How to use PayPal in Nigeria with Flutterwave

How to use PayPal in Nigeria with Flutterwave, How to receive PayPal payments using Flutterwave, and how to enable “pay with PayPal” on Flutterwave. Financial technology platform Flutterwave has announced a partnership with the global payment system PayPal to process payments for freelancers and other merchants.  Flutterwave confirmed that in the coming weeks, freelancers, event owners, and NGOs will also be able to use the service.

These steps, according to Flutterwave, are a quick guide on how to maximize the partnership between Flutterwave and PayPal to receive payments.

How to activate and receive money using PayPal in Nigeria? In your dashboard, go to Settings > Account Settings and in the “What methods of payment do you want?” section, tick “Enable PayPal” and click “Save” afterward.

Can Flutterwave card be used on PayPal? You can only link your Barter card to the US PayPal site. You cannot use your Barter card to send and receive money from another PayPal user. You cannot add funds to the Barter card linked to your PayPal account.

How do you receive payments on Flutterwave? The Flutterwave dashboard has a sales mode feature that you can use to collect payments from your customers in person or over the phone. They can simply input their payment credentials (card, account, etc) on your device and proceed to make payment.

How to use PayPal in Nigeria with Flutterwave, How to receive PayPal payments using Flutterwave, and how to enable "pay with PayPal" on Flutterwave.

The first step into accepting PayPal in Nigeria, make sure you’re a registered business on Flutterwave. Next, go into your dashboard, and follow these instructions on how to enable a payment method. Select PayPal from the list and that’s all, you have successfully enabled “pay with PayPal” on Flutterwave.

How many African countries are Flutterwave and PayPal’s collaboration live in? Paypal + Flutterwave integration is live in only 8 countries in Africa. Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, Malawi, Mozambique & Senegal.

How to receive PayPal payments in Nigeria

This section shows you how you can enable PayPal payments on Flutterwave in order to receive money with PayPal connections.

  • On the dashboard, click on ‘Account Settings’.
  • Enable dashboard payment options that should show on your dashboard.
  • Scroll down to ‘What methods of payment do you want?’ Select ‘Enable PayPal’.

Having successfully enabled the Pay with PayPal option on your FlutterWave account, you can proceed to create Flutterwave payment links or implement an API integration.

How much does it cost to use ‘Pay with PayPal’?

Normally, for every transaction, Flutterwave charges 1.4% (local) and 3.8% (foreign) of the fees sent plus a charge that’s not more than ₦2000. For Pay with PayPal, it is 4.4% of the transaction value and $0.30.

If you are a freelancer, seller, or an unregistered business, basic requirements will include business name, account number, BVN, means of identification, and address.

The details are the same for a registered business but with more requirements like Tax Identification Number (TIN), and company’s account number and website.

How long will the payment take?

Based on Flutterwave’s current transaction cycle, the processing time depends on the location of the transaction source — local or international. And it spans between one to five days from when the transaction was made. This is expected to also apply while using PayPal.

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