How to use Gmail dark mode on your phone and PC (2023)

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Have you always wanted to transform your email experience with a stylish dark theme? This guide is here to help you easily enable and make the most of Dark Mode on a laptop or Gmail app for Android or IOS.

Guess what? Gmail, Google’s email service (one of the best web hosting services), offers an amazing feature that lets you switch up your email’s look and activate the dark mode. This not only gives Gmail a chic new vibe but also eases the strain on your eyes, particularly when you’re using your PC in dim lighting.

Using Gmail dark mode can be achieved in diverse ways, each contingent upon the device you’re using. This flexibility allows for a seamless experience tailored to your preferences.

Essentially, the dark mode in Gmail is a fantastic attribute that transforms your backdrop into a soothing dark shade, whether you’re on your desktop or mobile device. This alteration serves several purposes: it alleviates eye strain while sifting through emails in low light conserves battery life, and even boasts an aesthetic charm that’s hard to resist.

How to set Gmail to dark mode on a PC

Please note: This method is intended for PC/Mac users.

  1. To begin, look for the gear icon situated at the top-right corner of the Gmail homepage.
  2. Navigate to “Themes” and then proceed to click on “View All.”
  3. Scroll down the list and locate the option with a black rectangle. Hovering your mouse over it should display “Dark.”
  4. Once you’ve found the dark theme, click on the “Save” button.

With these steps completed, your Gmail background will switch to black, while the inbox area adopts a lighter grey tone. Be aware that individual messages will still maintain a white background. You’ve successfully enabled dark mode for your Gmail

How to enable Gmail dark mode on your Android phone

  1. Log in to Gmail app Click on the 3 vertical lines” on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Select the Setting tab” on the side menu.
  3. “Click on the Theme” option in the general settings menu, then “Select Dark” when the pop-up tab appears.

How to set Gmail to dark mode on iPhone

There isn’t a setting in the Gmail app itself – you simply set your phone’s settings to dark mode (and Gmail will follow suit). Here’s how to do that.

  1. Go to your phone’s “Settings“.
  2. “Scroll down” until you see the display & brightness

3. “Click on dark” under appearance, by default, Gmail is set to correspond to system settings on your iPhone iOS. That is, if you change your iPhone’s theme, the same will be reflected in the Gmail app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Gmail not have dark mode?

To enable dark mode on Android, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Gmail installed on your phone. (Click “Update” if one appears). Unfortunately, dark mode isn’t available if you’re using Android Pie or earlier versions.

How many people use dark-mode Gmail?

According to a 2022 study, 79.9% of people use dark mode.

Does Google Drive have a dark mode?

You can change your theme setting to make it easier to view files on your mobile device. You can use the dark theme setting to help save battery life. Tap Choose a theme.

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