Price of the best oraimo Earbuds in Nigeria

Oraimo is a well-known brand in Nigeria that produces smartphone accessories as well as wearable technology such as smartwatches and earbuds. The top oraimo earbuds and their costs in Nigeria will be discussed in this post. Oraimo offers some of the most inexpensive earbuds in Nigeria, as well as a variety of functions. Regardless of your budget, Oriamo can provide you with exceptional noise cancellation and sound-quality Earbuds.

Oraimo, the maker of premium smart accessories, was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. Since then, the company has grown to more than 50 countries and amassed a massive fan base. (Similar post: Best And Cheapest Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds To Buy In Nigeria)

Oraimo has come a long way in ridding the market of mediocre sound quality and unreliable Earbuds. Regardless of your budget, Oriamo can provide you with exceptional noise cancellation and sound-quality Earbuds. (Similar post: Best And Cheapest AirPods Pro Alternatives To Buy)

What are the best Oraimo EarBuds to buy in Nigeria?

Oraimo Freepods Pro ANC (NGN 34,900)

The major highlight of the Oraimo FreePods Pro ANC is the active noise cancellation feature. In addition, they have plastic silicone ear tips to prevent sound from spilling. The earbuds have fantastic sound quality with thumping bass that makes you enjoy listening to afrobeat sounds. It has a solid build, and the carry case can fit into any pocket or bag.

If you listen with ANC, you will get 9 hours of listening time, while without ANC, you are guaranteed 13 hours of listening time, which is impressive. The battery size is 70mAh on the buds and 510mAh on the charging case. The Buds charges via USB C, and it takes less than 2 hours to charge from zero to a hundred.

It comes with in-ear detection, and the moment you take one ear out, the music pauses. In addition, the bud features Bluetooth 5.2 with low latency while using it to stream videos or play games. You also get transparency mode on the earbud, with four mics for clear voice calls.

Oraimo FreePods 3 True Wireless Stereo IPX5 & Sweat Proof Earbuds (NGN 15,900)

If you don’t have a budget that will get you the Freepods Pro ANC, then the Freepods 3 TWS by Oraimo is another excellent option. It has a fantastic sound quality, and it was tuned to afrobeat by popular Nigerian musician 2baba. Voice commands on the buds are in 2babas voice, which adds up if you buy the 2baba variant. There is a variant available on the Oraimo website that costs NGN 14,900, and it comes in white color.

It is a stem-style earbud with ear tips to make them sit comfortably in your ear. There are two ear tips in the box, and it is best to find the right size for your ear. You will have a much better listening experience without the buds falling out of your ear. The sound quality is impressive, and you get lots of basses.

It has an IPX5 waterproof rating that makes it usable during the rain or workout. You should expect 8 hours of playtime, and when combined with the charging case, you can extend it to 23 hours. It uses Bluetooth 5.2, which minimizes latency, and delivers a quick connection to your phone. The variant that is not tuned by 2baba shares the same features as the tubed variant.

Oraimo OEB-E95D True wireless Sport Earbuds (NGN 9,000)

True wireless freedom from the newest BT 5.0 technology lets the music take control and drive you to new heights. BassUp technology, exclusive to Oraimo Earbuds, is incorporated into the earbuds to expand the low end and pump a punch of solid bass into every rhythm. Ergonomic Earhooks with soft, customized tips provide a secure and pleasant fit during exercises.

You can increase the 5.5-hour music play duration to 27.5 hours with a charging case, giving you more than a day of wireless audio. Using a single touch on the buds, you can quickly answer calls or alter music with a Seamlessly Concealed sensor in both earphones.

Oraimo Riff Comfort (NGN 10,900)

The Oraimo Riff comes in two different colors, either white or black. They are tiny with the Apple AirPods pro-like design. It has a high-quality finish associated with all Oraimo earbuds. The earbud is small and designed for people who have small ear canals. It has a 5-hour battery life, and it charges through a USB C port. The earbud is lightweight, and if you wear it for long hours, you won’t get ear fatigue.

The bass on the earbud is excellent, and the mids and highs are also acceptable. The Oraimo Riff has a large sound stage, and the vocals and instruments are properly separated. When you open the carry case, the connection is instantaneous. The battery in the case lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge and charges through USB. Check out the Oraimo Riff if you’re on a budget and want the greatest Oraimo earphones and pricing in Nigeria.

Oraimo Freepods 2 2baba Edition (NGN 11,900)

The Freepods 2 2baba edition was the talk of the town when it was released earlier, and I bought one and tested it for myself. It has a fantastic sound quality with excellent bass; vocals and instrumental are separated perfectly. Unfortunately, battery life is only four hours which is small if you compare it with other earbuds. However, combining the buds and charging case will get at least 23 hours of battery life.

The earbud is comfortable to carry in the hand because it is small. It will fit into any pocket or bag. However, it doesn’t have any silicone ear tips, and using it for a long time caused fatigue in my ears.

Oraimo Airbuds 2s Super Bass Wireless Stereo Earbuds (NGN 12,900)

The Airbuds 2s is the first in-ear style earbud on this list, and it was designed for people interested in earbuds that stick inside the ear. I always struggle to keep these earbuds in my ear while walking, but some people prefer them anyway. It has a 13mm dynamic driver that delivers impressive sound quality consistently. It also has a 4hrs battery life and a USB type C charging port. In addition, the earbud has a fantastic design that makes it easy to carry around.

Oraimo Airbuds 2 Super Bass (NGN 12,500)

The Airbuds 2 share similarities with the Airbuds 2s. They have the same in-ear style design with touch controls for playing and pausing music. Battery life on the Airbuds 2 is 5 hours with a 24-hour standby time. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and low latency. The buds have an ergonomic design that sticks into the ear. It also delivers fantastic sound quality, as expected of any earbud from Oraimo.In addition, the buds have been IPX5 water resistance rating, making them okay for working out.

Why should you buy Oraimo Earbuds in Nigeria?

Excellent Audio

Oraimo Earbuds feature this as one of their main selling points. Regardless of the type purchased, users enjoy the excellent sound quality.

Loud and Clear

Even in noisy areas, Oraimo Earbuds are ideal for answering calls. This is due to the Earbuds’ built-in microphone. This microphone picks up the user’s voice and filters out background noise.

Design and Portability

Oraimo has always put a lot of effort into making their AirPod designs appealing. Oraimo Earbuds are also simple to hold and carry around in the pocket.

Longer battery life and faster charging

The battery life is the last but not least consideration. Oraimo Earbuds have a good battery capacity, as you can see from the specs above. When you go around with a case that costs extra, you can enjoy it a lot more. What’s more? Oraimo Earbuds charge quickly.

Oraimo Air buds offer an affordable solution to anybody who wants to enter the world of truly wireless audio. Whether you don’t want to shell out big bucks for costlier buds, or if you just want to get the hang of truly wireless earbuds before you invest in something more expensive, these are a pretty great option.

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