Is your Apple AirPods really waterproof?

Apple AirPods really waterproof

Are Apple AirPods waterproof? AirPods are not waterproof, meaning they are not safeguarded against immersion in water. Consequently, they are unsuitable for use during activities such as showering or swimming. This limitation can be disappointing, particularly for enthusiasts of water-based sports, as prolonged exposure of AirPods to water is not advisable.

Some AirPods models come equipped with an IP rating that offers a degree of water resistance. The AirPods (1st and 2nd generation), AirPods Pro (1st generation), and AirPods Max do not possess an IP rating. Consequently, these models are vulnerable to damage when exposed to water splashes and sweat.

In contrast, the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) and AirPods (3rd generation) stand out as the only AirPods models featuring an IPX4 rating. This classification signifies that while these AirPods lack dust protection, they can withstand water splashes and should remain undamaged when subjected to such conditions, regardless of the direction of the splashes. To simplify, these AirPods are suitable for use in rainy conditions and during rigorous workouts.

It’s essential to remember that although all AirPods possess some level of water resistance, exposing them to conditions far more extreme than they are designed to endure can still result in water damage.

AirPods Models and Their Water Resistance

AirPods ModelIP RatingWater Resistance
AirPods MaxNo IP RatingVulnerable to water splashes and sweat
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)IPX4Suitable for use in the rain and during workouts
AirPods Pro (1st Gen)No IP RatingVulnerable to water splashes and sweat
AirPods (3rd Gen)IPX4Suitable for use in the rain and during workouts
AirPods (2nd Gen)No IP RatingVulnerable to water splashes and sweat
AirPods (1st Gen)No IP RatingVulnerable to water splashes and sweat

What to Do if Your AirPods Get Wet

Whether you have standard or water-resistant AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you need to carefully dry them whenever they get wet. Make sure you dry your AirPods before returning them to the charging case so you don’t damage the case by letting any residual water get inside.

  1. Remove your AirPods from the water immediately.
  2. Pat your wet AirPods down with a dry lint-free cloth.
  3. Run the Water Eject shortcut.
  4. Allow the AirPods to dry completely.
  5. Get some silica packets or another desiccant.
  6. Place the AirPods into a resealable container with a desiccant.
  7. If your AirPods are water-damaged, replace them.

What can I do if my AirPods don’t work after drying them off?

Some AirPods users claim success using rice or desiccant, in the form of silica gel packets, to suck out any moisture. Silica gel packets are those little packets that say, “Do Not Eat” and are typically found in shoe boxes, vitamin containers, and packaged with electronics to ward off moisture buildup. To try to dry your AirPods off in this way, place them in a container with the packets. If you use rice as an alternative, wrap the AirPods in paper towels so an individual grain doesn’t get stuck in the device. Again, it may take a day or more for them to dry out completely.

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