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Are you curious about the USSD code for Jaiz Bank? It’s essential to have some USSD codes at your fingertips when banking with Nigeria’s Jaiz Bank. Many customers, both new and old, might not be familiar with Jaiz Bank’s mobile banking via USSD, leading them to ask questions like: What’s Jaiz Bank’s USSD code for transfers? How can I buy airtime from Jaiz Bank using a code? What’s the USSD code for checking my balance, and more?

The USSD code for Jaiz Bank is *773#. With this code, Jaiz Bank customers can easily carry out a range of banking transactions right from their mobile phones. It’s a secure and convenient way to access banking services on the go, without requiring an internet connection or a smartphone.

To send money from Jaiz Bank to another Jaiz account, use the transfer code *773*Amount*Account Number#. Here’s a simple guide to follow: Dial *773*Amount*Account Number# on your registered phone.

Here is a list of the latest Jaiz Bank USSD code:

TransactionsUSSD Codes
Check Balance*773# > select the option to check balance
Transfer to Jaiz bank/others*773# > select the option to transfer fund
Airtime Top Up for Self*773*Amount#
Airtime Top Up for Others*773# > select the option to buy airtime
Account Opening*773#
Pay Bills*773# > select the option to pay bill
Retrieve BVN*565*0#
Block ATM Card*773*911#

How to Activate Jaiz Bank USSD Code

Now that you’ve known the Jaiz bank USSD codes for specific transactions, in order to use the codes, you’ll need to activate the *773# USSD code first.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the USSD code for Jaiz Bank.

  • Using the phone number registered with your account, dial *773#.
  • Choose the debit card linked to your account, or select the “Create PIN” option. 
  • Fill in the required details and proceed.
  • Now, verify you’re the account owner and create your 4 digits PIN. 
  • Enter the PIN once again to confirm, and the registration is complete.

Once you’ve registered and activated the Jaiz bank USSD code, you can now perform any transactions using the general USSD code.

Jaiz Bank USSD Transfer Code

*773# is the Jaiz USSD code to transfer money from Jaiz Bank to Jaiz Bank and also the Jaiz Bank transfer code to other banks. Once dialled, select the “Transfer” option, enter the amount and account number, select the recipient’s bank, and enter your PIN to authorize the transfer.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

*773*0# is the Jaiz Bank code to check your account balance. Once dialled, select the “ Balance” option, enter your PIN, and the money you have left in your Jaiz Bank account will be displayed on your screen.

How to check your Jaiz Bank account number using the code

Easily access your Jaiz Bank account number even without an ATM card by dialling *773# on your phone. Next, choose the “Account Number” option from the menu and follow the prompts provided. It’s a convenient way to retrieve your account number hassle-free.

Jaiz Bank Swift code

A bank’s swift code is a set of 8 or 11 digits that represents its branch or office. If you wish to send money internationally, you’ll need it. The swift code for Jaiz Bank is JAIZNGLA.

Jaiz Bank Sort Code

Sort code refers to code used to identify the bank from which a payment is made. All commercial banks, microfinance banks as well as virtual banks in Nigeria have sort codes. The sort code of the bank’s headquarters is 301080020.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code for Buying Airtime

The Jaiz bank USSD code to buy airtime for yourself (SIM linked with your Jaiz bank account) is *773# then select the “Airtime Top Up” option, enter the amount you want to recharge, enter the phone to recharge, then enter your PIN.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code for Bill Payments

The Jaiz bank USSD code to pay bills is *773#, select the pay bills option, then select biller, and follow the prompts.

Jaiz bank BVN USSD Code

To retrieve your Jaiz bank USSD code using the USSD code on Jaiz bank, simply dial *565*0#.

How to Block Jaiz Bank ATM Card with USSD code

To block Jaiz ATM debit card with the USSD code, use *773*911#. Dial the code if your ATM card is stolen or missing and follow the on-screen prompts to block your account. Also, you can block the Jaiz ATM card from your phone or with another phone successfully.

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