Smile Identity rebrands as Smile ID to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Africa

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In a significant move, Smile Identity, the leading digital KYC specialist in Africa, has exciting news to share! After a successful Series B funding round in February, the company has chosen to rebrand itself as Smile ID. This strategic decision comes as part of their mission to broaden their horizons, enrich their services, and cater to businesses all across the African continent.

As the African business landscape evolves, traditional Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks are no longer sufficient. To address this, Smile ID is striving to become the go-to choice for ID verification and onboarding services, even as businesses mature and encounter more intricate requirements.

The rebranding journey comprises four pivotal elements: a fresh identity with the new name, Smile ID, a captivating logo, an updated website, and innovative product enhancements. The new logo and vibrant colour scheme embody Smile ID’s vision of empowering global enterprises to easily verify and onboard individuals, ultimately granting unrestricted access to countless Africans.

New Product Updates, In addition, as part of the rebrand, Smile ID is excited to announce several product updates:

  • New SDKs: Smile ID has released beta versions of new v10 SDKs for Android and iOS, designed for enhanced reliability, simplified integration, and powerful features.
  • Fraud Detection with Smile Secure: A new add-on tool that helps prevent fraud by notifying businesses if a user has previously signed up for their service.
  • KYC Web Links by Smile: A no-code tool enabling businesses to onboard users by sending a link to a pre-built web flow for capturing selfies, ID numbers, and document images. 

In tandem with its renewed identity, Smile ID has rolled out a redesigned website, delivering an enhanced user experience and offering valuable resources on KYC regulations and best practices throughout Africa.

Recognizing the pressing need to combat fraud within a maturing ecosystem, Smile ID proudly presents Smile Secure, a cutting-edge tool engineered to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. By scanning previously verified faces, Smile Secure promptly notifies businesses if a user has already signed up for their services, effectively mitigating the risks of identity theft and fraudulent account creation.

But that’s not all! Embracing a forward-thinking approach, the company is actively exploring no-code implementations of their products to streamline adoption for businesses. Alongside the rebranding and the exciting launch of Smile Secure, they’ve also unveiled a sneak peek of Smile Links, slated to hit the market on August 1, 2023, promising more innovative solutions.

Smile ID has proven its commitment to its vision by successfully introducing its document verification solution earlier this year. With this revolutionary product, global enterprises can effortlessly validate user-submitted identity documents, such as driver’s licenses, by comparing them with live selfies. Furthermore, in April 2023, Smile ID made a remarkable stride by acquiring Appruve, a top-tier ID verification provider based in Ghana, further bolstering its capabilities and expanding its influence in the market.

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