Starlink Internet in Nigeria – Elon Musk’s Starlink is licensed to operate in Nigeria

Starlink Internet in Nigeria – Elon Musk’s Starlink is licensed to operate in Nigeria. Nigeria has approved Elon Musk’s Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access coverage to 32 countries where its use has been licensed. Best Internet Service Providers in Nigeria for 2022 – Speed and reliability

According to SpaceX, Starlink was launched as a low-earth orbiting (LOE) constellation of satellites to provide low latency, high bandwidth internet to consumers across the globe. How to choose the right internet service provider for your organization

A low latency network connection is one that generally experiences small delay times, while bandwidth refers to the amount of information that a connection to the internet can handle at a given time. Starlink internet is said to work by sending information through the vacuum of space, where it travels much faster than in the fiber-optic cable.

The company received two licenses, which include the International Gateway license and Internet Service Provider (ISP) license, and will be trading as Starlink Internet Services Nigeria Ltd. According to NCC, the International Gateway license has a 10-year tenure while the ISP license is to last for five years. Both licenses take effect from May 2022 and may be renewed after the expiration.

NCC on Starlink in Nigeria

To connect the Starlink to your home you’ll need to set up a small satellite dish at your home to acquire the signal and pass the bandwidth on to your router. And to know the best location to mount the Starlink dish, you can download the Starlink App for Android and iOS. The app uses augmented reality, which can help you choose the best direction and position for your receivers.

The new entrant will have to battle for customers who are currently subscribing to internet service from MTN, Globacom, Airtel, 9mobile, and over 200 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) earlier licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Starlink had acquired two licenses from the NCC, which include an International Gateway license and an ISP license.

With the ISP license, Starlink will be competing with the top ISPs in Nigeria such as Spectranet, FibreOne, Tizeti, and iPNX, among others, and the mobile network operators, who currently have the larger chunk of internet customers in Nigeria. Common Wi-Fi issues and how to fix them for beginners

Although Starlink has an edge over other service providers in that it will be providing its service via satellite, which can be accessed anywhere all over the country, its survival will depend on how competitive its prices are.

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