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How to get and use MTN pulse points on your phone

How to get and use MTN pulse points on your phone, the latest MTN updates, and telecoms. MTN Pulse has a wide inventory of services under its belt and MTN Pulse Points is one of them, and this serves as bonus points for MTN Pulse users.

MTN Pulse users now get rewarded when they do certain activities on their phone with pulse points which they can use to get different data bundles later on.

Besides having an 11.25kb/s flat calling rate to all networks with the MTN pulse after the first minute of the day at 25.6kb/s, MTN Pulse also offers exclusive perks like a night bundle and data plans. Exclusive data bundles on pulse include a 750MB 3-day data bundle for ₦300, and a 1.5GB weekly data bundle for ₦500.

Talking about MTN Pulse Point, there are several services for it and they vary by how much pulse point is subtracted depending on what you use it for. First of all, you have to be on MTN Pulse to earn Pulse Points and can earn them by buying/sharing a data bundle (the more the data bundle the more the points), recharging, subscription to MTN Music Time, and using the myMTN app.

Want to check your MTN pulse point balance? To check how much Pulse Point you have, dial *406*7*1#.

How to receive Pulse Points on MTN

Well, you can easily generate MTN Pulse Points by performing some “revenue-generating activities from your main account”

These selected activities are the Purchase/Gifting of:

  • Daily Data plans
  • Weekly Data plans
  • Monthly Data plans
  • IG/TikTok Data bundle
  • Subscription to Music Time
  • Login to the myMTN app
  • Transfer of Airtime/Data via myMTN app

How to redeem or use pulse points on MTN

To redeem or use the Pulse Point Just dial *406*7*2#, and follow the instructions below:

  • If you choose Data Bundle (1), you get the options of daily, weekly, and monthly options to choose from in order of increasing Pule Points.
  • For Nightlife Bundle (2), it will cost you 25 Points for 250MB and 50 points for 500MB.
  • As regards Bundle (3) – IG and TikTok bundle, 100 points give you 350MB and 200 points give 1GB.

How to exchange MTN pulse points for data

Here is another method to redeem your Pulse points, just follow the below procedures:

  • Dial *406*7# and choose Redeem points balance
  • You will be able to purchase a data bundle with your MTN point.
  • You can also dial *131# and select your bundle plan
  • And then choose either Allow auto-renew or deactivate
  • Proceed by selecting Points as the payment type

How To Check Your Pulse Point Balance

  1. Dial *406#
  2. Press 7, the number corresponding to Pulse Point.
  3. Press 1 and then send

Alternatively, you may just phone 4067*1# to check your MTN Pulse Point balance. You’ll receive a message with the number of pulse points you own.

When switching to the MTN Pulse tariff plan, do the following to earn MTN Pulse points.

  1. Purchase some selected daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles
  2. Gifting data to loved ones
  3. Subscribe to MTN Music Time
  4. Purchase IG/TikTok bundles
  5. Also, Activities on the myMTN app include
  6. Login to the myMTN app.
  7. Transfer of airtime/data via the myMTN app.

How To Convert Your MTN Pulse Points For to Data

If you haven’t migrated your tariff plan during the past month, migrating is free. You must have at least N100 worth of airtime in your balance if you switched tariff plans within the past month since a 100 Naira migration fee will be applied.

Each pulse point is worth or equivalent to one N1. In other words, if you have 10 pulse points, your N10 number will be 10. And the value of N200 is equivalent to 200 pulse points.

Therefore, you must confirm that you have enough pulse points to pay for the desired data plan before converting your pulse points or data. You can only get N100 worth of data from 100 pulse points.

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