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MTN Auto-Top Up, MTN Automated Recharging Service

MTN Auto-Top Up, MTN Automated Recharging Service. Just recently MTN Introduced Automated Recharging Service with MTN Auto-Top Up.

MTN Nigeria has announced the introduction of MTN Auto Top-Up, a solution designed to help customers manage their airtime and data availability needs more seamlessly, by setting a time or threshold for automatic airtime and data recharges.

The Auto Top-Up solution gives MTN’s customers complete control to easily manage their airtime with a simple and secure single sign-on and set-up process.

It is accessible via MTN Web, USSD, and MyMTN App enabling new and existing subscribers to activate Auto Top-Up, manage threshold and payment preferences, review transaction logs, add beneficiaries and cancel Auto Top-Up whenever they wish.

How to activate MTN Auto-Top Up and never run out of Airtime – To activate Auto top-up and experience easy automatic recharge, MTN subscribers can visit https://mtnautotopup.mtnonline.com/.

Benefits of MTN Auto-Top Up, MTN Automated Recharging Service

  • It is faster, easier, and enables customers to monitor their airtime recharge expenditure.
  • MTN Auto Top-up saves time and curbs the possibility of losing airtime
  • Customers can show love to their family and friends by setting up profiles that match their individual needs.
  • Helps to manage customers’ spending by allowing them to set daily, weekly, or monthly maximum recharge limit.

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