Best sites to download free New Movies in 2023

sites to download free New Movie

Looking for a free movie download website to get the latest movies for your mobile or PC? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Movies have become a favourite pastime for many, with captivating stories and impressive visuals. And guess what? You don’t need to go through any registration hassle. We’ve compiled a list of the best websites where you can download movies for free without any sign-ups!

Hollywood and other movie industries have captured the hearts of people worldwide. However, not everyone can afford subscriptions to platforms like Netflix for streaming. But fear not, we’ve got a solution for you! If you’re a fan of Korean movies or dramas, there are websites where you can download them for free too! (The Best Movie Streaming Services in Nigeria)

All the movie download websites we’ve listed cater to both mobile and PC users. Plus, they offer downloads in various size categories, so you can choose according to your preference. Ready to know the top websites for downloading HD movies for free in 2023? Keep reading!

If you’re on the lookout for websites that offer ultra-clear HD movie downloads for free, look no further! We’ve compiled the best websites for you in this article. Make sure to check them out and enjoy your favourite movies without spending money.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites to Download Full HD Movies 2023


If you haven’t given any movie downloader a shot yet, you’ll definitely want to check out CleverGet. It’s currently among the top-notch movie downloaders available, offering the capability to download movies and series from over 1000 websites, including big names like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and many more.

What sets CleverGet apart is its convenient built-in browser, making accessing the movie page you desire a breeze. In this way, it proves itself as a leading destination for hassle-free movie downloads.

CleverGet excels in handling both on-demand movies and live videos, effortlessly supporting the parsing of direct video links and M3U8 links. The videos can be saved in remarkable resolutions of up to 8K, ensuring top-notch quality, and can be stored in various formats like MP4, MKV, or WebM files.

On top of these fantastic features, CleverGet also offers a plethora of extras, including batch processing, playlist downloads, hardware acceleration, and even ad removal, elevating the ease of use to a whole new level. Take the plunge and install it on your computer to enjoy seamless movie downloads from any website!


AZmovies stands out as one of the top-notch platforms for downloading movies without spending a dime. The site boasts an easy-to-use interface that makes navigation a breeze, while its well-organized movie categories ensure a stress-free experience.

You’ll find exclusive sections like ‘the top 10 movies,’ ‘new movies,’ and ‘just added,’ providing you with ample options to explore. Thanks to AZmovies, you can effortlessly discover your next cinematic delight and learn where to catch it.

In addition to movie downloads, AZmovies presents enticing movie trailers and keeps you updated on the latest releases across multiple platforms, including iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. stands out as the sole entry among the leading websites for downloading free movies, boasting an extensive repository of classic films tailor-made for seamless viewing on mobile devices. Moreover, it diligently categorizes its movie selection, spanning various genres such as adventure, science fiction, and more.

Retrovision introduces a mobile-friendly interface that effortlessly facilitates both streaming and downloading with just a click. Additionally, if you seek access to their remarkable movie collection, you have the option to subscribe to their newsletter, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest releases and updates.


An incredibly user-friendly website for downloading movies is available, featuring a convenient alphabetical arrangement of films. Among the various websites offering free movie downloads, this particular one stands out as the most straightforward and effortless to use. Despite the slightly bothersome advertisements, the download process remains smooth and hassle-free.

This website conveniently categorizes both TV shows and movies, arranging them alphabetically for easy navigation, ensuring you can quickly find the movie you desire. Additionally, it offers WWE shows for enthusiasts. A notable advantage is the regular daily updates, ensuring a fresh selection of movies to explore regularly.


YTS functions as a torrent platform, serving as a vast movie repository containing a plethora of films spanning various genres. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless and stress-free downloads, even on mobile devices, which contributes to data conservation. The movie collection is conveniently organized, allowing users to access titles in alphabetical order, by popularity, and more.

Despite the undeniable convenience of the free service, advertisements can sometimes disrupt the overall experience. Nevertheless, considering the extensive movie selection and ease of use, it remains a worthwhile platform.


It’s undeniable that Youtube is one of the top websites when it comes to accessing free movies, offering the utmost convenience. Within Youtube’s vast collection, you can find a diverse selection of movies, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and Pakistan films.

When it comes to finding specific movies, the search functionality on Youtube makes it incredibly easy. Simply enter the movie’s title, and you’ll be presented with relevant results. Moreover, Youtube goes the extra mile by suggesting free movies, making the exploration process even more enjoyable. Additionally, users need not fret about the size of the movies, as they are relatively compact, ensuring seamless streaming and downloading experiences.


