Sterling Bank USSD code for transfer and other USSD codes 2023

Sterling Bank USSD code

Do you need to know how to activate Sterling Bank USSD Code? This post shows you how to register *822# banking on your phone. This includes what it is, how to register and activate it, the list of all the USSD codes for Sterling Bank’s various transactions, and lots more.

Sterling Bank, a prominent player in the Nigerian commercial banking sector, presents a USSD code facility tailored to enable its clientele to conduct banking operations seamlessly via their mobile devices.

This innovative service not only underscores the notion of convenient banking but also significantly advances the cause of financial inclusivity within Nigeria. By extending its outreach to encompass the unbanked and underbanked segments of the population, Sterling Bank empowers a broader spectrum of individuals.

Should you seek access to the Sterling Bank USSD code for purposes such as fund transfers, balance inquiries, airtime purchases, bill settlements, or any other transaction relevant to your Sterling Bank account, I invite you to embark on this informative journey alongside me.

What is Sterling Bank USSD Code?

The USSD code provided by Sterling Bank is *822#. It offers a convenient and efficient method for conducting various banking activities using your mobile device, even without requiring an internet connection. These activities encompass tasks like fund transfers, balance inquiries, airtime purchases, and bill payments. This USSD code is universally functional, accommodating both basic mobile phones and smartphones, across the prominent mobile networks in Nigeria, including Mtn, Glo, Airtel, and 9 Mobile.

What is Sterling Bank USSD Code?

To initiate utilization of the Sterling code *822#, initial registration is imperative on your mobile device. Subsequently, you’ll need to generate a distinct USSD PIN code. This PIN code is crucial, as it will serve as your verification mechanism for all subsequent transactions, including the likes of fund transfers.

Here is a list of all the Sterling Bank USSD codes:

TransactionsSterling Bank USSD codes
Check Balance*822*6#
Transfer to Sterling Bank/Other Banks*822*Amount*AccountNumber#
Airtime Top-Up for Self*822*AMOUNT#
Airtime Top-Up for Others*822*AMOUNT*Phone Number#
Pay Bills*822*2#
Cardless Withdrawal*822*42#
Open Account*822*7#
Check Account Number*822*8#
Card Management*822*19#
Pay Merchant*822*28*AMOUNT*MERCHANT CODE#
LCC Toll Payment*822*15#
Retrieve BVN*565*0#
Block account*822*911#
Block your Sterling Bank ATM debit card*822*19#
Apply for loan*822#

How to Register & Activate Sterling Bank USSD Code

Here’s the step-by-step guide to activating the USSD code for Sterling Bank:

  1. Using the phone number registered with your account, *822*1*Account Number#
  2. Then follow the on-screen instructions to activate the code and set up your new PIN for USSD transactions.

Once all the steps above are completed, the transfer code for Sterling Bank will be activated on your phone. You can now use it for your banking transactions.

The Sterling Bank USSD code is *822#. Once registered and activated, this code can be used to access a range of services, including:

  1. Opening an account
  2. Checking your account balance
  3. Transferring money to other Sterling Bank accounts
  4. Transferring money to other banks in Nigeria
  5. Recharging your phone
  6. Paying bills
  7. Buying airtime for yourself or others
  8. Checking your BVN

How to Deactivate Sterling Bank Account with USSD Code

Did you lose your mobile phone and need to block your account? Dial the USSD code *822*911# to deactivate the Sterling bank profile account (Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile). Then, follow the on-screen prompts and enter your PIN.

To reactivate your Sterling bank account, dial the USSD code *822# on your registered mobile phone (Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile.). Then, follow the on-screen prompts.

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

*822*6# is the Sterling Bank code to check your account balance. Once dialled, enter your PIN, and the money you have left in your Sterling Bank account will be displayed on your screen.

How to check your Sterling bank account number

To check your Sterling Bank account number, dial *822*8# or dial *822# and then 8 when the network presents you with several options. Enter the last 4 digits of your MasterCard or your mobile banking PIN to authenticate your transaction.

Sterling Bank Transfer Code

The Sterling Bank transfer code is *822*5*Amount*Beneficiary Account Number#. This code can be used to transfer money from Sterling Bank to another Sterling Bank account, and to other banks.

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Buying Airtime

The Sterling Bank USSD code to buy airtime for yourself (SIM linked with your Sterling Bank account) is *822*Amount#. To buy airtime for other numbers/sims, dial *822*Amount*Phone Number#

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Withdrawal

*822*42# is the USSD code for Sterling Bank’s cardless withdrawal. Just dial the code and follow the prompts.

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Bill Payments

*822*2# is the USSD code for sterling bank bill payments. After dialling, select your biller and follow the screen instructions, then enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Sterling Bank BVN USSD Code

*565*0# is the Sterling Bank code to get/retrieve your BVN.

How To Apply For A Loan On Sterling Bank Mobile

You can apply for a loan from STERLING BANK using the USSD code for loan – *822# on your STERLING BANK phone number, answer all related questions, and see if you meet their requirements.

How To Reset Your Transaction Pin On Sterling Bank Mobile

If you ever feel someone has access to your transaction PIN or you forgot your PIN, you do not have to worry. You can reset your PIN and feel secure again. Simply dial *822# and select PIN reset.

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