IRS form code 4868, all you need to know about Tax extension in 2022

IRS form code 4868, all you need to know about Tax extension in 2022. Keep in mind that obtaining an extension does not give you more time to pay your taxes. You can get extensions, but you need to pay on time what you owe.

The day has come. The deadline for filing federal income taxes is today, April 18, 2022. If you require additional time, you can obtain an automatic income tax extension by completing IRS Form 4868. This gives you until Oct. 17, 2022, to file your taxes.

We understand this could be a very complex subject if you’ve never done it, and even if you have, navigating through the forms and process can be quite difficult. Let us give you some helpful tips to make this much easier.

What is a tax extension in the US?

A tax extension is a formal process by requesting a specific form from the IRS.

It is crucial to notice that a tax extension gives you more time to file your tax return. Nevertheless, the extensión doesn’t give you more time to pay any balance you owe. Your normal 2021 tax payment is still due on the April 18 deadline.

But fair warning: An extension doesn’t buy you more time to pay your taxes. If you owe taxes, they’re due on Tax Day, and if you don’t pay by Tax Day, you’ll rack up late-payment penalties (0.5% of your tax bill a month up to a max of 25%) and interest. However, filing an extension can help you avoid big failure-to-file penalties, which are 5% a month up to a max of 25%.

How do you file a tax extension?

A tax extension can be obtained electronically or by mail. To avoid a late-filing penalty from the IRS, you should request an extension on or before the April 18 deadline.

Check to see if your tax software accepts Form 4868 for tax extensions. Most of them do. Simply follow the program’s instructions to learn how to file a tax extension electronically. When you submit the form, the IRS will send you an electronic acknowledgment. You can also apply for a tax extension on paper by completing Form 4868 and mailing it, but only get proof that you mailed it.

Consider IRS Free File if you don’t intend to use tax software or haven’t decided which software to use. The IRS collaborates with a nonprofit organization called the Free File Alliance to provide people with an adjusted gross income of less than $73,000 with access to free, name-brand tax-preparation software. Anyone, even those with higher incomes, can go there to file an extension online.

How long is the tax extension? (Tax extension deadline)

A tax extension allows you to file your tax return until October 17, 2022. This does not give you more time to pay; it only gives you more time to file your return. If you are unable to file your return by the deadline of April 18, you must estimate your tax bill and pay as much of it as possible at that time.

Even if you get an extension, anything you owe after the deadline is subject to interest and a late-payment penalty. If you pay at least 90% of your actual tax liability by the deadline and pay the rest with your return, you may be able to avoid the late-payment penalty.

Obtaining an extension and making an estimated payment is only half the battle. You must still file your final tax return. If you do not file by the Oct. 17 extension deadline, the penalties may become more severe.

How Do I Know My Tax Extension Request Has Been Approved?

Extensions are pretty much automatically approved. It’s rare for the IRS to reject a tax extension. Form 4868 doesn’t even ask for a reason for your extension. So, my dog ate my W-2 or I was too busy binge-watching Netflix is all okay excuses as far as the IRS is concerned.

When you file your extension electronically, you’ll receive an electronic confirmation. Hang on to that! If you filed by mail, you probably won’t receive a confirmation from the IRS. You can just assume your request was accepted. Or, if you don’t mind waiting on hold for hours, you could try calling the IRS to see if they received your form.

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