Latest MTN Data Plans, Prices & USSD Codes in Nigeria (2023)


MTN stands tall as one of Nigeria’s top telecommunications giants, connecting countless Nigerian households with its vast services. Android and iPhone users seeking budget-friendly data plans can dive into the exciting options MTN has to offer! Uncover the steps to acquire these MTN data plans and bundles. According to a recent report, Nigeria’s Internet Subscriptions Soar to 159.5 Million in May 2023.

Now, you have an array of MTN Data Plans at your disposal! There are economical browsing plans tailored for entry-level users and mobile phone enthusiasts while browsing bundles cater to those who seek seamless streaming and broadband experiences. Whether you’re an individual or a business with varying data needs, MTN Data Bundles has something for everyone – low, medium, or high usage!

An important update to note is that the MTN Data Plan Code has switched from 131 to 312. Subscribing to an MTN Data plan is now as simple as dialling *312#. Check out the MTN Data Code for specific internet bundles that might catch your interest.

In addition to the standard monthly data plan, MTN offers daily and weekly data plans. Among the various options, the cheapest monthly plans stand at 1,000 Naira for 1.5GB (an upgrade from the previous 1GB plan) and 1,200 Naira for 2GB. For even more value, consider the 3GB plan priced at just 1,500 Naira. And if you’re on a tight budget, explore the 4.5GB, 6GB, and 10GB plans priced at ₦2,000, ₦2,500, and ₦3,000 respectively.

Remember, MTN charges ₦3.07/MB for pay-as-you-go browsing, which can be quite costly for most users. It’s advisable to switch to an internet plan using MTN’s internet browsing codes, as they offer far better value for your money. To get started on MTN Pay as you Go, dial *312*200# and enjoy a more cost-effective browsing experience!

How to buy MTN data plans and bundles (2023)

MTN has taken strides to ensure that its customers can effortlessly acquire cost-effective data plans, enabling seamless internet access. In Nigeria, opting for an MTN data package remains a top-notch choice for obtaining a swift and reliable internet connection. Below, you’ll find a selection of the available MTN data plans and bundles:

  • Daily Plans
  • 2-Day Plans
  • 3-Day Plans
  • Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Plans
  • 2-Monthly Plans
  • 3-Monthly Plans
  • Family Pack Bundles
  • GoodyBag Social (MTN Social media plans)

With MTN data plans, you’ll find straightforward terms and conditions that are user-friendly and easy to grasp. Just a heads-up for those on bundle plans, make sure to take note that while your previous internet bundle balance can be carried over, it’s advisable to renew your subscribed bundles. Activating your internet service plan is a breeze – simply dial *131#, then pick and activate the data bundle that suits your needs.

Daily Plans

Daily data are the most popular MTN cheapest data plan. The offer is valid for 24 hours.

  • 40 MB for N50, Text 114 to 1313
  • Always-on-data 200 MB for N60, Text 160 to 131
  • 100 MB for N100, Text 104 to 131
  • 1 GB for N300, Text 155 to 131

2-Day Plans

These are cheap bundles that can serve you for two days.

  • 2 GB for N200, Text 154 to 131
  • 2.5 GB for N500, Text 154 to 131

3-Day Plans

This is yet another short plan that lasts three days. The 200 MB is available for N300. To purchase the plan, text 113 to 131.

MTN weekly plans

Most users favour MTN weekly data plans, which may be due to the low costs. These plans are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices surfing the web.

  • Always-On Data 450 MB for N120, Text 161 to 131
  • 350 MB + 350 MB for YouTube for N300, Text 102 to 131
  • 750 MB + 1 GB for YouTube for N500, Text 103 to 131
  • 750 MB + 1-Hour YouTube Daily for N500, Text 750 to 131
  • 1 GB + 1 GB for YouTube for N500, Text 142 to 131
  • 2 GB + 2 GB for YouTube for N1,000, Dial *131*105#
  • 6 GB for N1,500, Text 143 to 131

MTN Monthly Plans

If you utilise a lot of data, you will probably need more than what standard packs can provide. The company offers a unique MTN monthly data plan for the most active internet customers. (How to use MTN YouTube Night data bonus plan in 2023). The following are good for 30 days:

  • 1.5 GB + 2 GB for YouTube for N1,000, Text 106 to 131
  • 2 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N1,200, Text 130 to 131
  • 3 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N1,500, Text 131 to 131
  • 4.5 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N2,000, Text 110 to 131
  • 6 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N2,500, Text 147 to 131
  • 10 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N3,000
  • Always-On Data 15 GB for N3,000, Text 162 to 131
  • 12 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N3,500, Text 107 to 131
  • 20 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N5,000, Text 116 to 131
  • 25 GB for N6,000
  • Always-On Data 45 GB for N6,000, Text 163 to 131
  • 40 GB for N10,000, Text 117 to 131
  • 75 GB for N15,000, Text 150 to 131
  • 120 GB for N20,000, Text 149 to 131
  • 200 GB for N30,000

2-Monthly Plans

This is another affordable and reliable plan. It runs for two months.

