How to opt-out of auto-renewal on Airtel data plans

How to opt-out of auto-renewal on Airtel data plans, Telecoms on A3Tehworld. Learn how to cancel or stop Airtel Nigeria auto-renewal on data plans. The Airtel auto-renewal feature was added to automatically renew your expired data bundle plan and ease the stress of subscribing manually.

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Unlike other Nigerian mobile networks, Airtel asks you if you would like to enable the auto-renewal feature any time you subscribe to a new data plan.

After successful activation, it’s time to turn off the auto-renewal feature so that Airtel doesn’t tamper with your airtime when the data bundle expires.

How can I cancel my Airtel auto-renewal plan? To successfully opt-out of auto-renewal on Airtel, Send STOP to 141 on your Aitel line and this will cancel the auto-renew feature on your Airtel.

After completing the aforementioned step successfully, you’ll get a confirmation message/SMS showing that you’ve opted out of the Airtel auto-renewal service.

How do I deactivate my data Bundle on Airtel?

The list below highlights easy USSD codes and SMS you can use to opt-out of auto-renewal on Airtel for Android, BB, Mega, daily, weekly, or monthly data plan bundles.

  • Android Bundles: *438*100#
  • Mega bundles: *408*100#
  • BB Bundle: Text STOP AUTO RENEW to 440
  • Daily/Weekly bundles: Text STOP to 141

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  1. Hav not been able to use my airtel bonus data that has been expired and still there. What can do? Send me the code to activate it if is stil useful or if not useful send me code to stor or deactivate it. Thks.

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