How to Forward Calls Without Having the Phone on You in 2023

Forward Calls

Forwarding calls can be done through your mobile device’s ‘Phone’ app or by using dial codes. Regardless of the method you choose, the process is straightforward and time-efficient. (How to deactivate call forwarding on all smartphones)

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to redirect phone calls while away, even if you forgot to set up call forwarding beforehand, you might be wondering if it’s possible to do so without having the phone physically with you.

The answer is yes, remote call forwarding is indeed possible. However, it’s important to note that not all phone types or service providers support this feature.

Now, forwarding calls without having the phone with you is a different matter altogether. This article aims to provide guidance to those who are curious about how to forward calls without possessing a physical device.

We will also delve into the topic of call forwarding on Android devices and from a landline to a mobile phone.

Forward calls from a cell phone: A carrier’s website

To activate call forwarding on your cell phone, certain service providers offer the convenience of doing so directly through their website. As an illustration, let’s take a look at Verizon’s procedure for call forwarding without requiring the physical presence of your phone:

  1. Visit Verizon’s call forwarding page. To proceed, you will need to sign in (unless you have already done so) and have account owner or manager privileges.
  2. Locate your Apple or Android phone and select “Manage device.”
  3. Scroll down to the “Call forwarding” section and click on “Manage.”
  4. Enter the telephone number (including the area code) to which you wish to forward calls, and then click on “Update Call Forwarding Status.”
  5. Confirm your settings either by checking your email, where you will receive a confirmation link, or through a mobile device that can receive a push notification via the My Verizon app.
  6. Once you have completed the activation process for call forwarding provided by your carrier, your phone will automatically redirect incoming calls to the designated forwarding number until you manually disable the feature.

While this method proves useful when only one individual needs to receive forwarded calls, it can also be quite cumbersome. If you require multiple team members to share the responsibility of handling incoming calls, you will need to explore alternative options, which will be discussed further in this article.

Forward calls from a cell phone: Access numbers

Certain cell phone carriers offer the convenience of activating call forwarding by dialling an access number, which allows you to remotely adjust your call settings.

For example, if you are an AT&T user with Remote Access to Call Forwarding enabled, you can easily forward calls by following these steps:

  1. Dial the specific access number provided to you when you added Remote Call Forwarding to your monthly plan.
  2. Enter the number from which you wish to forward calls.
  3. Enter your remote access PIN.
  4. Dial 72#.
  5. Enter the number to which you want calls to be forwarded.
  6. Confirm the forwarding number.

Similar to the previous method, this call-forwarding approach is not suitable for business scalability. It requires manual activation and deactivation of call forwarding and restricts you from selecting only one forwarding number. If your requirement involves forwarding calls to multiple numbers or devices, there is a more effective option available.

How to forward calls and Take calls from any device

In situations where you don’t have access to another phone for call forwarding, there is still a solution to address your needs. Despite initially appearing challenging, there is hope.

In fact, there are many scenarios where call forwarding may not be necessary, such as when you require multiple individuals to receive calls or when you want to avoid long-distance charges while travelling abroad.

By utilizing a virtual number, you can receive incoming calls effortlessly, without the need for an actual phone or additional setup. Moreover, virtual phone numbers offer a range of advanced features that surpass traditional call-forwarding services.

With a virtual number, you can make calls and send texts using your internet connection. By leveraging a business phone system like OpenPhone, you can receive incoming calls to your virtual numbers on any device, simply by utilizing your provider’s phone application. This eliminates the need for configuring call forwarding settings, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

How to Forward Calls from Someone’s Phone to Yours – The Options

To forward calls from someone’s phone to yours, first, make sure you have permission to do so. Then, you may choose to do it using dial codes, the Call Settings feature from the ‘Phone’ app on the person’s device, or remotely.

To forward calls using dial codes:

  1. Use the codes *21* to forward all calls, *004* to forward calls when the line is busy, not answering, or has no reception, *67* when the line is busy, *61* when the call is not answered, *62* when the line has no reception
  2. To use them, dial the code, followed by your number, and then the # sign.

Example: *21*000-000-000#

  • Then, press the phone icon or send or call to dial the code

To forward calls on Android:

  1. Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Call Settings’ or ‘Calls’
  2. Click on ‘Call forwarding’. If you do not see this option then you can try forwarding the calls using the dial codes mentioned above
  3. Select any of the options displayed according to how you want the calls forwarded
  4. Then, set your number as the forwarding number or edit the number that appears
  5. Finally, click ‘OK’ to finish

Note: some steps might differ depending on the particular Android and its UI.

To forward calls on iPhone:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on the person’s device, scroll down, and select ‘Phone’
  2. Click on ‘Call forwarding’, and another page will come up, simply toggle the button on by moving it to the right
  3. You will now see another option, ‘Forward to
  4. Click on it and type in your number
  5. After typing it in, simply press the arrow to go back to the previous page and you should now see your number next to the ‘Forward to’ option

To forward calls on Samsung:

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the top right corner of the display
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu
  3. Then click on ‘Supplementary services’ or ‘More services
  4. Select ‘Call forwarding’ and pick from the options. You can either Always ForwardForward When BusyForward When Unanswered, or Forward When Unreachable
  5. After selecting any of the options, type in your number then tap ‘Enable’

To remotely activate call forwarding:

  1. Call the Remote Access Directory Number provided by the person’s service provider
  2. Enter the person’s phone number, then enter the personal identification number given to the person upon registration with the service provider
  3. Next, type the 2-digit feature code given by the provider + your phone number followed by the # key
  4. You will receive a confirmation letting you know the process was successful

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