  • 30 GB for N8,000, Text 119 to 131
  • 100 GB for N20,000, Text 118 to 131
  • 160 GB for N30,000, Text 138 to 131

3-Monthly Plans

If you find the monthly or bi-monthly plans unreliable, this package is for you.

  • 400 GB for N50,000, Text 133 to 131
  • 600 GB for N75,000, Text 134 to 131

MTN Family Pack Bundles

The MTN Family Pack Bundles offer an excellent solution for sharing data with your family and loved ones, even if they are not physically together.

With the MTN Family Pack, you get a collection of data bundles that come with a unique data-sharing feature. This feature enables you to easily distribute and assign data to up to five beneficiaries.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to set individual data consumption limits for each beneficiary, and any data used will be billed to your account.

What’s more, when you add a new beneficiary, you’ll receive a bonus of 500MB of data absolutely free. On top of that, every activation of the Family Pack bundle rewards you with 50 free minutes and 100 SMS to stay connected with all your beneficiaries.

GoodyBag Social (MTN Social media plans)

Introducing MTN Social Bundles – an event-based data package that grants you unparalleled access to all your beloved social media apps. With this fantastic offer, you can stay connected to Facebook, Eskimi, WeChat, 2GO, WhatsApp (Please note: Voice and Video Call features are not supported), YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, without any limits.

The best part? Subscribing to a social bundle plan is incredibly affordable! For just N25 per day, N50 per week, or N150 per month, you can stay connected and enjoy seamless social media interactions. Alternatively, for a slightly higher rate of N50 per day, N100 per week, or N250 per month, you can opt for the All Social Bundle plan, which gives you access to an extended list of platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Ayoba, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, and Eskimi.

Daily Plans

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Yoba, 2GO, WeChat, Eskimi – N25
  • Instagram – N100
  • Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – N100
  • TikTok – N50

3-Day Plans

  • Instagram – N200
  • Social Mega Bindles – N200

Weekly Plans

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Yoba, 2GO, WeChat, Eskimi – N50
  • For all Social Bundles – N100
  • WhatsApp and Facebook – N50
  • TikTok – N50
  • Social Mega Bundles – N300

Monthly Plans

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Yoba, 2GO, WeChat, Eskimi – N150
  • For all Social Bundles – N250
  • WhatsApp and Facebook – N100

MTN Data Share & Gifting

MTN Data Gifting offers you the chance to share data with your pals using the data you currently have, acquire data for your friends, and even ask for data from them. Furthermore, this service empowers you to transfer and purchase data packages for your other mobile phones, modems, and tablets. Rest assured, the Data Gifting service caters to all MTN network users, making it accessible to everyone.

How to gift MTN data

The service can be accessed by dialling *131*7# on your phone, visiting the myMTN NG App, sending SMS keywords, or dialling direct shortcodes for the following options:

1. Transfer data

You can now send money to your friends and family using your existing data balance. Simply dial *131*Phone number*Data amount# or text Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount and to 131. The maximum amount of data you can send each day is 1GB.

2. Buy data for a friend

You can buy a specific bundle for that special friend, and you will be charged for your airtime. Simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#

3. Request data from a friend

Don’t get stranded or go without data on your phone. You can now request data by simply dialling *131*7*3#. Only five requests can be sent to relatives and friends each day. You can receive multiple requests from various numbers at the same time. If you made a request to more than one individual, dial *131*7*4# to see all of your pending requests.

MTN 5G in Nigeria

In November 2019 and extending into 2020, MTN showcased the capabilities of 5G technology in Nigeria. As a result, some of their value plans received upgrades, such as the 20,000 Naira plan being boosted from 110GB to an impressive 120GB – a notable enhancement for a 5G network. To sweeten the deal, the operator also included an additional perk for select monthly packages – a complimentary 4GB YouTube Night Video streaming service.

Subsequently, in August 2022, MTN took the leap and officially launched its commercial 5G network in Nigeria. The initial rollout covered six major cities, including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Owerri, and Maiduguri. In addition, the company gradually expanded the 5G coverage to encompass other areas like Awka, Warri, Benin City, Ife, Ifo, and Enugu.

For customers eager to embrace the 5G experience, MTN introduced an enticing offer of a 5G Router priced at 50,000 Naira. The package also included a generous 100GB of complimentary data to make the transition even more appealing.

How to Activate Internet Browsing on MTN

MTN internet services are accessible through different devices like an internet-enabled mobile phone, an Internet modem, or an Internet router. You have the option to directly browse using your mobile phone or use it as a modem by connecting it to your desktop or laptop via a data cable/USB or Bluetooth. To effortlessly receive your 5G/4G/3G/3.5G/GPRS settings, simply text SETTINGS to 3888 using an MTN Nigeria mobile phone.