Toxicwap stands out as an incredible destination for accessing free HD movies, TV shows, and even TV series downloads. The website boasts an impressive collection of high-definition movies, making it a prime choice for cinephiles. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, allowing users to download their favourite content with ease.

Compared to other websites, Toxicwap manages to keep the number of advertisements to a minimum, providing a more pleasant browsing experience. Embrace the opportunity to grab the latest movies, all in HD and entirely free, ensuring a delightful time filled with entertainment.


Azmivies is basically an entertainment website. You can be sure to find any movie on this website just as the name suggests AZ. You can easily make a quick search for the movie you want and it is one of the best free movie download sites for mobile.

Or navigate through the category menu to get the movie. This site has a great user interface that helps attracts users.

1337X movies

This site is quite popular for downloading free movies on mobile or pc. The site regularly makes updates on new movies on its website. It’s popularly known for famous old movies that still crack the jaw.

One problem, the website sometimes shuts down but always comes back on. But they are still great at providing old and new movies. Visit 1337X movies.


Look no further than FZMovies for the ultimate free movie download experience! This fantastic platform boasts an extensive library of films across various genres, be it adventure, comedy, action, drama, horror, and more. With direct downloads to your computer, it offers the ultimate convenience.

The website’s intuitive design ensures effortless browsing, and you have the freedom to choose from multiple formats like MP4 and AVI for your movie downloads. Revel in the abundance of movies, series, and documentaries at your fingertips.

Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly interface, making your navigation a breeze. And here’s the icing on the cake – it’s completely free! Embrace the wonders of FZMovies, one of the best movie download sites on the web.

Top 5 Sites Like TFPDL to Download Movies and Full TV Series

TFPDL serves as a popular destination for downloading a wide array of movies and digital content. It offers free accessibility regardless of your location, hosting an extensive collection of entertainment files available for download. The good news is that in 2023, several other websites similar to TFPDL provide free movie and TV show downloads.

Now, let’s delve into a review of the finest alternative platforms akin to TFPDL, ensuring you have access to the latest movies and complete series. These websites boast user-friendly interfaces, making navigation and comprehension a breeze. So, you can enjoy your favourite content with ease and convenience.


If you’re on the lookout for a TFPDL alternative, GoMovies undoubtedly stands out as one of the finest options to consider. With GoMovies, you gain access to a vast library of new, latest, and trending titles, all available in high-definition quality and completely ad-free. This popular movie platform allows you to stream content for free without any interruptions from pesky ads, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable viewing experience.

While there are multiple GoMovies websites in existence, two specific ones have proven to be exceptionally reliable and safe for browsing. These are and Although it’s advisable to use a VPN while visiting any streaming site, rest assured that these two options are secure to browse without the need for a VPN. Now, you can explore your favourite movies and shows worry-free, immersing yourself in an ad-free cinematic journey.

Levidia ch

Currently, Levidia ch stands as the top-notch substitute for TFPDL, and some might argue it’s even superior. The reason is, unlike TFPDL and similar platforms, Levidia greets you with a user-friendly experience, devoid of pesky pop-up and redirection ads upon arrival.

Moreover, akin to TFPDL, Levidia boasts a vast collection of movies and TV series episodes, spanning across genres like action, adventure, thriller, horror, romance, and even documentaries. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for TFPDL-like websites for quite some time, Levidia presents itself as the most commendable option available at the moment.


If we’re talking about a website that shares the same simplicity and genuine appeal as Levidia ch, then Goojara would fit the bill.

Just like Levidia, it has garnered popularity in various locations, including the US, Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica, and more. One aspect that sets it apart and enhances the user experience is the minimal presence of intrusive pop-up ads while you’re searching for movies to download from the platform.

Moreover, Goojara boasts an extensive collection of films and TV episodes spanning across diverse genres like action, adventure, comedy, thriller, horror, and many others. This impressive variety positions it as a top-notch alternative to TFPDL.


KatmovieHD stands out as a viable substitute for TFPDL, and it enjoys immense popularity, particularly in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

In addition to offering a diverse collection of Hollywood and Bollywood films, KatmovieHD has garnered recognition for its extensive selection of K-drama movies and TV series.

For K-drama enthusiasts, KatmovieHD emerges as a top-notch option among websites similar to TFPDL, ensuring access to high-definition content without any cost.


SSRmovies holds immense popularity in regions like India, Pakistan, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and more. In addition to the customary Hollywood and Bollywood films, the site offers an extensive collection encompassing diverse categories, including Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi movies, along with various TV shows, all available for free.

If you’re an enthusiast of such movies and have been on the hunt for reliable download sources, look no further than SSRmovies. It’s your one-stop destination for an array of captivating content.

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