Paycenter pos machine 2023: Application, price, daily target

paycenter pos machine

Are you interested in getting a Paycenter POS machine? Discover all you need to know about the application procedure, pricing structure, and associated fees. Gain insights into the merits of integrating a Paycenter POS Machine into your business operations, including its potential to boost sales and elevate customer service.

To dive straight into the process of obtaining the Paycenter POS machine, you have a couple of options. You can visit any of our branches located across Nigeria. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a verified PayCentre ambassador. They’ll be able to assist you in acquiring the larger POS device.

The registration fee for this endeavour is set at 25,000 Naira exclusively for new agents. For those agents who are already part of our network and wish to transition from their mPOS to the larger POS, the fee is 20,000 Naira.

About Paycentre POS

A Paycenter POS machine serves as a tool that empowers merchants to seamlessly accept card payments from their valued customers. This device, categorized as a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, proficiently handles debit, credit, and mobile money transactions.

The design of the Paycentre POS machine prioritizes compactness, portability, and user-friendliness. This thoughtful design caters to the needs of both small businesses and agents who seek a seamless payment solution.

paycenter pos machine

Operating within a secure and dependable network environment, the Paycenter POS machine ensures swift and trustworthy transaction processing.

Diverse payment avenues are facilitated by this device, encompassing renowned options such as Mastercard, Visa, and Verve. This versatility empowers customers to conveniently settle payments for their purchases and services. Simultaneously, merchants can engage in seamless transactions with patrons, accommodating their favoured payment preferences. For a similar article, kindly read our comprehensive guide on How to Apply For OPay POS and become an OPay agent.

With this comprehensive insight into the appeal of Paycentre POS machines, let’s delve into the consideration of the machine’s pricing.

How much is the Paycenter POS Machine?

The Paycenter POS machine is attainable for a single payment of N25,000, which also covers the registration process. Keep in mind, though, that this device entails a recurring monthly maintenance fee. Once you have acquired the POS machine, the path is open for you to enlist as an agent and embark on processing payments. Now, let’s initiate our journey by exploring the steps involved in the registration process.

Paycenter POS Machine charges

As for the transaction charges, Paycenter applies a fee to all transactions. Specifically:

  • 0.5% fee for cash withdrawals up to N20,000
  • A flat N100 fee for withdrawals between N20,000 and N1,000,000
  • A flat N20 fee for cash deposits

Paycenter POS Machine Requirements

To be eligible for the Paycenter POS machine application, you must meet some requirements. These include:

Paycenter POS Machine Requirements
  1. An active Bank Account
  2. A valid Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  3. Valid means of identification such as a Voter’s Card, National ID Number (NIN), Drivers License, or International Passport
  4. 2 Passport Photographs
  5. A picture of your Signature
  6. A recent utility bill

How to apply and get a Paycenter POS Machine (2023)

If you’re eager to secure a Paycenter POS machine, here’s a straightforward walkthrough for the application process:

  1. Paycenter Office Visit: Begin by heading to the nearest Paycenter office armed with the requisite documentation.
  2. Request a POS Terminal: Engage with a representative and express your interest in obtaining a POS terminal.
  3. Complete Registration Form: Skillfully complete the Paycenter POS registration form, ensuring that your details are accurately filled in.
  4. Submission and Review: Once your application is submitted, it enters the review phase. Please be patient, as this assessment process may take a while. Be mindful that approval or decline is a possible outcome.
  5. Approval and Payment: In the event of approval, you will be instructed to make the necessary payment to acquire the POS machine. Following this step, you’ll progress to the training phase, where you’ll be enlightened on the device’s operation.

That concludes the journey of obtaining a Paycenter POS in Nigeria.

Paycenter contact details

For any errors or issues, kindly reach out to the details below:

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