All you need to know about the Mems NFT

All you need to know about the Mems NFT, The Human Art Project Now In Metaverse. Do you know? An exciting NFT project was launched last year. It emphasizes promoting the creation of new memories. Voyage one this spring as 6000 collectible NFT mems are shared with the people of earth. In this post, we will cover more about Mems NFT.

We will be going through Mems NFT. It is also called the human art project what this project means. How do you purchase these NFTs, and what is the cost of these NFTs.

What Are Mems NFT? Mems is an NFT project founded to promote the creation of new memories and inspire the world to foster a deeper relationship with their past & present. Mems stands with artists and creators around the globe using NFTs + new tech to develop experiences with the world around us.

How To Buy Mems NFT from OpenSea?

You can easily purchase Mems NFT from OpenSea. If you are still confused about how to buy Mems NFT, here is a guide for you.

  1. Step 1: Go to the OpenSea website.
  2. Step 2:  Search for Mems, Voyage One.
  3. Step 3:  Different NFTs will be displayed.
  4. Step 5:  Click on either buy now or bid for it.
  5. Step 6: Connect to your digital wallet like MetaMask.
  6. Step 7: Fill the wallet with some ETHs.
  7. Step 8: Complete the transaction.
  8. Step 9: Wait till verified.

What Are The Goals Of Mems NFT?

According to Twitter, the mems communicated three basic goals regarding their sale: 

  • Eliminate a gas war by eliminating a public sale. 
  • Ensure real people received the mems by increasing the allocation to partner communities that utilized pre-mint while opening a public raffle capped at 3,000 friends.
  • Keep it simple, structured, straightforward, and independently collaborative.

At only one mem per wallet, and at 0.1 ETH, it’s safe to say the 6,000 NFTs will be widely sought after, especially since the invites to the pre-mint ARE BY RAFFLE ONLY. Yes, that means that though you may have been the first one to retweet and have the loyalty of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and still not make it into the pre-mint list and, eventually, the discord. And it takes just a quick gander at their Twitter page around April 1st-ish to find that people were not super happy about this fact. 

The mems NFT project doesn’t even have a website. The fact that their info congregates primarily on Twitter seems to corroborate the fact that they want to keep things simple and encourage fellow web3 crawlers to look at life through a more humanistic lens. According to their page, mems are “encouraging exploration and building relationships across industries.

How Much Does Mems NFT Cost in 2022?

There are 4,485 Mems NFTs available on the OpenSea. The lowest-priced NFT is available on Bid for 0.18 WETH, around $542.51. The highest price of NFT costs 33.33 ETHs, which is $100,373.96.

Name Mems NFT
Floor price0.218
Volume traded390
Highest Priced NFT33.33 ETH
Lowest priced NFT0.18 WETH

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