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What are the best iPhone 13 tips and tricks?

With iOS 15 Apple may not have changed up the visuals all that much, but there’s still plenty in there that’s worth getting accustomed to and tinkering with. Whether you’ve got yourself a new iPhone 13 or you just updated your existing iPhone.

When you get yourself an iPhone 13, you’d probably want to know how to make the most out of it. There’s no doubt about that, but only if you know what to do and where to find them. If you have been on TikTok, you might have encountered accounts that feature iPhone 13 tips and tricks. However, if you are one of those who distance themselves from TikTok, worry no more for we have you covered!

Most of the features highlighted are available for all iPhone models running iOS 15, but there are one or two that are limited to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series that won’t be applicable to older models. So, make sure you’re running iOS 15 on your iPhone – or get out your iPhone 13/13 Pro – and work your way through some of our favorite, less-obvious features.

What are the best iPhone 13 tips and tricks? Check the top hidden features of the iPhone 13 below.

1. Stop apps from tracking you 

Lots of apps want to track various patterns and usage data from you while you use their apps. In most instances it’s so they can serve you more relevant advertisements or get to know how people use their software to help them improve it. However, there’s good reason to block all tracking, especially if that company has a reputation for not respecting your right to privacy.

If you want to block apps from tracking just open Settings > Privacy and now tap “Tracking”. Right at the top, there’s a toggle that says “Allow apps to request to track”. If you don’t want any apps to request tracking information, just toggle this off. Or, alternatively, you can manually toggle tracking on or off for apps individually in the list below. 

2. Delete All Alarms With Siri

For some reason, some people set out more than one alarm on their iPhones instead of hitting the snooze button. While this can work for some, it does end up cluttering your alarm panel. If you wish to delete these alarms, you can clean-sweep in one go instead of deleting them one by one. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Clock app from your home screen.
  • Activate Siri by saying “Hey, Siri.”
  • Command Siri by saying “delete all my alarms.”
  • Confirm by tapping on Yes.

Siri will confirm the action by talking back saying “I’ve deleted all your alarms.”

3. Pick Out Info from Images

The coolest new feature you get to experience in the new iPhone 13 is picking out important information from images with texts. We will explain how it works.

Remember the Chinese take-out brochure lying at the bottom of your drawer that you pull out from time to time at 2 AM? Yes, just capture a photo of the brochure with your iPhone 13 and copy the phone number to your clipboard easily! Pretty neat. You can do that with pretty much anything, including business cards, documents, school notes, etc. Nifty yet a time saver.

4. See which apps access what data

On a similar note, this is just a quick tip: scroll down to the bottom of the Settings > Privacy screen and tap “Record App Activity”. Toggle it on, and now wait for a week or so. After a few days go back to that menu option and you’ll see a breakdown of how various apps have been using permissions on your phone, and you can see if any of them are accessing things like your location or other personal information far too regularly. You can also opt to save a report as a blank binary file that you can share and save.

5. Find My with Power Off

What if your iPhone 13 gets stolen when it is powered off? The good news is it has a new feature that still makes the device trackable even if it is powered off. The first thing thieves do is power off your phone after stealing it, but the brand-new iPhone 13 is definitely not playing games, you guys. Make sure to leave this option on ALWAYS for easy traceability!

6. Bundle non-important notifications

iOS 15 has a feature called “Scheduled Summary” that lets you bundle all the less important notifications together and deliver them at the same time, rather than getting lots of random pings throughout the day.

To enable it, go to Settings > Notifications and tap “Scheduled Summary”. Now toggle it on and go through the setup process. Now you choose the apps you want to include in your summary and tap “Add Apps” at the bottom. 

On the next screen – choose the times you want the first and second summaries to appear. You can also tap the “+” to add more frequent summaries throughout the day. So you could have one appear at breakfast time, lunchtime and one in the evening if you want, A3 Techworld. When those are chosen just hit the “Turn on Notification Summary” option at the bottom. 

Now you’ll only be notified by direct messages or apps not included in your selection through the day, until the time you choose to have the summary appear.

7. Switch off HDR video

By default, the newer iPhone 13 Pro models record video in HDR or Dolby Vision which not only takes up lots of space but also isn’t compatible with a lot of other devices. To switch it off, go to Settings > Camera and tap “Record Video”. Toggle off the option that says “HDR Video”. 

