What to Do if Your Internet Access Is Blocked in Windows 10 by Firewall?

This post is a guide on steps to take in order to access the internet when a firewall is preventing internet access on your Windows 10 system. When trying to access certain web pages in Windows 10, you may get the error message “your Internet access is blocked”. In this case, what should you do to get rid of the error?

To protect your data and system, you may install an antivirus program on your computer or you use the built-in tool – Windows Defender since viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks are always threats to your computer. When using Google Chrome to visit some websites, you will get the following error message: “Your Internet access is blocked. Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.” 

Ultimate Fixes for Antivirus or Firewalls Blocking Wi-Fi Internet Network:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Restart your router and modem.
  3. Use the LAN cable rather than Wi-Fi.
  4. Boot your PC to Safe Mode with Networking and connect the Internet again.
  5. Run Windows Troubleshooter to detect and fix the network issues.
  6. Update the firmware of the router or modem.

Check Firewall Exceptions from Windows Defender

Firewall and antivirus are configured to prevent potentially harmful programs from entering your system. Sometimes your browser, email client, etc are not added to the firewall exceptions list. As a result, “your Internet access is blocked” appears in Windows 10.

  • Step 1: In Windows 10, open Control Panel.
  • Step 2: Go to System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Step 3: Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall from the left panel.
  • Step 4: In the list, ensure the box of Google Chrome is checked and save the change.

Reset Antivirus to Default Settings

Sometimes a firewall or antivirus blocks Internet access since you meddled with the implemented firewall on your own or a particular update changed something. Resetting antivirus to its default settings seems to be a good way at hand.

If you are using Avast, open it, go to Settings > Troubleshoot > Restore factory defaults > Reset now.

Disable or Reinstall Your Antivirus

To fix a firewall blocking Wi-Fi, you can choose to disable antivirus.

As for Windows Defender Firewall, you can go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off and then disable it.

Roll Back Network Drivers

The recent updates in network drivers can be troublemakers sometimes if your internet access is blocked. You can roll back to the previous version by getting into the settings of network drivers.

  • Press Windows key + X and go to Device Manager. Search for Network adapters and click on it.
  • Now, right-click on the Driver you want to revert and click on Properties.
  • Go to Driver and click on Roll Back Driver and then click OK.

Update Or Uninstall Your Network Adapter Driver

An outdated network adapter may cause a problem with your internet connectivity. You can update your network driver and check if your Internet access is blocked or solved.

If the issue persists or you are not able to update the drivers, then try uninstalling the network driver. The system will install updated Network drivers for you.

Top Causes That Lead To Blocked Internet Issue In Windows 10

It is undoubtedly annoying to see such messages in the middle of a crucial task. The leading causes of internet issues in Windows 10 are:

  • Malware or viruses that enter your PC via a downloaded file, infected USB drive or some malicious file. These viruses can change your network and browser settings, which in turn gives you, “Your internet access is blocked” error.
  • Many antivirus software has in-built firewall utility, which can also block internet access due to some suspicious websites or files.
  • Network driver issues can be one of the reasons for your blocked internet access.
  • If you are using the internet in office, school, college, or some public place, then access to some websites is blocked. In such cases, the only solution is to contact the authorities and get the issue solved.

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