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How to install the ClearURLs extension manually on your Chrome browser



How to install the ClearURLs extension manually on your Chrome browser, Tech guide on A3 Techworld. Google removed the extension ClearURLs from the company’s Chrome Web Store this week.

The recent ban of the highly popular ClearURLs extension on the Google Chrome Web store has generated a lot of mixed reactions (mostly criticisms) on user forums like Reddit and Hacker News.

In this post for those who feel the need to still use the ClearURLs extension, you will learn how to install the ClearURLs extension manually on your Chrome browser.

The developer of the extension published the letter that Google sent on the extension’s GitHub page.

The developer suggested that Google may have removed the extension because it is disrupting Google’s business model. Google did remove the long-standing highly popular extension without prior notice or option to get the issue resolved.

You will be able to install (or reinstall) the ClearURLs extension on your Chrome browser after following the steps below.

  1. Download the latest version for Chrome from the project’s releases page. At the time of writing, this was clearurls-1.21.0-chrome.crx.
  2. Extract the downloaded *.crx file to a folder on the local system; this folder is a permanent location for the add-on, so make sure it does not get deleted accidentally. Tools like PeaZip or 7-Zip can be used to extract the archive.
  3. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  4. Load chrome://extensions/
  5. Enable Developer Mode on the page.
  6. Select “Load unpacked” once Developer mode is enabled and pick the folder of the unpacked ClearURLs extension.

NOTE: Once a newer version of the extension is released it won’t update automatically. You will have to download the updated file and copy it in the same folder as the older version. After this, you click on “Update” on the same Chrome extensions page, for the latest version of the tool to be activated. 

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