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How to play any PC VR game wirelessly with Oculus Quest 2

How to play any PC VR game wirelessly with Oculus Quest 2, Play PC VR Games Wirelessly on Oculus Quest 2 With ‘Air Link’ Upgrade. Learn how to use your Oculus Quest 2 to play any PC VR game wirelessly.

Oculus Air Link is a wireless way to play PC VR games on Quest 2, while new Infinite Office features make getting work done in VR even easier.

Oculus also announced native 120 Hz support for Quest 2 for an ultra-smooth gameplay experience. Air Link gives people more options for accessing PC VR games on Quest 2.

One of the best features of the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 is that they can be manually linked via USB to your gaming PC so you can play more demanding VR games that couldn’t otherwise be run natively on the headsets.

To enable Air Link, Quest 2 owners will need to first download the v28 update of the Oculus software for both their PC and their headset.

To activate Oculus air link on your PC – Launch the Oculus PC app, on the left side of the app, select Settings, then go to the Beta tab, and finally at the bottom of the Beta tab find the Air Link option and enable it.

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Also you can activate oculus air link in your Quest 2 headset, open the Settings page (gear icon) on the menu bar, on the left side of the Settings page, scroll down to find the Experimental Features section, and on the Experimental Features section you will find the Air Link option and enable it.

Oculus recommends the following:

  • Have your PC connected to your Router/Access Point via Ethernet cable
  • The headset should be connected to Wi-Fi via 5GHz band – AC or AX (AKA Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6)
  • Your router shoulder be in the same room as the headset or in line-of-sight, and at least 1m off the ground
  • Don’t use a mesh network (range extenders, etc.)

How to activate air link to play a game on PC

  • The Oculus app for PC must remain open for your headset to connect to it over Wi-Fi.
  • Physically position yourself within the line of sight (or as close as possible) of your Wi-Fi router to get the best possible experience.
  • Then put your headset back on and click once more into its system settings.
  • The first option on the left-hand side of the menu will say “Quick Actions.” Click that.
  • You should see a large button for Air Link on the right side of this menu pane. Click on it.
  • After you click on Air Link, the next prompt will ask you to pick from a list of devices to connect to.
  • Find your computer, and once you’ve successfully connected, you’ll be pushed into Oculus’s desktop interface, which looks a bit different than the Quest interface.

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