How to Use Windows 11 Paint App’s Background Removal Tool

How to Use Windows 11 Paint App’s Background Removal Tool

Following the surge in AI innovations, Microsoft has integrated user-friendly AI functionalities into several of its core system applications. An exemplary addition to this initiative is the introduction of Copilot in the forthcoming Windows 11 23H2 update. Specifically, Microsoft Paint now incorporates a “background removal” tool, a feature that adeptly and instantaneously isolates subjects from their backgrounds.

This tool operates with remarkable efficiency, eliminating the need to depend on online services for background removal from images. Therefore, if you seek guidance on utilizing the Windows 11 Paint application’s background removal tool, the subsequent steps provide a comprehensive guide.

  • First, open the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.
  • Search for “Paint” and install any pending updates. You should be on Paint version 11.2306.30.0 or later.
  • Next, open the Paint app and load an image.
  • Now, you will find the new “Remove background” button in the top-left corner. Click on it.
  • Instantly, Paint will remove the background from the image.

As you can see, there are some anomalies, but it works surprisingly well. This is how you can use Windows 11 Paint app’s background removal tool.

There are many such new features coming to Windows 11 with the 23H2 update that we are still waiting to try out. Paint will also get an AI image creator tool and layer support, but they are not available on the stable channel yet. After the Moment 4 update on September 26, we will share how to use AI-related features in Paint, Photos, and other system apps.

Here are some additional tips for using the Background Removal tool:

  • The tool works best with images that have a clear separation between the subject and the background. If the background is busy or complex, the tool may have difficulty removing it cleanly.
  • You can use the Rectangle select tool to select the subject of the image before clicking the Background Remove button. This can help the tool to produce better results.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of the Background Removal tool, you can use the Undo button to undo the operation.

The Background Removal tool in the Windows 11 Paint app is a powerful tool that can be used to remove the background from images quickly and easily. It is a great tool for creating product photos, social media images, and other types of creative projects.

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