How To Reset GOtv Decoder To Clear All Error Codes (2023)

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How To Reset GOtv Decoder To Clear All Error Codes (2023) – The information on this page explains how to reset the GOTV decoder after payment or after subscribing in other to clear all error codes that may be showing.

To clear all error codes on your GOtv decoder, simply Send an SMS that looks like this; Reset * your IUC number * and send it to 4688. The IUC number refers to your Identification User Code. It is the serial number of your decoder. It can be on a red sticker under the decoder.

After browsing through the GOtv website, it’s surprising that they don’t have a clear guide on how to reset their decoders after making the GOtv payment. It can be quite a daunting task for users, and many end up facing errors, which can be frustrating.

Some users resort to reaching out to GOtv agents or customer care services to get help with these errors. Ideally, after recharging or subscribing to a GOtv Nigeria Package, the decoder should kick into action automatically, without needing a manual reset.

But the reality is, many users encounter errors like E16 and E30, which prompt them to perform a reset. The E16 error typically occurs when the GOtv decoder has been disconnected, while the E30 error indicates that the decoder has been inactive for an extended period, or there’s a signal issue.

In this article, at A3Techworld we aim to assist GOtv users in understanding how they can perform a reset on their decoders and get their GOtv services up and running again. Don’t worry; we’ll break it down step-by-step and make it easy to follow, so you can enjoy your favourite shows without any hassle. Let’s get started!

How To Reset Your GOtv Decoder (SMS, USSD Code, Online)

Here are three simple ways to reset your GOtv decoder:

How To Reset GOtv Via SMS

To reset your decoder, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Find your IUC number. It’s the serial number of your decoder and can be located on a red sticker under the decoder or by going to “users’ information” on your decoder’s menu.
  2. Compose an SMS in this format: “Reset your IUC number” (replace “your IUC number” with your actual IUC number).
  3. Send the SMS to 4688.

That’s it! Your decoder will be reset, and you should be good to go. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to GOtv customer care, we would be providing their full contact details in the article.

How To Reset GOtv With USSD Code

The USSD option is straightforward. All you need to do is to dial *288*1# on any mobile phone network and follow the onscreen instruction.

After doing this, the issue will be resolved, and your decoder will reset by itself, it’s as easy as that.

How To Reset GOtv Online

Apart from the usual options like using your cell phone SMS or dialling USSD codes, you’ve got another convenient way to reset your GOtv decoder, and it’s through the online method.

It’s pretty straightforward, so let me guide you through the steps:

  1. First, open up your web browser and head over to Once you’re there, you’ll see a list of countries; just select yours. If the site detects your location, you might not even need to choose your country manually.
  2. Next, click on the “Sign In” button, and then enter your login credentials. You can use either your Mobile Number or your Surname. Don’t forget to provide your IUC number as well; you’ll find a form where you can fill in this information.
  3. After signing in, look for the option that says “Clear your error” from the displayed choices. Once you find it, select the error that’s currently showing on your decoder.
  4. Oh, one essential thing to ensure is that your decoder is turned on while performing this task.
  5. Alright, now for the final step. Click on “Reset Device Now,” and voilà! Your decoder will reset instantly.

How to Reset GOtv with GOtv Eazy Self Service

How to Reset GOtv with GOtv Eazy Self Service - A3Techworld
  1. Navigate your web browser to
  2. On the clear error code page, enter your IUC number, select the Error Type you want to clear and complete the captcha.
  3. Ensure your GOtv decoder is switched on.
  4. Next, click on FIX ERROR.
  5. After this, your decoder will reset, and the error will wipe away.

One of the options above should work for you. But in case the problem persists, then you may have to directly contact GOtv customer care or support team for further assistance.

GOtv Customer Service Number & Contact Information

  • GOtv Customer Care Number: 08039044688
  • GOtv Email Address: [email protected]
  • GOtv Nigeria Head Office Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Street Victoria Island Lagos State.
  • GOtv Nigeria Website:
  • GOtv Self-Service Site:
  • GOtv USSD Code:*288*1#
  • GOtv Short Code: 4688
  • GOtv Facebook Account Link:
  • GOtv Twitter Account Link:

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