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How to get 40GB for 5,000 Naira on MTN: MTN Data4Me

How to get 40GB for 5,000 Naira on MTN: MTN Data4Me. This article covers how you can join the MTN Data4Me bonus and get a whopping 40GB data plan for 5,000 Naira. Similar postHow to get 24GB for 3,500 Naira on MTN.

This is not any MTN hack for free data, this service is provided with MTN Data4me by MTN Nigeria, you can get 40GB for N5000, 24GB for N3500, 9GB for N2000, 4GB for N1200, 2GB for N500 on MTN Network. Similar postHow to check MTN data balance and bonus balance.

What is MTN4ME? MTN4ME is an amazing platform that provides you with special offers across multiple product categories suited specifically to address your needs/interests. The offers presented on MTN4ME are unique to you and provide you with the best value on the MTN network. Similar postHow to get 50GB for 6,000 Naira on MTN

What is the USSD code for the Data4Me to get 40GB? to get 40GB for 5,000 Naira on MTN, you need to access the MTN USSD Data4Me code by dialing *121#.

How long does MTN 40GB data4me last? You get the standard 20GB data volume, plus a 100% data bonus of 20GB to bring the total to 40GB. This has a validity of 7 days.

How do I subscribe for 40GB on MTN?

Follow the below steps on how to get 40GB for N5000, 24GB for N3500, 9GB for N2000, 4GB for N1200, 2GB for N500 on MTN Network.

You can access MTN4ME by:

  • Dialing *121# on your mobile phone and follow the instructions for get 40GB for 5000 Naira.
  • Visiting www.mtnonline.com/offers
  • Visiting myMTN App, Click on the MegaDealZone tab and use the “Crack the Egg” feature to redeem your offer.
  • Calling the Call Centre (180) and requesting your offer from an agent.
  • Visiting an MTN retail store and requesting your offer from an agent.

How to activate 40GB data for ₦5,000 on MTN Nigeria

You can activate 40GB data for 5,000 naira data plan offer – one by using the MyMTN app. That is the way I do it all the time. Below are steps on how to get it activated.

  1. Get the MyMTN mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to the mobile app with your MTN number.
  3. Make sure you have ₦5,000 on your MTN line.
  4. On the app’s Homepage, tap the “Mega Deal Zone” box
  5. You will find yourself on a page that says, “Crack The Egg
  6. Tap the egg labelled “Data4ME” to display a data offer.
  7.  If you get an offer to buy 20GB + EXTRA 20GB data bonus at ₦5,000, that’s the one you want. Tap the “Accept” button. If you didn’t get that offer, tap “Crack Another Egg” for another offer.
  8. Once you see the 20GB + EXTRA 20GB offer, tap the “Accept” button.

It also appears that this offer may be available to subscribers who spend a minimum amount monthly on their MTN line. I have not been able to verify this. But I remember that some people have said to me in the past that they cracked the egg multiple times and didn’t get the offer.

That suggests to me that the 40GB data offer is not available for everyone but is restricted by the telecom operator to subscribers based on their monthly spend. I might be wrong, but if certain people are not getting the offer, that seems the only plausible reason.

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  • Best Value Data and Voice Bundle
  • Bonus on recharge Offers

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