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How To Join PlayStation Party Chat On PC

Tech guide on How To Join PlayStation Party Chat On PC. Are you using PlayStation to play games? It is one of the best and the oldest gaming console company that has entertained the world for years now. In this post, we will cover how to join PlayStation party chat on a PC. (Similar post: 75Hz Good For Gaming On PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox in 2022)

Playing games with other people is perhaps the best part of gaming. Talking to your time while playing is equally fun. Sony knows this, so they created a feature that allows you to join a PlayStation party on your PC. (Similar post: Best and affordable gaming monitors for PS5 And Xbox Series X)

PlayStation party chat is a feature that is available for PlayStation users where all its users can chat and discuss. This is similar to Discord but it can only be used by PlayStation users. You can join this party char using the chat however, it is quite tricky. If you haven’t joined this chat before, you should join it.

We will be discussing more on how to join PlayStation party chat on PC. we will guide you step by step on how to do it. Follow the steps carefully to easily join the party. So, without wasting time, let’s start. (Similar post: How to Play Games on 4K with a 1080p Monitor with Supersampling)

Step-by-step guide to join a PlayStation Party Chat on PC

To join PlayStation Party on a PC, you need to use the PS Remote Play software. It’s a free app, available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

The app requires you to connect to your PS4 or PS5 to play your games on other devices. You’d only need to log in with your PSN account credentials to use your games and apps. Additionally, you would be able to access your friend’s list.

STEP 1: Download PS Remote Play

Here’s what you need to download, install, and use PS Remote Play. 

  • The correct OS. Remote Play is available for Android smartphones or tablets (Android 7 or above); iPhones and iPads ( iOS 12.13 or above); Windows 10/11; and macOS 10.13 or above.
  • PS4 or PS5 console with the latest software update
  • PSN account. You should use the same account on the app and the console.
  • high-speed connection. Sony recommends upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps. For a seamless experience, you should aim for 15 Mbps. Try to avoid using your mobile data for the service. 
  • wireless PlayStation controller. You can also plug the DualSense or DualShock controller into a PC using its USB cable.
  • An extra microphone, like a headset, for voice chat. 

You can find the app on Google Play, the App Store, or the PlayStation Store as PS Remote Play. 

STEP 2: Enable Remote Play on Your PlayStation

On both your PS4 and the PS5, you have to enable a specific option so Remote Play can work. In essence, it’s a Sleep mode feature that allows the device to stream apps to other screens. You only need to do these steps the first time you use Remote Play on PS4 or PS5.

How to Enable Remote Play on Your PS4

  • On your home screen, go to Settings ps4 settings
  • Go to Remote Play Connection Settings remote play settings ps4
  • Turn on Enable Remote Play
  • Go back to Settings
  • Select Account Management account management
  • Select Activate as your Primary PS4 activate yuour primary ps4
  • Select Activate (you can only do this on a single PS4 console per each PSN account).
  • Go back to Settings
  • Select Power Save Settings ps4 power save settings
  • Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode
  • Check Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS4 from Network. You may also want to enable Supply Power to USB Ports if you want to charge your controllers while on Sleep mode. features while sleep mode

How to Enable Remote Play on Your PS5

  • On your home screen, go to Settings ps5 settings
  • Go to System ps5 system
  • Select Remote Play
  • Turn on Enable Remote Play on the right panel turn on remote play
  • Go back to Settings
  • Select Users and Accounts
  • Select Other
  • Select Console Sharing and Offline Play console sharing and offline play
  • Select Enable
  • Go back to Settings
  • Go to System
  • Select Power Save Settings
  • Select Features Available in Rest Mode features available in rest mode ps5
  • Check Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS5 from Network.

STEP 3: Setup Remote Play on Your PC, Smartphone or Tablet

Setting up Remote Play on your secondary device is the same, regardless of your operative system. Here’re the steps: 

  • Launch PS Remote Play on your device
  • Sign in to PSN, and use the same PSN account and your PS4 or PS5.
  • The app will search for your console, and it will display its name for you to select.
  • If you want to use mobile data, go to Settings at the top, and turn on Mobile Data > Using Mobile Data > Ok.

The app will connect to your console and display your PlayStation dashboard on your device. If it displays various consoles, choose the one you’re using. 

You can plug a PS4 or PS5 controller into a smartphone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth. You can also plug it into a Windows PC with its USB cable. 

Smartphones and tablets can work without a controller. The app will display the buttons on the screen, for you to tap-play PlayStation games.

STEP 4: How to Join a PlayStation Party Chat on PC

Once your remote play is ready, you are good to start party chat on your PC. Here is a quick guide on how to get started.

  1. On your Remote Play app, look for a microphone sign at the bottom of the computer display. You may use the voice chat option by clicking on it.
  2. Then press the PlayStation button on your controller. This will open up a Quick Menu. Navigate through and pick “Party” from the menu.
  3. When you select “Party,” your friends’ Groups will be displayed. Choose one and enjoy the benefits of PlayStation Party Chat on PC.
  4. You will be joined to the chosen Party.

After your PS Remote App is in sync with your console, you can plug your mic to prepare yourself for the voice chat.

  • PC users: Plug in an AUX headphone plus a USB mic, or an AUX headset. You can also use wireless headsets. If you have a laptop, the app can use the computer’s built-in mic if you don’t have an additional peripheral.
  • Smartphone and tablet users: Plug your AUX headset into the controller’s jack. Wireless headsets can also work, but not the DualSense’s built-in mic.

Also, remember to plug in your DualShock or DualSense controller via the USB cable for an easier experience.

Consider that the DualShock won’t work on native PS5 games. However, the DualSense may work on PS4 games while using it on Remote Play.

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