How to use Ecobank mobile app to transfer money

How to use Ecobank mobile app to transfer money, and get the latest banking and finance tips from A3 Techworld. Ecobank has various means of financial transaction which comprises of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, Internet/Online banking, and a Mobile app.

The Ecobank Mobile app was build based on popular demand as the world of IT is a global village. The Ecobank MobileMoney allows you to do all your money and mobile Banking Transactions in one place on your phone. It integrates the services into a new, more easy-to-use e-wallet on your phone. It is currently available in Nigeria and Kenya, where it replaces Ecobank MobileMoney and Ecobank Mobile Banking.

Learn how to make mobile transactions using your smartphone. You don’t need to visit the bank nor any ATM stand to make business transaction.

Customers can use any of the methods on this page to check account balance, make money transfers, update personal information and pay bills and recharge their phone.

To make money transfers with the Ecobank mobile app – Dial *326# with the phone number that you used to open an Ecobank account. Then proceed and select fund transfer. Now, Enter the account number of the recipient and select the bank. Make sure you enter the recipient details correctly.

How to check your account balance via Ecobank online/internet banking

  • To see a summary of your eco bank accounts, choose these tabs.
  • Your account balances are shown here in one, simple overview.
  • You can view your account summary in another currency – just choose from the drop-down menu.
  • To view your account balances in more detail, click on the account name.

How to Make money transfers on your Ecobank online/internet banking

  • To transfer money within your country, choose these tabs
  • Unless you have previously created a template for the same type of transfer, select Make New Payment
  • Choose which account you’d like to take the funds from
  • Fill in the account details of the recipient carefully – Ecobank cannot be responsible for any errors you make
  • Enter the amount, currency, and when you’d like the money to be transferred
  • Complete a few further details, including who should be responsible for Correspondence Charges
  • When you’ve checked all the details, click here to carry out the transaction

How to update your Ecobank personal information

  • Choose these tabs to access your profile
  • Enter your details and click “Continue”
  • Check that you’ve entered the correct details. If you’ve made a mistake, choose “Change Profile” to make any changes
  • Click “Confirm” to confirm your details

How to register and activate the Ecobank Mobile app

  1. To enroll for Ecobank Mobile, download and the Ecobank Mobile App in the Appstore and proceed to enroll.
  2. Input your mobile number
  3. select your country and language of choice and accept the terms and conditions
  4. Go to the menu and select ‘Open an Xpress Account’ or “Use my Non-Ecobank Card
  5. Complete registration as prompted

Ecobank Mobile Banking Code

You can make transactions like buying airtime, paying bills, and pay-TV subscriptions with Ecobank mobile banking code. To activate Ecobank mobile banking follow the guide below.

  1. Dial *326# with the phone number that you used to open an Ecobank account.
  2. Then proceed and select fund transfer.
  3. Now, Enter the account number of the recipient and select the bank. Make sure you enter the recipient details correctly.
  4. Confirm the full details of the recipient and proceed to complete your transaction.
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin to authorize a transaction.

MobileMoney from Ecobank

lets you send and receive money, make payments and buy airtime. It’s a clever electronic wallet that lives on your phone and links your mobile quickly and safely to all your banking transactions.

Key Features Of Ecobank MobileMoney

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Send money to friends and family for them to redeem at our agents
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime
  • Pay for bills, goods, and services
  • Check your account
  • Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically

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