Updated Netflix subscription plans in the UK for 2022

Updated Netflix subscription plans in the UK for 2022. The Netflix Basic and Standard tiers will rise by £1 per month, whilst the Premium tier will go up by £2 per month – starting now for some. Netflix remains the largest streaming service in the world, with over 220 million subscribers worldwide. List of Netflix subscription plans and prices in the US.

Following a cost increase in the US in January, Netflix UK has just announced that all plans will be getting a price hike which comes into effect immediately for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will be given 30 days’ notice via Netflix directly. Advantages and disadvantages of Netflix.

As of March 2022, Netflix is now raising its subscription costs, which it says is due to its continual dedication to creating original content. It’s the first time it has increased its cheapest package which started at £5.99, and will now rise by £1 a month to £6.99.

Netflix’s most popular package, which offers HD viewing, two simultaneous streams and two devices to register for downloads, will increase from £9.99 to £10.99.

The cost of Netflix’s premium plan will increase by £2 a month to £15.99. The price hike will come into effect immediately for new subscribers while existing subscribers will get 30 days’ notice by email unless they change their plan.

Here is how much the Netflix subscription prices are changing: 

  • Basic Plan: Increasing from £5.99 per month to £6.99 per month 
  • Standard Plan: Increasing from £9.99 per month to £10.99 per month 
  • Premium Plan: Increasing from £13.99 per month to £15.99 per month

How much does Netflix cost in the UK currently?

Netflix currently has three subscription plans with different prices. Users can choose which contract is right for them, but each one requires a monthly payment.

Netflix raised its prices in March 2022. Below are the current Netflix subscription plans in the UK.

  • £6.99 per month The cheapest membership allows subscribers to watch on one device at a time in standard definition
  • £10.99 per month Standard subscription – Viewers can watch in HD and on two devices at a time.
  • £15.99 per month Premium subscription – Viewers can watch in Ultra HD where available, on four devices at a time.

In announcing the most recent increase, Netflix released a statement that read: “We have always been focused on providing our members both quality and clear value for their membership.”

“Our updated prices reflect the investment we have made in our service and catalogue and will allow us to continue making the series, documentaries and films our members love as well as investing in talent and the creative industry. We offer a range of plans so members can choose a price that works best for them.”

After a one month free trial, Netflix subscribers are automatically switched to the £10.99 per month package. Users can view or change their payment plans in their account settings. Go to ‘Change Plan‘ to find out more.

How can I save money on my Netflix subscription?

You can pause or cancel a Netflix subscription whenever you want, so you could have a “no spend” month without it. You can also change your plan so if you’re paying more than the minimum it’s worth checking if it’s worth paying for the extra features and switching to a cheaper plan if not. How to cancel your Netflix subscriptions and stop the billing

If you cancel or switch subscription plans don’t forget that you’ll continue getting the service until the end of the billing period. Unfortunately, Netflix is not offering free trials a the moment – but you can get one over at Amazon Prime. Previously Netflix has made the first episode of popular shows like Stranger Things available to watch for free, but that feature is not available right now.

If you’re living with other people like family or flatmates, and are paying for a plan individually, it could be worth switching to a premium or standard plan that lets you have more than one person using it and splitting the cost. You’ll be able to set up separate users on the account to avoid getting recommendations based on other people’s viewing habits.

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