8. Use Live Text

One cool new feature is Live Text, and it allows you to use your camera to read and display text in real time. You could – for instance – use it to instantly send a sentence from an article or document in a message. 

Open a messaging app. Double-tap on the text field and then tap the little icon that looks like text in a box. It will now open up a camera view and start scanning text and will then display it in the field as you show it to the camera.

To be more precise, just tap the little capture icon in the corner to take a quick still at the text you want. You can now highlight the specific block of text you want to include by just dragging your finger across the text you want. 

Another way you can do it is just opening the camera app and making sure you’re in Photo mode. Now point at the text you want, or tap to focus on the text manually, and tap the live text icon in the corner. It will take a scan of the text, and you can now highlight text within the popup image to share with someone. Copy and paste it to wherever you want it. 

10 – Live text in a screenshot 

There is another way to use Live Text. With a screenshot. Take a screenshot and tap on it to open up the editor view. Tap on the markup/pen icon at the top and now tap the live text icon in the bottom corner. NOw you can drag to highlight the text you want to copy and paste it to any app you like. 

11 – Focus mode 

Focus mode could easily be its in-depth feature and video. However, briefly, if you head to Settings > Focus you can create dedicated scenarios where only specific apps and people can interrupt you at specific times or locations.

You can set up one scenario for Personal mode and another for Work mode. Going through the process might take a bit of time, but essentially just involves adding dedicated people who can contact you and choosing which apps to allow. It’s really straightforward.

Once that’s set up you can schedule when you want it to come on. Whether it’s time and date-based or location-based. You can even customize the home screens that appear during each focus time. 

12. Connect via 5G on iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 fleet is 5G connection capable. This high-speed connectivity is one of the best things that has ever graced the iPhone, allowing download and upload speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps and 200 Mbps. This connection status is automatically activated when you are in a 5G-enabled area. The status bar will also indicate the following status: 5G, 5GUW, and 5G UC. With this, any iPhone 13 should understand what these status indicators mean.

  • 5G — Indicated normal 5G network availability
  • 5G / 5GUW / 5G UC — Indicated faster high-frequency 5G network availability

13. Understanding Smart Data on iPhone 13

As if it’s not enough, Apple has included one of the best iPhone 13 pro tips and tricks there that concerns the 5G network. Let’s get something clear — a 5G connection would drastically consume more battery life than the normal LTE connection. To address this, Apple has engineered a way for your iPhone 13 to switch from 5G to 4G through the Smart Data Mode feature. For example, when you are streaming content from Apple TV or Netflix, you would probably benefit more from 5G connectivity. However, if you are simply scrolling through your social media apps, you can have your iPhone switch to a 4G connection instead — effectively saving battery life.

14. Change the music on your Photos Memories

In the new Photos app, Apple automatically sticks a backing track on the photo and video memories it creates for you in the “For You” tab. But you can change that. Open up Photos and tap “For You” and choose one of the Memories at the top. 

Once open, tap on it again and tap the little music icon in the corner. Now you can swipe across and it changes the filter and the music as you do. Or you can tap the musical note icon in the bottom right to see a larger selection of options, including a search button which – when pressed – lets you go through your entire library for a specific song. 

15. Using iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is secured, end-to-end encryption provided by Apple and it concerns the data your feed from and onto your Safari browser. If this is turned on, your browsing activities will be relayed privately to Apple while masking it from your ISP, A3 Techworld. To enable this iPhone 13 feature, go to Settings then tap on your name to open your Apple ID menu. Select iCloud then tap on Private Relay. If this feature is not yet on, toggle it on.

iCloud Private Relay is only available to paid iCloud users. Furthermore, this is only available around most of the US region and Canada. However, according to Apple, the service is not available in China, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and the Philippines — citing regulatory reasons —- Best iCloud Drive Alternatives for iPhone users.

16. Access Image Metadata

The iPhone 13 and the iOS 15 software updates usher in new features within the Photos app. You can now access the metadata of any image or video saved from your iPhone. To access one of these iPhone 13 tips and tricks, simply open the Photos app and pull up a photo or video. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the metadata which will display the date when the photo or video was taken, which device, and camera specifics.

Final Thoughts

There are still a lot of iPhone 13 tips and tricks out there that we did not include on this page. However, the ones we highlighted in this article are the ones we think every iPhone user should know in order to make their iPhone experience better. So, whether you have an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, give these items a try and see whether you do more in productivity or functionality. At the end of the day, with your iPhone 13, you can do so much more!

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