Paybill numbers for banks in Kenya (complete list)

Paybill numbers for banks in Kenya

Are you in search of an extensive compilation of banks in Kenya, along with their corresponding M-Pesa PayBill numbers? Your search ends here! This article offers a user-friendly guide to accessing banking services through M-Pesa in Kenya.

Within Kenya, Paybill numbers have gained immense popularity as a seamless payment method for goods and services. These unique numbers are specifically designated to businesses by mobile network operators, enabling customers to conveniently make payments using their mobile phones. In the following blog post, we shall delve into the world of Paybill numbers in Kenya, comprehensively discussing their definition, functionality, and the process of utilizing them.

What are Paybill numbers?

Paybill numbers play a crucial role in the world of mobile transactions. They are exclusive identification numbers granted to businesses by mobile network operators, allowing customers to seamlessly make payments through their mobile phones. These nifty numbers are widely utilized for settling bills, extending donations to causes, and making purchases of products and services with ease.

In the Kenyan landscape, Safaricom, the driving force behind M-Pesa, has bestowed each bank with its very own PayBill number. This ingenious setup empowers customers to effortlessly transfer funds to their bank accounts, clear pending bills, and indulge in retail therapy—all through the convenience of M-Pesa.

Locating the M-Pesa PayBill numbers assigned to banks in Kenya is a breeze. They can be readily found on the bank’s website, proudly displayed at their branches, or even in the hands of ever-helpful customer care. To initiate a transaction, customers need to have the PayBill number, along with their trusty account number and the desired amount and that’s all the payment is complete!

Uses of the PayBill Service

  • Utility bills – water, power, Pay TV.
  • Rent payments – Lipa Kodi
  • School fees payments – Lipa Karo
  • Bank/SACCO account deposits
  • Statutory payments – NHIF, NSSF, KRA
  • Top up of prepaid cards – fuel cards, debit cards e.g. Nakumatt Global.

Benefits of using Paybill numbers

  1. Convenience: Embrace the ease of making payments through your mobile phone with Paybill numbers. This hassle-free method ensures you can handle transactions conveniently, anytime, and from anywhere.
  2. Accessibility: Unlock the power of Paybill numbers, accessible to all mobile phone users in Kenya. No exclusivity, no limitations – every user can partake in this efficient payment system.
  3. Security: Embrace peace of mind as you use Paybill numbers for your payments. Security takes centre stage, as transactions necessitate customer input of a secure PIN, ensuring your financial data remains protected.
  4. Speed: Experience the thrill of instant transactions with Paybill numbers. Time is of the essence, and this payment method guarantees swift processing, empowering you to settle payments with lightning speed.

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How to register for MPesa Paybill Number

How to register for MPesa Paybill Number

Follow the procedure below to be able to register for an MPesa Paybill number;

  • Visit Safaricom Lipa Na M-Pesa portal.
  • Download the MPesa PayBill application form.
  • Next, download the MPesa PayBill Terms and Conditions.
  • Fill out the forms with the required information.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions stated.
  • Sign the pay bill form that you have filled out.
  • Add a copy of all the requirements listed above to the Mpesa paybill form.
  • Visit the nearby Safaricom shop with the documents.
  • Wait for approval after submitting

Banks in Kenya and Their Mpesa PayBill Numbers

Banks in KenyaMpesa PayBill Numbers
Absa Bank Kenya PLC303030
Bank of Africa Kenya Limited972900
Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited303030
Cooperative Bank of Kenya Limited400200
Equity Bank Limited247247
Family Bank Limited222111
KCB Bank Kenya Limited522522
NCBA Bank Kenya PLC627627
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited329329
I&M Bank Limited542542
National Bank of Kenya Limited547700
NIC Bank Limited488488
SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited552800
Credit Bank Limited972700
First Community Bank Limited919700
Guaranty Trust Bank (Kenya) Limited910200
Jamii Bora Bank Limited529901
Mayfair Bank Limited502800
Paramount Universal Bank Limited888700
Sidian Bank Limited111999
Bank of Baroda (Kenya) Limited962700
Bank of India972600
Citi Bank100229
Commercial Bank of Africa Limited880100
Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited516600
Ecobank Kenya Limited700201
Equatorial Commercial Bank Limited498100
Habib Bank AG Zurich787800
Housing Finance Company of Kenya Limited100400
Middle East Bank Kenya Limited400800
Prime Bank Limited982800
Spire Bank Limited498400
Trans National Bank Kenya Limited862862
United Bank for Africa Limited559900

Microfinance Paybill Numbers

Microfinance BankMpesa PayBill Numbers
Faulu Microfinance Bank328585
Kenya Women Microfinance Bank101200
Rafiki Microfinance Bank802200
Musoni Microfinance514000
SMEP Microfinance Bank777001
Vision Fund Kenya200555
Century Microfinance Bank888600
Uwezo Microfinance Bank504600

Top Paybill Numbers in Kenya

Safaricom Paybill Numbers

Safaricom is the largest mobile network operator in Kenya and offers a range of Paybill numbers to its customers. Some of the most popular Paybill numbers offered by Safaricom include:

  • M-PESA Paybill number: 174379
  • KPLC Paybill number: 888888
  • Nairobi Water Paybill number: 444400
  • Startimes Paybill number: 585858

Airtel Paybill Numbers

Airtel is another popular mobile network operator in Kenya that offers a range of Paybill numbers to its customers. Some of the most popular Paybill numbers offered by Airtel include:

  • KPLC Paybill number: 888888
  • NHIF Paybill number: 200222
  • Zuku Paybill number: 320320

Telkom Paybill Numbers

Telkom is a popular mobile network operator in Kenya that offers a range of Paybill numbers to its customers. Some of the most popular Paybill numbers offered by Telkom include:

  • KPLC Paybill number: 888888
  • Nairobi Water Paybill number: 444400

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