How to set up DStv parental control and how to unblock PG on DStv

How to set up DStv parental control and how to unblock PG on DStv. DStv Multichoice offers a wide range of tv channels in all entertainment categories, and that entails numerous programs being aired every day suitable for all age ranges.

Parental Control is a value-added feature that lets you control the TV shows and movies that your children can access. You’ll feel reassured knowing that your impressionable little ones aren’t exposed to any harmful or inappropriate content in your absence.

Are you sometimes faced with the challenge of keeping your kids from watching TV channels or programs that are largely inappropriate for them? Are you looking for ways of blocking some channels on your DStv or other satellite TV systems so that your kids will not have access to them? 

Below is the fastest guide on how to set up parental control and block some channels n DStv:

  1. Using your DStv decoder remote press on the blue button with DStv written on it.
  2. Press the right button of the “OK” or the Grid button.
  3. Navigate till you get to “Settings.”
  4. Under settings, scroll down to “Parental Control.”
  5. Next, press on “OK.”
  6. Open “PG Settings”.
  7. Enter the DStv default parental control code, i.e., 1234.
  8. Behind global blocking, select “Personalise”.
  9. Scroll down to “Parental Control” (PG).
  10. Choose P13 to block every program rated above 16.
  11. You can select “FAM”, which will block all other channels and open only channels that are rated 13 or below.

The parental control works fine to block access to various PG channels on DStv like Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). Alternatively, you can block BBNaija by texting – Text Smartcard Number + BBOUT to 30333 to opt-out and to Block BBNaija Channel on GOtv sending – IUC Number + BBOUT to 4688 to opt-out.

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How do I unblock my DStv PG pin?

To unblock a blocked PG channel on DStv you just press the DStv button on your DStv Explora Remote to access Settings, then select the Parental Control option. From here, you can block shows depending on their PG ratings by entering the default PG PIN 1234. There is also the option of changing the PG PIN to a four-digit number of your choice.


Sometimes you may come across PG blocked on your DStv, and when that happens, it indicates, the channel has been selected to be blocked in the Parental Control settings.

  1. Press on the blue button on your DStv remote and go to the menu.
  2. Move the right arrow till you get to Settings.
  3. Scroll to “Parental Control”.
  4. Open “PG Settings”.
  5. Input 1234 on your remote to continue.
  6. Behind the global blocking switch to “No Block”.
  7. Press on the return key on your remote to exit the menu.


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