Nigerians Can Now Use Verve Cards to Make Naira Purchases on Google Play

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Google has joined forces with Verve, providing a new option for Nigerians to use their Verve cards when making purchases on the Play Store. The primary goal is to strengthen Nigeria’s digital ecosystem while simplifying the payment process for Google Play applications and services. This exciting collaboration paves the way for easier Naira payments on the platform.

In recent times, Nigerians faced challenges with international transactions. Some commercial banks suspended the feature, while others imposed a meagre monthly spending limit of $20. As a result, many citizens sought alternatives like Chipper Cash, only to be burdened with exorbitant exchange rates.

However, with the Google-Verve partnership, this barrier to international payments is dismantled. Transactions made on the Play Store using Verve cards will now be treated as local, as they will be processed in Nigeria’s currency, the Naira.

This exciting feature is exclusive to Nigerians using Android devices and holding Verve cards. How to use your Verve card on Google Play Store in Nigeria – simply open the Play Store application, choose the desired app, and tap the displayed amount. Then, click the “add debit or credit card” icon and enter the Verve card details, including the card number, expiry date, and CVV number.

Alternatively, users can visit to initiate the process. Here, they can log in with their Gmail account, add a payment option, input the Verve card details, and save the information. After completing these steps, they can head to the Play Store and make their desired purchase, with Google immediately deducting the specified amount.

The advantages of this collaboration extend to millions of Nigerians, who will now have seamless access to the Play Store’s extensive range of apps and services. Thanks to Google and Verve’s joint efforts, the digital landscape in Nigeria is set to flourish even further.

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