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Reduction in DStv subscription price as Reps approve Pay-As-You-Go

Reduction In DStv Subscription Price As Reps Approve Pay-As-You-Go, latest DStv Nigeria news on A3 Techworld. The House of Representatives on Thursday, adopted the pay-as-you-go model and a price reduction for DSTV and other cable TV operators in the country.

The lower chamber considered and approved the recommendations from the Ad–hoc Committee on Non–Implementation of Pay–As–You–Go.

Rep Unyime Idem, the Chairman of the Committee, on Wednesday laid the report before the House and it was considered during plenary.

The House called on the Federal Government to urgently act on implementing the content of the National Broadcasting Code (NBC) and the Nigeria information Policy of 2014.

According to the House, this would trigger healthy competition in the industry.

The House suggested that timely government regulatory intervention measures would revolutionize the industry and meet the demand for Pay-as-you-go, Pay-Per-View, and price reduction.

The increment of VAT by 2.5% by the Financial Amendment Act of Jan. 13 2020 and the fluctuating foreign exchange rate, was listed as the factors responsible for the hike in subscription fees.

Other issues included broadcast equipment, experienced hire and technical infrastructure, increase in bouquets for a wider choice, inflation on the cost of production, and need to maintain the workforce.

What the committee said about the DStv Pay-As-You-Go:

  •  Visible absence of competitors in the industry was tacit approval of monopoly of the industry by the present operators.
  • The House urged the timely application of government regulatory intervention measures already to improve the industry and meet the people’s calls for Pay-as-you-go, Pay-Per-View and price reduction.
  • It also called for operations in the industry to be brought up to  21st-century standards regulatory oversight.
  • The House added that it had the power to license and regulate the activities of service providers and also has the power to moderate in the protection of consumers.
  • It acknowledged that unstable FX policies in Nigeria may also affect the costs of subscription and also the increment of VAT by 2.5 per cent in 2020.
  • It revealed that Nigeria’s NigComSat under-utilised could be used for boosting local content through the cable as Nigeria youth unemployment issues could be solved by offering employment on pay-tv.

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