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Latest Airtel social bundle plans & migration codes

Latest Airtel social bundle plans & migration codes. Airtel Network currently updated its data plans/bundles to make things more easy and more fun for its users.

The Airtel social plan is a bundle created solely for social media platforms such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Airtel social media bundle plans are cheap and fast just like the normal data bundles and it seems to be unlimited data from Airtel.

On the Airtel network, there is a provision for customers to acquire data for the main purpose of using social media platforms. This data plan is referred to as the airtel social bundle. These bundles are pocket friendly with great data value for social media apps.

The following Airtel social media bundle plans and migration codes (2022) will help you stay socially connected, chat, browse and stay up to date with your . Usable for Facebook,Twitter Whatsapp, We Chat etc.

Plan NameData AllowanceSubscription FeeValidity DaysUSSD CODE
WhatsApp Daily10MBN251 day*948*4#
All Social Daily20MBN501 day*991*4#
All Social Weekly50MBN1005 days*688*3#
All Social Monthly600MBN30025 days*688*1#
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.06GBN2,00030 days*323*32#

Airtel YouTube night bundle plan & migration codes

Airtel YouTube Night Packs plans offer non-stop YouTube videos all night (1 AM – 5 AM). You can subscribe to the YouTube night bonus plan by dialing the code *323# to select any of the YouTube Video Packs. To check your YouTube night plan balance simply dial *140#.

Airtel Bundle PlanPriceValidityUSSDStandard DataYouTube Data
YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0N1,00030 days*323*31#1.5GB3GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0N2,00030 days*323*32#3.5GB6GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5N2,50030 days*323*33#5GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5N3,50030 days*323*34#7GB10GB
YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0N4,00030 days*323*35#9GB10GB

Airtel Facebook Flex bundle plan & migration codes

Facebook Flex is the brand new and flexible way to use Facebook and is exclusive to Airtel, the Smartphone Network in Nigeria. You can share, like, comment, chat and update for free with Free Mode and you can switch to Data Mode to enjoy photos and videos.

With Facebook Flex, you choose when to use data. It’s easy to switch back and forth. Facebook Flex also lets you stay connected with your family and friends all the time, even with zero balance.

To start using and enjoying the Airtel Facebook Flex bundle plan – Make sure your mobile data is turned on. Then, go to www.facebook.com or open your Facebook Android app.

With Airtel Facebook Free Mode, you can:

  • Chat with friends and family
  • Comment on any post
  • Like things you find interesting
  • Share photos and videos

With Airtel Facebook Data Mode, you can also enjoy:

  • Photos and videos shared by your family and friends

This version of Facebook allows people to flexibly move between two modes – free mode and data mode. Free mode is a lightweight version of Facebook where you can post, comment, like, and chat for free.

To view photos or videos, switch to data mode (full Facebook) by clicking the “View Photos” button. You will be charged for data in this mode. Go back to free mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free” button.

Airtel Instagram social data bundles

Price(Naira)PlanValidityData Code
Instagram BundlesN100250MB1 Day*141*105#
Instagram BundlesN2001GB1 Day*141*205#

Airtel Facebook & WhatsApp social data bundles

Bundle NamePriceData MBValidityActivation CodeAuto-renewal Opt out Code
FB+WA DailyN251001 Day*141*254#*141*254*1#
FB+WA WeeklyN502007 Days*141*54#*141*54*1#
FB+WA MonthlyN10050030 Days*141*104#*141*104*1#

How to check airtel data balance

Checking your data balance on the Airtel telecommunications network is as easy as anything. After buying a data bundle, it is important to constantly keep track of it so that you know when to slow down on your data usage as well as when to prepare to buy another data bundle.

To check your Airtel data balance, simply dial *140# and wait for an SMS from Airtel detailing your data balance. Alternatively, you can dial *141#, then press the number 6. You will receive an SMS with details about your data balance.

Airtel Social Data Plan For 25 Naira

This is the least plan in the Airtel social bundle. Dial *948*4#, you’ll be credited with 25MB valid for 1 day.
Note: This plan can only be used on Whatsapp.

Airtel Social Data Plan For 50 Naira

Valid for 7 days, this plan gives 40MB valid for 1 day. Dial 688*3# to activate the N50 airtel social bundle.

Airtel Social Data Plan For 100 Naira

You can activate the Airtel social bundle for N100 naira by simply dialing *688*3#, you’ll be rewarded with 100MB valid for 5 days.

Airtel Social Data Plan For 300 Naira

You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *688*1#, everybody is eligible and the volume data is is 700MB valid for 25 days.

Airtel Social Data Plan For 1,500 Naira

You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *688*1#, you’ll be credited with 600MB valid for 25 days.

Airtel Unlimited Social Bundle (2022)

This plan allows you to use all social media apps. With this singular data plan, you can use all your social media apps such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. With this subscription, you can send and receive chats, pictures, and videos via these social media apps.

To subscribe, kindly dial *688*1#, and you will be given 1GB for just N300. This plan is for 25 days. You will get 200MB for N200 by dialing *688*2#. You may dial *688*3# for 100MB for just N100. Although these plans are called unlimited they do have a data cap just like fair usage. To check your data balance, please dial *885*0# and the balance will be sent to you.

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