 2023

Anticipate the Upcoming Features of the New PS5 Slim Model in 2023 and Key Highlights

In November 2023, Sony is set to unveil a more streamlined version of the widely popular PlayStation 5, known as the “Slim” model. This revamped edition boasts a notably smaller and more compact design compared to its predecessors. The sleek “Slim” variant showcases a glossy finish on its upper surface, complemented by a matte finish on its underside.

With a price range estimated to fall between $449.99 and $499.99, the eagerly awaited “PS5 Slim” is slated for an initial release in the United States, with plans for subsequent global distribution in the forthcoming months.

Notably, Sony has a history of introducing slim iterations of its gaming consoles, a tradition that traces back to the early days of the PS2. Continuing this legacy, the tech giant is all set to continue the trend with the PlayStation 5, presenting a “Slim” model tailor-made for the 2023 holiday season. It’s worth mentioning, however, that Sony has not officially labelled this upcoming release as the PS5 Slim.

How Is the “PS5 Slim” Different From the Standard Model?

If you’re considering purchasing a PlayStation 5 or planning to enhance your existing PS5, you might be curious about the distinctions of the “Slim” variant.

As expected, the primary differentiating factor lies in the significantly reduced dimensions and weight of the “Slim” models compared to their predecessors. The latest iteration boasts a 30% reduction in volume when compared to the two preceding models. Furthermore, it is 18% lighter than the initial digital model and 24% lighter than the original standard model.

Additionally, an optional accessory, the Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drive, is available for supplemental purchase. This add-on is compatible with the digital version, enabling users to enjoy their preferred Blu-ray content. Notably, the top of the console features a glossy finish, while the bottom retains the matte style characteristic of the original models.

PS5 Slim 2023 pricing

As mentioned earlier, the US release of the “PS5 Slim” is scheduled for November 2023, followed by subsequent international launches in the upcoming months. There are several compelling factors advocating for the PlayStation 5 as the preferred console choice. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new gaming console, opting for the latest “PS5 Slim” model would be a prudent decision.

Depending on the specific variant you select, the price range for the “PS5 Slim” will be positioned between $449.99 and $499.99, mirroring the price points of the initial models upon their respective launches.

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