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SWIFT Unlimited Data Plans

SWIFT Unlimited Data Plans. Get unlimited data plans today from SWIFT. SWIFT just like Spectranet, ntel, Smile, and other internet service providers in Nigeria offer broadband internet access to both individuals and businesses. The company’s service covers areas in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

Is Swift really unlimited? Feedback from customers using SWIFT so far confirms the service is actually unlimited as they do not limit, restrict or throttle your broadband speed, irrespective of the data capacity you use.

Swift Networks is a limited liability company that got its license to operate in Nigeria as far back as 2002. This company is known for its very fast data services as well as costly data plans. Recently, Swift reviewed its data plans and has come up with some amazing packages. How to choose the right internet service provider for your organization.

In this post, we compile a long list of Swift’s data plans and prices in Nigeria. The list features various data plans like

How to get unlimited data using SWIFT – You can get unlimited data for a week for just 6,500 Naira or unlimited data for a month with 25,000 Naira from the Official SWIFT Website.

Data PlanData CapPriceValidity
SWIFT Unlimited WeeklyUnlimited (24hours)6,500 Naira7 days
SWIFT Unlimited SupremeUnlimited (24hours)25,000 Naira30 days

What are the weekend unlimited plans for Swift?

SWIFT network offers two types of weekend plans, The SWIFT Leisure Plans55GB for 23,000 Naira and 75GB for 25,000 Naira. These plans are only unlimited at Night on weekdays (11 PM – 8 AM), on Weekends (11 PM on Saturday – 6 PM on Sunday), and on public holidays.

Swift Network Coverage Areas in Nigeria

Swift has been in the country longer than Spectranet, and while Spectranet’s network coverage areas in Nigeria are limited, many are trying to see if Swift covers a lot more states, giving pretty much anyone a chance to start their online business ideas, from creating and uploading videos to YouTube to trying to grow an Instagram community.

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Port Harcourt

Until recently, swift has only been available in Lagos, but recently, we got wind of the company’s expansion to Abuja and Port Harcourt. Swift has been growing its coverage in Nigeria at a very fast pace, so we expect them to be in other key Nigerian cities in the coming years.

While internet adoption in Nigeria is going at a very fast speed, the adoption of internet service providers like Swift, Smile, and Spectranet has largely been by companies and individuals who have extra means. But it’s now gradually being adopted by many more people in the middle to lower class of society, so we can expect the company’s coverage to continue to grow.

How to subscribe to Swift unlimited data plans

Fortunately, the company has added a lot of options to either activate a new or renew your Swift unlimited data plans, such as the cashless option. There are online methods, applications, USSD support, and many others.

Swift Website

  • Go to https://www.swiftng.com/products/www.swiftng.net
  • Click ‘Quick Recharge’
  • Enter your customer ID Number and click ‘Proceed’
  • Click ‘Renew’
  • Under the “Account Renewal” page, select your desired payment partner (VISA, Mastercard, etc); Select the Payment Period (1 Month, 2 Months, etc); Accept terms and conditions and click “Next”
  • Review the selected options and click “Process Payment”
  • Enter your Card details to complete the transaction successfully. the payment notification will be displayed

Bank Transfers: From this method, you can use bank transfers too, under the ‘account renewal’ select “TRANSFER” Option > transfer to the ONE-TIME Zenith bank account generated by Paystack and Click “I have sent the money” You will receive “Payment Successful” message.


  • GTB users dial *737*50*Amount*4#
  • Enter your subscriber ID and send
  • Enter your 737 PIN or the last 4 digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate the transaction successfully.

This is for those using Guarantee Trust Bank Plc.

Jumia Pay

  • Login in using your email address and password
  • Select Swift from the Internet within the list of services
  • Enter your customer ID and the amount you wish to top-up
  • Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account

JumiaPay promises to never charge a convenience fee or service charge of N100, but there are only offering support for Smile and Spectranet currently.


  • Go to Quickteller.com/SWIFT
  • Enter your personal details: number/email and customer ID
  • Enter the amount and click continue
  • Continue by entering your payment details and click on PAY

Swift app

  • Download the app from either Google and iTunes
  • Go to “Account Renewal”
  • Select “Paystack” and the Payment period in months
  • Now accept terms and conditions
  • Click “Next” and “Yes” to continue
  • Select your preferred payment method from the ” Paystack check out”
  • Enter required details as displayed on the screen and complete the payment


  • Go to Payarena.com/SWIFT or Payarena.com/app/transactions
  • Go to Telecoms > Swift > Internet Subscriptio
  • Enter the amount, Userid, email address, and referrer email, and click on proceed
  • Review the Selected options on the Preview page and click “Proceed” Payment attracts a surcharge.
  • Enter your card details to complete the transaction

Mobile Banking App

  • Launch your mobile banking App
  • Select the “Pay Bills” or “Bills Payment” Option
  • Under “Bill Categories” select “Airtime and Data Purchase” or “Internet Services”
  • Select “SWIFT 4G Subscription”
  • Enter the details such as customer ID and amount, and then click “Continue”
  • Enter your 4 digit Pin; Click “Continue”
  • Once payment is successful, Continue enjoying the SWIFT Service

How to log in to your SWIFT 4G Mifi

Firstly, The default password to your SWIFT 4G LTE hub Wireless / WiFi is located just under it and usually written in front of the Wi-Fi Key (WPA/WPA2).

  • Connect to the SWIFT Wi-Fi
  • Once connected, launch your browser
  • Open http://homerouter.cpe/, or
  • Log in using your default credentials
    • Default username: user/admin
    • Default password: user/admin

It is by choice, but you should change those login details because everyone knows that the user or admin is the default username and password for all MiFi or router devices out there. To change it, follow the below steps.

Assuming you’ve logged in:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Basic Settings
  • Under Wi-Fi Basic Settings, you can change your SSID, Hide SSID broadcast, Wi-Fi password, and other settings
  • Click Submit when you’re done

In another case, you can easily reset the password to the default. To do this, just press the reset button on the Swift HUB device. While those using the Mifi devices can reset by installing the free Swift wifi app (by Huawei)  for easy management of connected users.

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