Top Node.js development trends for Node.js software developers in 2022

Top Node.js development trends for Node.js software developers in 2022. With 2022 in, everyone in the software development industry is looking forward to the new trends that may prevail in the industry. Top Emerging Trends In Custom Software Development Industry.

First of all, what is Node.js?  Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.

Developers across the world are predicting the Node.js development trends in 2022. Well, this blog will help you learn about the top trends in Node.js to be witnessed in 2022. Digital transformation trends in Africa to expect in 2022.

What are the most notable trends in Node.js to check out in 2022? Below we highlight some of the top Node.js development trends for Node.js software developers in 2022:


GraphQL enables developers to design API calls with queries, schemas, and resolvers based on specific data requirements. Designing the endpoints according to the view in the application using REST API, can create a bottleneck when the application needs quick iterations on the frontend. Top tech trends in Nigeria.

Rise of MERN Stack

MERN stack is creating a niche in the development phase and this is because of certain advantages. As every single line of code is written in JavaScript it eliminates the need for context switching. MERN stack is creating a niche in the development phase and this is because of certain advantages. As every single line of code is written in JavaScript it eliminates the need for context switching. Traditionally tech stacks consisted of different programming languages used together. Developers faced a daunting challenge to seamlessly navigate across different frameworks.

Real-Time Apps using Node.js

 Node is one of the best programming languages out there to build real-time applications due to its event-driven and asynchronous nature. The apps comprise interactive features like social media integrations, chats, stock exchange, ad servers, etc. Interestingly, Node.js caters to all these needs in the system.

Real-time apps offer a strong backend development for the apps apart from incredible features to improve user experience. Some of the primary Node.js applications built with real-time features are Video conferencing apps, Online gaming apps, Instant messaging apps, E-commerce transaction apps, etc.

Most businesses prefer highly scalable apps and this has increased the demand for real-time apps. Hence, the businesses hire app developers with knowledge of Node.js to boost their profitability.


Well, if you are planning to develop enterprise-level projects, make sure you utilize Microservices. They promote server outlook.

Microservices come with multiple benefits in terms of debugging and performance. Node.js helps make the use of microservices much easier for projects.

Yet another benefit associated with microservices is its proficiency to facilitate serverless models which enable building large projects flawlessly. So, this trend in Node.js development has increased its popularity for future-ready applications. It is due to the productivity, reusability, and independent development offered by Node.js.

Server-less Architecture

Certainly, Node.js is best known for server-less architecture which means building an app comes easy without any headache of having servers. With a server-less architecture outlook, the intervention of servers and hardware is less which in turn saves the overall cost of app development. Node.js comes with higher flexibility and quality code.

With a serverless architecture, you can reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of developers. Hence, it is listed in one of the popular Node.js development trends of 2022.

IoT using Node.js

Node.JS provides real-time strength and a data-centric approach which forms a good fit for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Node.js lets you implement microservices to track features of geo-distributed systems in a real-time manner.

IoT applications actively use a publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol, MQTT. In turn, for transportation and encapsulation, this protocol uses WebSockets. Both MQTT and WebSockets are well-supported and easily integrated with Node.js.

Fast and flexible app solutions using Node.js

Node.js is single-threaded and asynchronous. As a result, it helps app developers develop fast scalable, and flexible projects. In the era of multi-tasking, this is one of the largest contributions and the latest trends in Node.js development. App developers can now handle different tasks at the same time, without affecting the progress or efficiency of one, while working on the other.

This also helps app developers bring about significant updates to their applications and reach a greater base target audience. App developers can also bring about considerable changes in their apps whenever required using Node.js without changing the whole app framework.

Talking about the popularity of Node.js, it has increased rapidly because of the flexibility it offers. It is one of the lightweight tools having a vast library of JavaScript modules. This vast library simplifies the entire development process. Node.js is an open-source tool ideal for mobile and web application development. Some other benefits that make it so popular are

  • High-performance for Real-time Applications
  • Scalability for Modern Applications
  • Community Support
  • Easy Learning Curve
  • Reduces Time-to-Market of your applications
  • Extensibility to Meet Customized Requirements
  • Reduces Loading Time

Top Node.js Frameworks for developers in 2022

The world of Node.js development has several different frameworks, and we are listing the top 6 today. The listed frameworks are popular for being lightweight and simplifying the development process. Know more about each one of them to decide better.

1. Express.js

Express.js is one of the top frameworks of Node.js used to develop web applications. This choice is highly lightweight and flexible and has powerful features to develop web and mobile apps. It offers some fundamental features that enable the easy development of web apps. You will find several other popular frameworks that are based on Express.js.

2. Meteor.js

Meteor.js is another open-source javascript framework used by millions of developers worldwide to develop web and mobile apps. The framework is used to develop efficient, simple, and scalable applications. The industry giants took several years to make the framework a perfect one. It is a mature open-source framework that allows the efficient development of applications.

3. Koa.js

The middleware stack of Koa.js flows in a stack-like manner allowing the developers to perform the actions downstream and then alter the response upstream. It is a new framework designed by the team to be a more expressive, smaller, and more powerful foundation of the web application.

Koa doesn’t allow the middleware bundle within its core and offers an elegant suite of methods that makes the development process enjoyable and fast.

4. Sails.js

One of the most famed MVC frameworks for Node.js. The framework is designed to match the familiar MVC patterns of the frameworks like Ruby on Rails but has support for the requirements of modern apps. It offers features like data-driven APIs with a service-oriented and scalable architecture.

5. Hapi.js

It is an open-source framework that enables web and mobile applications development. It is employed commonly to build web services such as websites, JSON API, and HTTP proxy applications. The Express framework uses the original version of this framework.

6. NestJS

NestJS is an extensible, open-source, progressive, and versatile Node.js framework to develop demanding and compelling backend systems. It is one of the rapidly growing frameworks in Typescript, and it can write scalable, testable, and loosely coupled web applications. This helps bring the servers of Node.js to a completely new level.

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