JioFi new recharge plans with up to 50GB data and free router

JioFi’s new recharge plans with up to 50GB of data and a free router. JioFi’s new monthly recharge plans are meant for businesses and enterprises only. Reliance Jio has announced three new postpaid plans for JioFi, its 4G-enabled portable hotspot router.

The plans, having validity of one month, provide up to 50GB of high-speed data and are currently only available for businesses and enterprises. The telecom giant is also offering the 4G portable router for free along with the plans on a ‘use and return basis.’

Highlights of the latest JioFi Postpaid Plans:

  • JioFi recharge plans, with Rs 249, Rs 299, and Rs 349 denominations launched
  • These are postpaid plans, with up to 50GB of data and a one-month validity
  • Jio is offering a JioFi device for free under these plans

Jio has launched three new postpaid recharge plans for JioFi users in India. The new plans offer high-speed internet data to business users and come with a free JioFi router. However, there is a catch! Check out the details below to know more.

New JioFi Postpaid Plans Details

The new JioFi postpaid plans come at three prices – Rs 249, Rs 299, and Rs 349. While the plans offer unlimited data usage, users will not get any voice-calling or SMS benefits with them. Furthermore, the free JioFi router will come on a “use and return basis,” meaning users will have to return the portable router when they cancel the plan.

Now, coming to the data benefits of the recharge plans, the entry-level Rs 249 plan offers 30GB of monthly data, the Rs 249 plan offers 40GB, and the highest-tier Rs 349 one provides 50GB of monthly data. Once the monthly data limit is reached, users can continue to access the internet at lower speeds of up to 64Kbps. You can check out the price and benefits chart of the new JioFi plans attached right below.

As for the catch that we mentioned earlier, all three of the new JioFi plans come with a lock-in period of 18 months. This means that users will be billed every month for the set time period, regardless of their usage. Furthermore, the plans are eligible for only those users with a minimum first-order quantity of Rs 200.

Rs 249 JioFi postpaid plan

The plan offers monthly validity and 30GB of total data. The user can get these plans with a lock-in period of 18 months, which also provides a free JioFi dongle on a ‘use and return basis.’ 

Rs 299 JioFi postpaid plan 

The plan comes with 40GB of data and a one-month validity. It does not come with any voice call or SMS benefits. The lock-in period of the Rs 299 plans is 18 months, and with this recharge, users can get a free JioFi dongle on a ‘use and return basis.’ 

Rs 349 JioFi postpaid plan

This one provides the most data among the three plans. The plan is loaded with 50GB of data in total with one-month validity. Like other plans, it also has an 18-month lock-in period and comes with no voice call or SMS benefits. 

The dongle can be used by 11 users simultaneously

The JioFi M2S portable router can deliver download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. With the device, 10 users on Wi-Fi and one on a USB tethered connection can simultaneously access the internet. Dimensions-wise, the dongle is 85mm long and 55mm wide. It supports a 2.4GHz band and packs a 2,300mAh battery. It also has a built-in microSD card reader.

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