How to use MTN Free Incoming Minutes for calls in 2023


Discover how MTN Nigeria subscribers can now enjoy free inbound calls and roaming in fifteen countries worldwide. Check eligibility and make affordable international calls with MTN’s exciting offer. Stay connected wherever you go!

MTN Nigeria has introduced an exciting offer for its subscribers, providing free incoming calls and roaming services in fifteen countries across the globe. Find out how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity to stay connected while travelling abroad.

MTN Nigeria subscribers can now enjoy the convenience of free inbound calls and SMS while travelling in select countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. There’s no need for registration as MTN SIMs instantly connect when users turn on their phones in the designated destinations. Ensure your phone or gadget supports roaming for seamless connectivity.

MTN incoming minutes overview

Qualifying for Free Incoming Calls:

To be eligible for free incoming calls, MTN Nigeria subscribers need to recharge a minimum of ₦5000 within the same calendar month of travel or spend ₦5000 or more in the previous month. Postpaid customers with a credit limit of ₦2,000 or higher automatically qualify for this promotion.

Affordable Outgoing Calls:

In addition to free incoming calls, MTN subscribers can make outbound calls while abroad for as little as ₦60 per minute. Enjoy cost-effective communication and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues wherever you are.

Checking Eligibility:

To determine if you are eligible for MTN’s Free Incoming Minutes, simply dial *131*5*3*1#. For a list of qualified locations where you can enjoy this offer, dial *131*5*3*2#. Discover if you meet the criteria and start taking advantage of this fantastic deal.

Destinations Eligible For MTN Free Incoming Roaming Minutes in 2023:

MTN is committed to providing exceptional mobile phone services to its subscribers. Whether you’re travelling within Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East, MTN ensures that you stay connected with reliable coverage and affordable international call rates.

CanadaWind TELUS Bell100
FranceOrange SFR100
ItalyH3G Vodafone100
Saudi ArabiaMobily Zain100
United StatesAT&T100
GermanyT-Mobile Vodafone300
South AfricaMTN300
SpainOrange Vodafone300
United KingdomT-Mobile Orange Vodafone
Telefonica O2


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy free incoming calls and roaming with MTN Nigeria’s latest offer. Stay connected while travelling abroad and take advantage of affordable international calls. Discover if you’re eligible for this exciting deal and experience seamless communication with MTN’s reliable network. Stay connected with MTN Nigeria, wherever your journey takes you.

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