How to learn Kotlin from scratch with no coding experience

How to learn Kotlin from scratch with no coding experience in 2022. Kotlin is now the preferred choice of Android developers and excellent online courses make it a great way to learn how to program. (Similar post – Reasons to learn Kotlin as a developer in 2022)

Kotlin is a modern, trending programming language, and is easy to learn, especially if you already know Java (it is 100% compatible with Java). The programming language is used to develop Android apps, server-side apps, and much more.

Programming languages going obsolete and getting replaced by newer and better ones is not anything new. In the last decade, we have witnessed the emergence of several programming languages that have garnered significant popularity. One particular name that has been in the limelight for obviously good reasons is Kotlin. (Similar post – Best Programming Languages For ELearning App Development)

Developed by Czech software development giant JetBrains, Kotlin was introduced to the world for the first time in 2011. It is a general-purpose programming language statically typed and works well on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. (Similar post – Best Programming Languages For AI Development)

if you want to learn Kotlin quickly and effectively so that you can make a career in software or web development, you have landed just at the right place. In this detailed Kotlin learning guide, we will provide you with almost everything you need to get started on your way to becoming a master Kotlin developer.

How to Learn Kotlin for Free in 2022

Learning Kotlin couldn’t be easier, thanks to the library of training courses the Android Developers site offers. For complete beginners, the best one to start with is Android Basics in Kotlin. The entire course is browser-based, so you won’t need to download anything, and you can revisit to pick up where you left off at any time.

You’ll learn how to write your own code, find errors in your programs, and even create an interactive app in Kotlin Playground. It may sound complicated, but Android has made it the perfect project for a new programmer, allowing you to try out your new skills.

If you’d rather learn at a different pace, then there are plenty of Kotlin programming lessons available for free on YouTube. You could also try one of the many Kotlin courses on education platforms such as SkillShare.

Top 5 tutorials to learn Kotlin for beginners in 2022

To help you out, we have selected the best online Kotlin tutorials that have successfully gained positive responses from a large number of learners. Also, we will give a brief overview of each tutorial so that it may become easier for you to decide which one to choose.

Here are the five best tutorials that offer great value when it comes to learning Kotlin effectively:

1. The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course – Udemy

It is a full-length course available on Udemy that consists of several video tutorials. It majorly focuses on the Kotlin concepts used in Android development, and thus, it is an apt course for anyone interested in becoming an Android developer. Dr Hussein Alrubaye is the creator of this course, and he currently works at Microsoft as a senior software engineer.

The tutorial is explicitly curated here for individuals new to Kotlin and with almost zero prior knowledge of Android app development. Also, this tutorial is among the top-rated tutorials available on Udemy, with more than 145K students enrolled for it.

Key Points:

  • Average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • It is divided into 23 sections that have a collective completion time of approximately 27 hours.
  • Include development of various projects, including online games and Android apps.

2. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers By Google – Udacity

Udacity is a well-known online learning platform that helps individuals to learn and develop new skills. The Kotlin tutorial offered by Udacity is ranked among the most trusted tutorials available online to get onto the path of becoming a Kotlin expert. The instructors for this tutorial are Aleks Haecky and Asser Samak. Both are professional Kotlin developers.

The estimated duration of this course is two weeks, and the ideal skill level is intermediate. It means that your learning experience would be best if you have at least some knowledge of programming in general and familiarity with the basic OOP (object-oriented programming) concepts. The Kotlin course will guide you in Kotlin fundamentals, the concept of classes and the use of OOP in Kotlin, the importance of functions, and functional manipulation.

Key Points:

  • Short video lectures facilitate productive learning.
  • It comes with interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Concepts are taught with examples to ensure that you understand how things work.
  • It is divided into six distinct lessons to streamline the learning process.

3. Building Spring Boot Applications with the Kotlin Programming Language – Manning

It is yet another remarkable online tutorial that will help you get familiar with Kotlin. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to use various concepts of Kotlin to create fully-functional applications.

While the tutorial is created by Matt Greencroft, a big data expert, it is made available to individuals by Manning Publications. However, you need to note that this tutorial is ideal for individuals who already have some working experience with Java, though no prior knowledge of Kotlin is required.

Talking about what this tutorial offers will help you understand topics like strings, variables, nullable variables, functions, classes, collection, and looping. Also, you will get to know how Java-Kotlin interoperability works. In all, this tutorial attempts to cover almost everything important for you to build a solid foundation for becoming a skilled Kotlin developer.

Key Points:

  • The whole course is divided into 20 modules, with each module having multiple short-length video lessons.
  • You will be able to write meaningful Kotlin code as you will learn concepts with practical exercises.
  • You will be using Kotlin alongside the Hibernate framework of Spring Boot and the Thymeleaf template engine.

4. Kotlin for Java Developers – Treehouse

If you are looking to learn the fundamentals of Kotlin and jump straight into Android app development, this Kotlin tutorial can be a great choice. While the desired skill level for this tutorial is intermediate, you can completely trust it for a fruitful learning experience even if you are a newbie developer.

Your instructor for this tutorial will be Ben Deitch, a professional Android developer and one of the highly ranked teachers at Treehouse. The whole tutorial is divided into four modules to ensure that you learn and grasp concepts well. You will get access to video lessons for learning various topics and quizzes to assess your knowledge.

Key Points:

  • You can view video lessons online and also download them on your device to watch them offline.
  • You will develop a solitaire game application that is purely written in Kotlin.

5. Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App – Medium

If you can read lengthy write-ups without getting too bored, you can go with this tutorial on the leading online publishing platform – Medium. Even if you favor reading text to learn Kotlin, you should check out how the author has managed to divide the whole tutorial into several parts rather than discussing everything in a single post.

To be precise, there are 11 parts of this tutorial, excluding the introduction and the conclusion parts. Also, this tutorial helps you learn Kotlin concepts by developing an Android app using Android Studio.

If you want to learn Kotlin exclusively for web development, this may not be the tutorial you should opt for. Nonetheless, the topics covered in this tutorial include data classes, functions, and Lambda expressions. Also, the app you will be developing is inspired by Reddit, and you will be dealing with the process of rendering data from Reddit’s public API.

Key Points:

  • All the Kotlin concepts are clearly expressed, which ensures a productive learning experience.
  • Snapshots and code snippets ensure a firm understanding of the topics under discussion.
  • The content of the tutorial is crafted by an experienced Android developer – Juan Ignacio Saravia.

Kotlin Certifications in 2022

To get your dream job as a Kotlin developer, ensure that both your knowledge and practical experience are visible to recruiters. To make that happen, Kotlin certification on your resume is what you need.

Let us help you understand by giving you a clear idea of what Kotlin certification is all about. A certification is a learning program, just like a tutorial or a course. Still, it also offers you a certificate of completion that attests to your skills and achievements during the learning phase.

A certificate is issued in your name when you complete the Kotlin certification program successfully. It highlights whatever you have learned and also certifies that you have a sufficient understanding of a subject (which, in this case, is Kotlin) to work in a professional environment.

The most prominent advantage of having a certification in your resume is that it’ll help you stand out. Usually, recruiters prefer candidates who have enrolled themselves in a certification program and accomplished it. So, a certification will come in handy for you to make it to the interview round.

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