For manual configuration, these are the settings you can use:

  1. Account name: MTN GPRS
  2. Access point name (APN):
  3. IP Address:
  4. Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
  5. Username: web
  6. Password: web

For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use Port 8080 unless your mobile phone exclusively supports WAP.

When you purchase internet browsing devices from an MTN service centre, they will come pre-loaded with MTN internet settings, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

How to Check MTN Data Balance

  1. Dial *123# and select the “Data Balance” option. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to check your MTN data balance. Simply dial the code from your MTN phone and you will be presented with a list of options. Select the “Data Balance” option and your data balance will be displayed on the screen. You may also be given the option to view your data balance history or purchase additional data.
  2. Use the MyMTN app. If you have a smartphone, you can download the MyMTN app from the app store. Once you have signed in to your account, you can view your data balance and other account information. The app also allows you to purchase additional data, view your data usage history, and manage your account settings.
  3. Send a text message. You can also check your MTN data balance by sending a text message. Simply send “2” to “131” and you will receive a text message back with your current data balance and expiration date.
  4. Call MTN customer care at 180. If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, you can call MTN’s customer care line at 180. Explain to the representative that you need to know your data balance and they will provide it to you.
  5. Check your phone’s settings. If you are using a smartphone, you may be able to view your data balance in the device’s settings. On an Android phone, go to “Settings” > “Data usage” to see your data balance and usage history. On an iPhone, go to “Settings” > “Cellular” to see your data balance and usage history.

What is MTN Free Incoming Minutes?

MTN Nigeria subscribers can now enjoy the convenience of free inbound calls and SMS while travelling in select countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. There’s no need for registration as MTN SIMs instantly connect when users turn on their phones in the designated destinations. Ensure your phone or gadget supports roaming for seamless connectivity.

To be eligible for MTN free incoming minutes, Subscribers need to recharge a minimum of ₦5000 within the same calendar month of travel or spend ₦5000 or more in the previous month. Postpaid customers with a credit limit of ₦2,000 or higher automatically qualify for this promotion.

To determine if you are eligible for MTN’s Free Incoming Minutes, simply dial *131*5*3*1#. For a list of qualified locations where you can enjoy this offer, dial *131*5*3*2#.

Latest MTN USSD Codes in 2023

Here are the new MTN USSD codes to use:

  • *312#: This is the new MTN USSD code to buy data bundles
  • *311#: New MTN USSD code to recharge airtime
  • *303#: The new MTN USSD code to borrow airtime and data
  • *323#: This new MTN USSD code allows you to check your data balance on the MTN network
  • *310#: With this new MTN USSD code, you can check your airtime balance
  • *321#: New MTN USSD code to share data with your friends and family
  • *305#: This is the new VAS code on the MTN network
  • *996#: This new code is for NIN. With it, you can link your NIN to your MTN number, check your NIN number, etc.
  • 300: This is MTN’s new customer care number

Another option is to use the MyMTN Online Website. Visit MyMTN Online Website, sign up and you can perform all of your operations there.

MTNData4Me – MTN Double Data Cheat Codes

MTNData4me introduces a unique data plan package accessible to all MTN users, granting them the privilege of enjoying a remarkable 100% data bonus on any plan they purchase from the 4 me plans.

Although MTNData4me shares some similarities with MTN’s welcome-back package, there’s a notable distinction. MTN’s welcome back is exclusively for inactive old users who have recently reactivated their SIM cards. On the other hand, MTNData4me caters to all MTN users, regardless of whether they are newcomers or long-time subscribers, offering them an opportunity to experience unlimited data benefits in an exceptional and advantageous package.

PriceStandard DataBonus DataTotal DataValidity Period
N300350MB350MB700MB7 DAYS
N500750MB750MB1.5GB14 DAYS
N10001.5GB1.5GB3GB30 DAYS
N20004.5GB4.5GB9GB30 DAYS
N350012GB12GB24GB30 DAYS
N500020GB20GB40GB30 DAYS
N1000040GB40GB80GB30 DAYS


Before you can take advantage of the MTN double data offer, it’s essential to ensure that your MTN line is on the Yafun Yafun tariff plan. Once you’ve successfully migrated to this plan, you’re all set to activate the MTN double data plan by dialling the relevant code. From that point on, you can delight in the benefit of receiving a 100% data bonus on your data subscriptions with MTN.

How to activate MTNData4Me

How to get 40GB for 5000, 24GB for 3500, and 9GB for 2000 on MTN Network.

  1. Navigate to the dialer app on your phone and dial *121#
  2. Select the “Data4ME” option
  3. If you have the double data offer available for you, it will appear on your screen

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