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How to use Glo Beep Call service and call for free with zero airtime

Glo Beep Call service, similar to the MTN Beep service, allows Glo subscribers to call any other number on Glo and other networks with low or zero airtime balance.

The Telecom company said the new offer is an intelligent solution through which subscribers could call loved ones, friends, and associates anytime they ran out of airtime.

The service allows you to leave a missed call, when you call without credit on your line. The called party will see a missed call from you, which will allow the person the opportunity to call you back.

The Glo Beep Call service is available to all existing and new Glo subscribers.

To use the Glo Beep Call service with zero airtime, As a Glo subscriber you simply call your contact with low or zero balance, the network will leave a “missed call” on the called number, requesting them to call back and the person called will see a missed call and be prompted to return the call.”

Globacom’s statement reads: “Our Beep Call Service is a stop-gap solution conceived to enable maintain useful connections with their contacts, especially at critical periods of emergency.”

“This offering has brought relief to many of our subscribers who use it as a last resort to passing messages to their friends, family, and loved ones. As a company, we will continue to provide a wide variety of innovative packages that are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our numerous customers.”

It added that the Beep Call Service, which is absolutely FREE, is one of the many innovations by Globacom in the Nigerian telecoms industry.

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