How to use MTN free incoming minutes

How to use MTN free incoming minutes, Telecom on A3 Techworld. MTN customers can now receive free incoming calls while roaming across fifteen different countries globally.

What is the MTN free Incoming call? Free Incoming Calls are rewards for Prepaid and Postpaid customers who have spent or recharged up to N5000 on the MTN network with free incoming roaming calls, with up to 300 free incoming minutes while roaming.

Do you want to get the free MTN incoming call bonus? To confirm if you’re qualified for the MTN free incoming minutes service, simply dial *131*5*3*1#. Also to know the MTN free incoming minutes eligible destinations, simply dial *131*5*3*2#.

All MTN Prepaid and Postpaid customers are eligible for the offer as long as they meet the defined criteria as shown below:

  • Prepaid Customers: – Spend/ recharge up to N5000
  • Postpaid Customers: – Spend/ recharge or Maintain credit limit of N5000

Eligible Destinations for the MTN Free Incoming Roaming Minutes in 2022

Saudi ArabiaMobily
United StatesAT&T100
South AfricaMTN300
United KingdomT-Mobile
Telefonica O2

MTN free incoming minutes FAQ

I just subscribed to MTN Roaming Voice + Data Bundles Small of N5000, will I receive the free incoming minutes?

Yes, you will receive the free 300 minutes after subscribing to MTN Roaming Voice + Data Bundles (Small) because you have spent N5000

What is the validity period of the free incoming minutes?

The free incoming roaming minutes will be valid for 30 days only from the day it is received

How do I check the number of minutes i have left from MTN free incoming minutes?

Just dial *131*5*3*3# and you will see the number of minutes you have used.

How do I use my free 300 minutes free call on MTN before is expires?

To use your free 300 minutes before it expires, you have to receive a call from the eligible destinations for the MTN free incoming roaming minutes.


  1. Well done ms Linda, you’ve got the way! let MTN go and re- organized this plan again, is not benefiting at all.

  2. When I had about it I thought I can convert it to data, just wasting without making
    used of it let them change it to data bonus as the case may be..

  3. The MTN incoming minutes is not benefiting to people like us for now. If you really want to help customers, increase its area of application. You can show us how to convert it to data or how to use it in our country.

  4. This free incoming minutes whatever is not benefiting me in any way I was even thinking it’s something I can use in exchange for data or so but certainly it’s not so the incoming 300mins that u people gave is just useless to me so pls I prefer the pulse point bonus or even data bonus thanks.

  5. It is better if as someone mentioned you give us additional bonus or data as we have very very little to do with that roaming something. Certainly many will benefit and may will not.Thank you for having me.

  6. That’s not encouraging atall, so despite all the call and data charges you people can’t come up with the idea of dashing subscribers bonus on call or data instead of dashing us what will not be useful, I was sent a message that my free incoming calls is now 300mins,glory be to God for that but you guys should pls stop sending me such message.

  7. Are you saying that without the free incoming call minutes from MTN, when someone calls me from Abroad, MTN will charge me that is being called for receiving call from overseas. If this is correct then it’s a discouragement for someone to receive normal call from Abroad. I go kukuma dey use WhatsApp or Facebook calls

  8. So, uhm, they believe receiving calls from abroad means you are a G boy so they charge us. Lol. These Telecommunication networks have turn to SARS.

  9. Why would I be charged for receiving a call in the first place when I’m not the one calling??? Shouldn’t it be the caller that bears the cost and since I have free incoming minutes, the caller shouldn’t be charged until the free incoming minutes has been exhausted..

  10. Why give me 300 incoming minutes when from my call data, nobody has called me from overseas for the past 2 years. Can it be converted to internet data for me? Or the policy is cast in stone.

  11. If I don’t have some one from abroad how can I get to use them it’s of no use because I can’t even call someone, instead of giving us incoming minutes they give us data bonus for our recharge

  12. They are telling me that I am qualified to receive free calls in my next trip abroad. Does it mean that I can’t receive free call from someone abroad,based on my 300 bonus?

  13. Why would receiving calls be able to tamper with my main balance in the first place when I’m not the one calling? It doesn’t make sense. It should be free airtime to call loved ones abroad.

  14. Admin you haven’t explain to my best understanding, I have 300 free income minutes, I am eligible, but how do I use my free incoming minutes, is it that when my love ones call me from abroad they are not charge for calls on till my free incoming minutes of 300 exusted? Or how do I send it that what I want to understand here, less it becomes of no use to me.

    • Hello Moses,

      “Incoming minutes” means you receiving a call. Yes, It applies when a number from abroad calls you, you will get no charges for the duration of minutes you have.

    • Not all calls from abroad but selected 15 countries with the line providers over there.
      You can check mtn website to know the roaming network abroad or countries.

      If non of these network and countries call you, then they will be charged.

  15. What do I gain by incoming calls?. If I don’t have someone to call me from abroad then is all wasted. Is of no use to me if you give me something I can use. Thanks

  16. The question; How do i use MtN free incoming minutes? As not been properly explained here. Is there a code i have to enter before pickin up a call from an eligible destination ao my main airtime isnt tempered with Or what?

    • Hello Livingston,

      As stated in the article above – dial *131*5*3*1# to confirm eligibility. If you’re qualified, receiving calls from eligible destinations won’t tamper with your main airtime.

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