Easy passive income ideas for web designers

Easy passive income ideas for web designers. A great way to grow your web design business while still having time freedom is by creating a passive income stream. Web developers and designers are more in demand than ever before as the digital age has created hundreds of opportunities for developers to offer necessary services and apps for businesses. Want to know how to make a side income as a web developer? Then this article is for you. Here you’ll get to know which are the best ways to earn well.

In the tech industry, web developers top the list as some of the most talented professionals. However, finding a high-paying job that meets your needs can be challenging. Getting a part-time job or working freelance are both good options for procuring additional monthly income. However, there are ways to earn passive income for web developers that are far more efficient and beneficial. (Similar post: Passive income ideas for teachers in Nigeria for 2022)

How can you earn passive income as a web designer? web designers can implement ideas such as creating and selling web-based chatbots, running monetized blogs, flipping profitable websites and domain names, developing and supporting API bridges, and more as streams of passive income.

Do web designers still make money in 2022? Working as a professional Remote Web designer- You can also work from home as a professional web designer. Many companies hire people like you to create websites and applications for them. If your skill is good, then you can earn a decent amount of money by working full-time or part-time in these companies

If you’re a web developer searching for passive income strategies that will help you earn more money while allowing you to keep your day job, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best and easiest passive income ideas for web developers. Use your web development skills to start making a passive income today.

Create a drop-shipping website for passive income

Dropshipping is the easiest way to create an online store without the high risk and investment that comes with starting a business. It’s a favorite among passive income streams because you do not have to worry about warehouse costs, shipping, or inventory.

Instead, you purchase the product from a drop-ship supplier only after an order is placed on your website, and then your supplier proceeds to ship the product directly to your customer in white-label packing.

Buying and selling websites – Flipping websites

Website flipping is the process of purchasing an existing website with the goal of selling it for more than you initially paid. Once you’ve improved the profitability of your website, it’s time to sell. Websites are commonly valued by the amount of profit it makes each month.

It’s common for the valuation of your website to be around 12-24 times your monthly profit. For example, if your website profits $250 per month, you have the potential to sell it for around $3,000 (1,620,000 Naira in Nigeria) to $6,000 (3,240,000 Naira in Nigeria).

Flippa is one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling websites. With Flippa, you can browse hundreds of listings of various online businesses including blogs, affiliate websites, and Amazon FBA businesses. Each listing will include details about the business including how long the website has been registered, how much money the website profits each month, the costs of running the website, and how much traffic the website gets.

Developing & Supporting API Bridges (SAAS)

As you already know, API bridges are essential to make apps communicate together and render communication between software seamless for the end-user. However, some web devs do not realize that building such API connections can truly provide a stable source of monthly recurring passive income. Given the growing demand for API bridges (especially within small and large corporations), you can make quite a decent amount of income as a web developer. However, keep in mind that support and ongoing updates are essential, so make sure your pricing reflects this. You can always outsource the support and maintenance to third parties if you want to make your earnings more passive. 

Offer existing clients monthly maintenance services

Subscription services are becoming more popular nowadays, and it’s a great money-maker for web developers. Existing clients are more likely to agree to a small monthly retainer fee rather than an hourly rate for small tasks. This monthly service can include an outlined list of tasks, such as website maintenance, updates to WordPress, and general support or troubleshooting.

Additional premium services can be offered such as security, website backups, and ongoing SEO. A monthly maintenance fee can provide steady passive income streams from already existing clients, and can also help create value in your services.

Finding Security Flaws & Hacks on Websites

Cybercrime is a very serious threat to businesses. You can earn passive income by finding security flaws and threats on behalf of online-based companies for a fee. You can use your web development skills to hamper the efforts of black hat hackers, as a white-hat hacker. Your main role would be to test the company’s security infrastructures and offer data protection services. This can be demanding in time, so you have to consider automating or outsourcing part of the work to make it more passive. 

That’s my so many firms out there have created something called bounty programs. These initiatives focus on paying developers to look for and fix vulnerabilities in their apps. You can go on one of the following websites:

And check with your eyes the real possibilities of making money with these programs. Some vulnerabilities fix are being paid actually more than 2000$.

Logos or Branding Boards

Another creative passive income stream is selling logos that can be edited by the purchaser to include their business name and selling branding boards. When an entrepreneur first starts their freelancing journey they typically have very little money to spend. But to look like a true business owner, they need to have a logo, brand colors, and brand fonts.

That’s where your passive income stream comes into play. They can purchase a logo and simply change the business name or they can purchase a branding package that includes predetermined colors and fonts.

Design and sell website templates

Tons of business owners every day buy templates or themes for anywhere between $50 — $350 dollars because they don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a web designer. Design and selling templates or themes will not only allow you to generate money without having to spend hours and hours designing and building a custom website, but it will also introduce your business to new business owners who may need a custom website in the future.

How do developers gain passive income? If you have sound programming skills, you can try starting your designing and selling websites templates and it can help you make a decent passive income.

Write an eBook

Web designers and developers are in a very unique role because they know a little bit about almost everything in the online sphere. Their skills can range from online marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. The art of creating an online presence for a business is very valuable, as many people are willing to pay to learn this information — especially if it comes from someone in the industry who has a few tricks up their sleeve.

An ebook is a perfect way to establish passive income streams, based on the knowledge that a web developer or designer has. You can use tools like Canva to help you get started on writing your eBook.

 Create a Video Course on Web designing

Well, video tutorials are always in demand if you are good at explaining things in detail then this option is worth trying. Now, at this point in time, there are actually more positions for skillful programmers than there are people to fill those positions. With that in mind, it is easy to conclude that programming is in incredibly high demand right now, and will be for years to come. With that much demand, not only can you make money through programming but also you can make money teaching programming.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in the world who want to learn what you already know. And if you are a talented teacher, this could be an excellent side income for you. You can literally teach programming to anyone in the world. It’s is a HUGE market.

Platforms like Udemy make it super easy to create your courses and make money from them. All you need to do is create a high-quality course. They will take care of the marketing and everything else.

Create and Sell Chatbots

As a web developer, you can create and sell chatbots. Bots are used to perform useful customer service tasks like greeting visitors, collecting user information, answering FAQs, and assisting companies to increase their productivity and enhance customer relationships. There are also up-and-coming AI/IoT opportunities for Bots as a Service (BAAS) with companies looking for bots that can effectively handle their most demanding and common tasks. With the right ideas, and while serving the right industries, you can earn a decent passive income creating and selling bots as a web developer. Learn more about how you can make passive income from your bot in our extensive guide to making money from web-based chatbots.

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